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Not Quite

Not Quite …. How many times and things and even places  have you fallen short of  ? You  buy something convinced it was just what you needed then to find out it  was  ” not quite ”  right ? It missed by the smallest margin and you then either have to return it and get something else or exchange it for the right size etc. You were so convinced you had measured it right or  sorted it right but then found out you only just missed it  , don’t know about you but I get so mad at myself when this happens  because  at the point of purchase  I was so sure it was right  Arrgghhhh !! lol  Now don’t  try and tell me you haven’t done the same thing  as I would never believe it  for a minute  . It would be a fib I think if someone  said they had never done something like that  as at some point we all have .

Then there are the times you are going somewhere , you look it up , you  plot the route , and off you go  but when you get to where you  were going ?? Ooppps  missed it !! Not quite where you need to be  so you have to either go back a mile or so if it’s  a driving miss  or jump on a train or a bus and go back a few stops  or forward a few as you just miscalculated  by this much ||  lol so frustrating and infuriating  you were again so sure you had it all sorted  but  you didn’t . So off you go again to the  shopping or travel or entertainment thing you were going to and miss out on the best seats etc . because you just didn’t quite  get your  route right  Arrrgghhhh !! lol again !!

How about  when you enter a competition   like a quiz night or something like that and you go to it with a will and then you find out you miss out on the big prize   by 1 or 2 questions ,  so once again it is  ” not quite ”  but at least you had fun right  ? Lol  not the same thing  but true anyway  and there are so many ways we just miss out on doing or going somewhere by the tiniest  margin  that if you stop and think about  it  can make you mad , so easier not to bother thinking about it  lol . Much better to try and get it right  next time  so we do not once again  have a  ” not quite ”  moment . To be fair it is not always our own fault we just miss , sometimes it is the information we were given  was ” not quite  ” right in the first place . Also  some of the runner up prizes are  really neat anyway  so all is not lost  is it  ?

I think the thing that would make me most angry and frustrated would be if I  was silly enough to buy a lottery ticket , and find out I was only 1 or 2 numbers from a great prize !! That would infuriate  me more than anything else  because  like  most people I would have worked out  way in advance  what I would do with the  money  and then  to not be able  to do any of it would just make me mad . Lol  as  I know the odds of winning anything even remotely useful on the lotteries  this will never happen to me ” not quite ” as silly as  someone might think lol , I mean  why bother when the odds are 18 million  to 1  ?? Rather keep my money for more useful things wouldn’t  you  ?

On the brighter side of the  “not quite ”   plane is sometimes when you get to a place  that was not quite where you were going it can be a very nice place and you can still have a great day and try again another time for the original place . Or something you bought that was again not quite what it was supposed to be can turn out to be  useful for something else you  need to fix or sort out so it’s not always  a problem . The lottery thing tho lol no way to  soften the blow there , you just didn’t  get it right  and there is no way to soften the blow for that , much more better  to not get a ticket than suffer the inevitable  anguish of losing .

So what else gives us a  ” not quite  ”  situation ? Well husbands  for 1  , lol they can be all at once so loving, so helpful , so cuddly , so frustrating, so annoying ,  you know the rest  of the  phrases needed here  lol any married woman does  for sure . There are so many times  you just want to kick them right up the clacker  they make you so mad  , then about 5 mins later  they do something to show you how much  they love you and what then  ? Grrrr lol can’t kick em up the clacker then can you ? They are worse than kids at times , kids do  it and  you expect it but husbands are  NOT  supposed to make an art form out of it  !! Lol but they do and they do it so well  the sods , so 1 min you love them next you want to kick em , seems to me you just can’t win lol  how many times have we heard  people say this  ??  Now we know  no matter how much we want to  we can not even do a  ” not quite ” on them no matter how much they ask for it Arrgghhh!!  lol

So husbands aside  or yes to be fair wives too if we take the male position ( but we won’t ) lol  there is a lot of the not quite situations  in every day in every way you never know where or when . We just have to try and make sure not to have too many of them , especially if we are cooking !! Lol must have the cooking correct or  we could all be very sick and we don’t want that  at all , no matter who might deserve it or for what reason .

People who talk to themselves are awesome . Did you know that? Yes, I did know that. Thank you for asking.

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Write It Down

Write it  down …….. How many times have we told ourselves  it’s ok I will remember that , only to find out  a bit further down the track ..yes you guessed it  …we forgot it  ? On average I would guess we all do this at least twice a week , we suddenly realise  we need something or need to do something  or need to go somewhere  but we forgot because we thought there was no worries we would remember it . This is not an age related thing either , the reason we forget these things is the fact that our lives are so busy now , we have so much to do or think about  it is very easy to forget things. Unless something gives us a nudge before the event  or what we need we have no real way of remembering  because we are just too distracted  by people , things, events,  way too much going  on altogether .

I remember once a comedian  and no lol I can’t remember his name because  I never wrote it down , but he  did a 2 hour show on just that phrase  ” Write it Down ! ”  It was 1 of the funniest shows  I had ever heard  but it was also so very true , we never do write things down , I guess because we think if we start doing that we must be getting old , and we don’t want anyone  thinking  that of us , good grief no can’t have that now can we  ? Cannot have anyone thinking we are that old we must have  ” Oldtimers ” oh no just won’t let that happen , so we have the reluctance to write it down after all someone might see us  do it  , or see us pull out the note to read it  , then they will know oopps  getting old there mate huh ?

Alright so we get over the hurdle  eventually , when something is too important to  forget  and what happens  ? Lol we forget to take the note with us  !!  This is because we have so schooled ourselves that we don’t need  a note that we actually walk right past the note and don’t even see it . We have to actually  put the note , once we have given in and written it  , into our bags or pockets  right away or trust me we will forget to take it  with us . It is so funny that we as a so called ” Enlightened Society ”  are too intimidated  to write  something down in case someone sees us and thinks we are getting old because we had to write it down . The fun is when you get where you are going  , usually to the shops  that we realise we forgot the note and for the life of us cannot remember more than 1 or 2 things on that dam list , it always happens , then you get home see  what is on the rest of the list and go right off . Mainly because you quite often then have to go back to the shops because you really do need the thing / things  you forgot  by leaving the list home .

So how on earth do we get past the  blockage ? It is worse than a road block  because you usually have to go way further than if you had to just take a side road somewhere . We have to learn to write it down to save our sanity ! Trust me this  is true ! I have seen so many people going off in shops because they know they need some things but for the life of them cannot remember what they were because  they did not write it down . I can laugh because  I too have done this  and it is so frustrating  to have to go home check list and see if there is a way to leave it till tomorrow  and 9 out of 10 times  you can’t  you have to go back  and get the things you forgot . So by being too stubborn to write it down we cost ourselves both time and money we did not need to if we had just used what passes for brains in our heads  and not letting it worry us  what others think

So in the words of this great comedian Write it Down !! Stop letting what we think we look like when doing this  stop us from writing it down and we will be so much better off , and lol  we will save  a lot of time and energy and money  and not too many have that much money they can afford  to waste it . Stop worrying about something so silly and let  it get in our way and cause us problems that are so easily rectified , all we have to do is  be a little bit more sensible , yes we can if we but try just a little bit , yes we really can  I have managed to start doing this now  and often have a note or a list in my bag or pocket  when  I go out  and who cares  what others think ? They are not the ones who have to go back for the list are they  ? It is not their problem we didn’t do what we should have in the first place  , so forget them and  write it down , it is not hard to find a bit of paper and a pen now is it  ?

So it all gets down to do we want  to be able to get what we want , do what we wanted to  the first time , or do we worry about people thinking we are getting old and not write it down ? If we keep on like this we just keep wasting time and  energy  and money because we are so stubborn . Makes  you wonder when we started to worry so much about what other people think about us  doesn’t it ? Silly huh ? Daft if you ask me …

They say absentmindedness is a sure sign of genius… in that case I must be one of the smartest people in the world!


Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time  ……….. there was  a song about that a while ago , but have you ever really thought of the consequences  if we could  turn back time  ? Have you ever sat and thought  if I could just go back in time and do  ??????  I am sure many of us have had those times when something has happened and we would  ” give anything  ” to be able to change it  , to go back and  put it the way we think it should have been . We would love to change the world and the people in it  , for the better  , but better  for who ? For us ? Our friends  ? The government  ? What exactly would you want to turn back time for  ? For just selfish reasons or to better mankind and make things better for the world in general  ? We will all have answers to this but you can guarantee  every answer will be different  , some will want to do good , some will want to do evil  , some will want  to bring someone back  from the dead , there would be a squillion reasons  why people would want to go back  , but  would it be a good thing if we could  ?

Personally I am only too glad we can not go back, as  I see it that the evil people would do so much damage  that the rest of us would be living in fear for our entire lives , as these sorts of people would want to go back only to make sure that everything went exactly the way they wanted it to  and sod the rest of the world . As they would make sure  they were rich beyond measure and  we all know that money is the true god of this world , so that would be the first thing they would do . Then they would go  back and remove anyone who they knew would be a problem to them in the campaign to have their world exactly as they think it should be  , and going back and killing the ones who got in the way before would be high on their to do list , and that to do list would  be quite long  you can count on that .

To those who say that they would go back to bring back someone from the dead , lets  think about that for a minute , would bringing them back be for their benefit ? Or just for your own   ? Just because they are missed , or can benefit you in some way , or they know something , or  can be of use to you in your life  ? Think about it though  would it really be good to bring someone back to a world now that is so out of control and getting worse by the day  just because they are missed etc  ? Would you want to bring someone back from heaven ( supposing that’s where they went  ) into this dreadful man eat man world  that as I just said is getting worse almost by the minute ? With all the murders , terrorists , users , that are here why would you want to bring anyone back into this  ?? Just for your own good , because you refuse to let go of what’s past  ??

There would also be the war mongers who want only to dominate the world and be  king  , so think what would happen if they could go back and get whatever they needed to keep us the people in line  . We would have nothing of our own anymore , anything we had would be if they decided to give it to us to make themselves look good . We would have no say in where we lived or where we worked or where we  went to school  or even where we shopped  we would be under total control if the wrong type of person could go back . Trust me if it was possible they would be the first to go back and then they would control who else could go back then would charge an arm and a leg  for anyone else to go back . Evil is as evil does  and will always try to be in control and if ever this was possible  you can count on it being the evil ones in charge , it has always been this way so far and nothing will change that till our  time is up  ..

I for 1 have many reasons why it  would be good to go back and change things , well at least I used to think like that but then  I stopped and thought about  the evil that could and would happen if just anyone could go back and change things . So no matter how  many things or people I would want to change , in the long run I see now that it would be a silly and very selfish thing to do  to go back and change things . For a start if we change them back in the past who knows how things would then change here it could be wonderful ( I doubt it  ) or more likely catastrophic . We could unleash all sorts of things that  would be bad for us and the world , so way much better for us to  just keep  going forward . Even if we have to just painfully say to ourselves , it’s only pain I can do this  I will move on , I will not look back , I will try to improve what  I cannot  change. I will make each day a new day  , I will do my very best for myself and my family and my friends  , I can do this I do not need to go back and change anything , just need to learn by what has happened  so far , and only use the good things .  So yes I am very glad  that we cannot  ” Turn Back Time ”


I have an inferiority complex about my superiority complex. I know I’m better than you, but I feel really bad about it.

Silly Season

Silly Season ….. Here we go again , the silly season, have you ever wondered why it is called this  ? It didn’t take me long to work it out really  , and every year  it gets sillier and sillier as people  more and more lose control of themselves  and do things they would not do normally . Some of the things that get done make you wonder  how some people are still alive much less still able  to go to work or school after what they get up to  in the silly season. Trouble is it is not just for a day or 2 it goes on for weeks  hence it has to be called a season not just a day ,  how it all got to this  is anyones guess really  but my guess is that people just  dumb down so much  it becomes a joke.

One of the first things people do is to go overboard on buying stuff, stuff to spoil kids who should be learning respect , but instead are being bribed , they soon learn how to manipulate  parents  so they can have just what they want when they want it . So the parents  get themselves into huge debt  to buy the loyalty of the kids  only to find out it does not work , or if it does it only works for about 5 mins  so all that extra debt  ? For nothing at all  and this is even before you add the food bill in , all the extra food  they ” have ” to get to be able to have a great time . This too is a total  fallacy  they do not need half of the extra food they get in and you would be amazed at how much of it  does not even get used , it may stay in  fridge or freezer for months after  the time they just ” had ” have it for .

Then of course how can we forget all the decorations ? I wish I could it is getting totally ridiculous now with everyone having to outdo the other , and have you seen the prices of the decorations  ? They have  just gotten way too expensive  it is so silly  and all because of this obsession  about  ” going 1 up ”  on friends and family and neighbours  it is just beyond a joke . You can barely walk anywhere for weeks without seeing all these decorations  everywhere  and while yes , they are pretty  what a total waste of money !! It is just 1 more way people go into debt  to  show they can do it better than others . There are so many other ways that money could be put to good use , and staying out of debt  would be far better than trying to show others how good you think you are .

Also lets not forget the trees , I put these is a separate  place because they too  are beyond a joke  , they have gone beyond being just a tree , though I am at a loss to know what a tree has to do with anything anyway , but they too now have to be ohh so fancy and have all the newest decorations and lights , and they alone can cost a fortune now  as people once more try to show that they have the best  in the neighbourhood . This weird competition between people  to always want to go 1 better is amazing as not 1 of them seems to care how much it costs  or how long it takes to get it just the way they want it  * sigh *

So what with all the presents  the food the decorations  the booze  ( must not forget the booze )  the sweets  people go into debt so much just for this silly season that it boggles my mind , all this for what is nothing more than a pagan  ritual and has nothing to do with anything at all   except pure unadulterated  greed  and people  who want more and more every year . Every year their lists get bigger and bigger with not 1 thought about how all this is to be paid for , or how much grief it will now take for the rest of the next year  to pay for it all . The stupidest  thing though is that they keep doing it !! Year after year after year never realising how silly  it all is  , they just do not wake up and so on and on it goes round and round , year after year .

Of course we cannot forget all the parties !! Wow do they ever go overboard !! This  is the time  of the year that people check what passes for their brains in at the door and  do  just the silliest things  , this is why so many get killed or injured  during the  ” Silly Season ”  this is yet another reason it is called that , those parties  like the rest just have to be better and better each year  and bugger the cost . So even more debt added to this crazy  stuff people do every year , and no amount of trying to tell people to tone it down  will get through as the brains have already been checked in for the duration , it is all so sad . This is why all emergency service people are usually on high alert as they are the ones  who have to pick up the pieces  , they get no holiday or party  they are too busy ..

Doubt very much that people will learn anything anytime soon but we can but hope , but while this  greed is allowed to go unchecked  there is nothing anyone can do but cross your fingers and hope to get out of the silly season alive  as quite a lot wont . They won’t because they are so indoctrinated  by the world with all the advertising  that goes on , all the brainwashing  that goes on for weeks before gets to them and they do not seem to be able to pull away from it all.We need to be able to stop this insatiable need for greed and to outdo everyone else before it is too late , though for some it already is too late sadly , even when it will now take another 12 or so months to pay for it all  they still do not learn.


Let me just straighten this out for you- I did not lose my mind. It ran away. Screaming in the opposite direction…

It’s All In The Name

It’s all in the name  …… Is it though ? how many times have you  bought something relying on the labels  to tell you what you are getting  , only to find out  when it is wrong or goes wrong   that it is not in the name at all ? It is in the fine print which is so small you can’t even see it half the time  much less be able to read it , so when it is wrong or goes wrong  it  is then somehow all your own fault ! Your own fault because you didn’t read the fine print you could not even see ! Amazing isn’t it  ? The big companies  have no heart , no feeling , as it is all about   money  so they have  no problem at all in making it all your  fault , they make so much that  your tiny little problem matters  not at all   to them . They know that plenty of others  will still keep buying their product  anyway  so what is 1 or 2 complaints  now  and then  to them ?

I have become a real label reader these days and it does take up a lot of time , but also it helps to make sure I do not unwittingly  buy something  that is not what it says on the label  , so hopefully making sure  I am not in the position  of having to try  to get a refund or replacement . That on it’s own is a whole nother world of pain right there , sometimes you manage to get the refund or replacement but it takes so damm long  you wonder why you bothered . Makes you wonder how many just give up and say  sod it  I will just go and get another  it will be much easier . It can take weeks of phone calls and messing about to get the item replaced  or get a refund  that is why  it is best to take more time  and read the labels  than go through all that , but that is just what we should not do , we should make them accountable .

Sometimes what we buy is labeled  but  does not have all the information  that you need to make an informed decision  , they do that just to get sales and knowing full well that to get a refund or replacement is so hard  they know pretty well you will  not bother , bingo ! more money for them . The big companies  have  no heart  as all they care about  is their own bottom line not what it may or may not do to you , or what it  might cost you , they have the game sewn up and they know it . When the companies get that big  they are pretty much untouchable  and they know it  and do not  care anymore about  people , too many  of them are like this now and pretty much run us from their big offices  safe in the knowledge that we cannot touch  them .

So when you buy something  , let’s say food , it does not  matter to them that a simple leaving off of an ingredient  or 2  can cause so much pain or even death , why should they worry ? So safe and secure in their little offices  it does not touch them . Wonder though if it was 1 of the people they care about that got hurt or even killed  would they then decide it is high time to  get this fixed and have truth in labelling  ? I myself have been put in agony eating something that had an ingredient in it that was dangerous  to me  but was not on the label , this often happens when  nuts  are involved  ( lol no not my hubby )  real nuts like peanuts, cashews , walnuts , etc, when this happens to me the agony is unbelievable  so obviously I would never have anything that had them in it , but how can  I make the right judgement if it is not even on the label ?

We need more people to speak up and to stop buying these things until we get truth in labelling , this is so much more important now in these days of the huge halal scam , they have got so insidious  now that they make companies pay, then make the hide the halal  certification  so that informed people  who look for the  symbols  just cannot find them . That is just wrong on every level but they get away with it owing to piss poor government  that  does not have the guts to stop them , and it has been proved so many times that the scam money goes to the terrorists  it just amazes me they are too weak to stop it. Where else do they get the money  to pay for all the bombs, cars, guns , you name it they have it , it has to come from somewhere ?

How many of you have bought things only to find  things in them , or they do not work  the way the label says  ? My guess there are lots of people in this position , but like too many they are too busy or just can’t be bothered to fix it , and that is the biggest problem we have , letting truth be so easily pushed aside  so the  big companies win  and make even more money . Too many these days are too tired  or too lazy  to get the truth  out there , we really do need truth in labelling , so you see it is not all in the name  , not every time anymore sadly .


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