How Exactly ?

How Exactly ? …… Yes how exactly do you thank someone who did for you what no one else has ever done for you in your entire life before ? Done something that was to totally and completely change your life and the direction  of your life forever  ? Take it to  a place it would never have been able to go  without that help ? Change it so much for the better that no matter what problems have been  around since , they have been overcome  ? Also in the changing of your life it also changes the life of someone else  , also for the better  and now both lives are joined  together and going well , lives that would never have even met , much less  been able to join without  his help ?  In giving  the help he has made  not only 1 person happy but 2 , by changing the  course of their lives completely  as both are now in a place they would never have been otherwise , and it is all for the better , much better .

So what happened  ? How  did it happen ?

It was like this , here  I was  minding my own  business , in a chat room , when along came a man who wanted more than to chat , those who know me know the story from this point . What they may not know is that   as we were working out just what to do next , someone  who I had been chatting to for a very long time and who had gone off chat and  I had not seen him in the chat room for years  came back into chat and right away wanted to know all about what was going on with me and the man . So after telling him all about it  he said , so when you going to go and meet him ? As we were talking the fact that we were half a world away  I told him it would not be for while as we had lots to work out to get us together , most know this bit anyway , so no need to say it again .

So what next ?

He then did what no one  else would ever do mostly , he gave us the means to get together , he gave me a 1st class return ticket to London , now think about that for a min ok ? He and  I , just like the man I wanted to go to , had never met in real life , we only knew each other in chat . So then why would he give me something  that was to mean so much to the 2 of us  when he never knew either of us?  Only  in chat , only on -line , and we all know the dangers  of meeting up in real life that  can be there  sometimes, so why this time  ? Why did this time be  the 1 time that everything worked  out perfectly ? I say it was meant to be  , God had his hand on it all , I will always believe that .

That though is not  what this is about , this is about how do you … 1 Thank someone who did something so special for you  ,  and 2  Find this man again  since he then disappeared again right after he gave you the tickets  ? We both would give anything  to be able just to meet  this man  , to take him to dinner or get him a drink or something , anything  to be able  to show him just how much he did for us  ? How much we have done , how far we have come since he did that for us , it was not just for me it was for my now hubby too , so it was 2 lives he changed for good  not just 1 .  He has opened up the world to me for a start , I have now been to places  I would never in my wildest dreams have thought  I would ever be able to see . I personally have been  halfway around the world 3 times  so far and who knows if I will get a chance to do it again , but  I have been there done that and seen wonders that  I never knew existed  and been amazed .

What makes someone like this decide to give you the 1 thing you both need  so very much  ? How does he realise that these 2 people really are genuine and really do want to be together ? How does he work out that  you 2 are the ones to help  ? I mean there are so many out there who need help 1 way or another , so why did he pick us and why did he then disappear as soon as he knows  we now have what we needed  ? This is something  I never stop thinking about and never stop thanking  God for  as it was indeed a miracle , we may never have been able to get together even much less marry  if we had not had that help . It would have cost a small fortune back then as it was 1st class for me all the way and that is not cheap by any means . Whatever made him do this we just would love   to meet him and let him know what a great thing he did .

So  my dear friend  , the 1  we only know as  ” Ramage  ”  whoever you are , wherever  you are , if  by any small chance you  do see this  please , please get in touch again so we can thank you , I still own that chat room so you can still come there to chat to us , we would love that so very much , you  have done so very much for us .  Thank You ..xx

We should all learn to: Laugh a little louder, Smile a little larger, Dream a little further, Love a little extra and Live a little Happier!  Have a fun day!  We did and it works  !!

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