Love Honour and Annoy ….

Love Honour and  Annoy …… Wait …What  ??  Isn’t there supposed to be an obey in there somewhere  ?? Hrmmm if men already have this simple thing wrong  what else have they got wrong about this thing called  marriage  ? Let me see now  if they got this bit wrong they must also have got the bit wrong about helping too right  ? Their idea of helping is to put things off till they decide  they can’t put it off anymore , they  then do it wrong anyway usually  , lol how many times  have we had to re-do the things they finally got round to  ” helping ” us with  ? The phrase  ” If at first you don’t succeed , do it the way your  wife told you to do it  ” did not come about by accident  , it came about by so many wives  having to re – do so many of the things that husbands helped with , sheesh  so it has not come about by accident lol .

Trouble is when us women get married  we marry what we think is our ideal man and  99% of the time this is true and all is well but we also believe that these men will be able  to help us if and when we need them to . I mean all it will be will be for some small things around the house  right  ? How Hard Can It  Be ? lol Now where have  I heard that phrase before  , right before an absolute disaster  ? Ooops  we may have  under estimated  the ability our men  have  to get the simplest of tasks  around  the house right  , how many times have we had to  call the professional people in to repair what our husbands “fixed ”  Too many times it seems or we would not have those sorts of phrases  all to hand  so easily seems our men have not been much use fixing things  around the house for a very long time.

Maybe it is the very phrase Love Honour and  Annoy  that they did hear and that is the 1 they do so very well  they have got it so right they do it 150%  right , maybe it  was us who got it wrong  maybe it is time we started to do the same thing back to them  then let’s see how they like it  lol should be fun  to see how they handle that sort of help  when they need it . Imagine if you will , dear I need help finding  my sox or my jocks  and need you to help me  , now this could be fun we could  run them  round in circles  and giggle while they still cannot find something that is usually right under their  noses . Nine  times out of 10  that is the case  and they just never learn , but  I think it is not that  they do not learn  I think it is because it is part of the Love  Honour and Annoy  conspiracy   they get way too much fun out of doing the annoy  thing , they do it for fun ( sods  lol ) .

How many times have we said to ourselves  ” just as well we love them ” ? Having said that how many times too have we wished they would at least try to keep the annoy thing  down to a minimum  so we don’t  have to stifle  the overwhelming desire to  belt them 1 even though we love them ? What I want to know is are they born with this annoy  gene  or do they learn  it as they grow up ? However  they  learn it  , it has to be the most  irritating  thing they do and we need to start teaching them to stop with the annoying  !!  We have to start  when they are young , you know train them  like we train puppies , it might even  work  you never know lol and it could be fun . Then again puppy training can be more fun  lol men are so annoying , mostly when they  try to help lol  as they never ever do it the way we  tell them too and it usually has to be re-done.

So where do  us poor women go from here  ? We cant train them it seems , we cant just ignore them , lol, they never let us do that  which is why I say we need to do it all back to them for a while  see if they like being annoyed all the time , bet they wouldn’t like that 1 bit lol , you know do as I say not do as  I do ?? We need to find a way that is guaranteed to annoy them so much they will stop  doing it to us   , seems fair to me  right  ? How  can we just let them get away with this just because we love them ? Seem fair to you  ? Nope didn’t think so  , lol, we need to take action to stop the annoying  before it gets more out of control than it is now  ( lol we got no hope )  really if you look at it , been trying it with mine  for years and it don’t work  , lol sheeesh …


Wait…Wait for it…I think i…Maybe i…Nope i thought i had it for a moment there but i don’t false alarm..

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