It’s All In The Name

It’s all in the name  …… Is it though ? how many times have you  bought something relying on the labels  to tell you what you are getting  , only to find out  when it is wrong or goes wrong   that it is not in the name at all ? It is in the fine print which is so small you can’t even see it half the time  much less be able to read it , so when it is wrong or goes wrong  it  is then somehow all your own fault ! Your own fault because you didn’t read the fine print you could not even see ! Amazing isn’t it  ? The big companies  have no heart , no feeling , as it is all about   money  so they have  no problem at all in making it all your  fault , they make so much that  your tiny little problem matters  not at all   to them . They know that plenty of others  will still keep buying their product  anyway  so what is 1 or 2 complaints  now  and then  to them ?

I have become a real label reader these days and it does take up a lot of time , but also it helps to make sure I do not unwittingly  buy something  that is not what it says on the label  , so hopefully making sure  I am not in the position  of having to try  to get a refund or replacement . That on it’s own is a whole nother world of pain right there , sometimes you manage to get the refund or replacement but it takes so damm long  you wonder why you bothered . Makes you wonder how many just give up and say  sod it  I will just go and get another  it will be much easier . It can take weeks of phone calls and messing about to get the item replaced  or get a refund  that is why  it is best to take more time  and read the labels  than go through all that , but that is just what we should not do , we should make them accountable .

Sometimes what we buy is labeled  but  does not have all the information  that you need to make an informed decision  , they do that just to get sales and knowing full well that to get a refund or replacement is so hard  they know pretty well you will  not bother , bingo ! more money for them . The big companies  have  no heart  as all they care about  is their own bottom line not what it may or may not do to you , or what it  might cost you , they have the game sewn up and they know it . When the companies get that big  they are pretty much untouchable  and they know it  and do not  care anymore about  people , too many  of them are like this now and pretty much run us from their big offices  safe in the knowledge that we cannot touch  them .

So when you buy something  , let’s say food , it does not  matter to them that a simple leaving off of an ingredient  or 2  can cause so much pain or even death , why should they worry ? So safe and secure in their little offices  it does not touch them . Wonder though if it was 1 of the people they care about that got hurt or even killed  would they then decide it is high time to  get this fixed and have truth in labelling  ? I myself have been put in agony eating something that had an ingredient in it that was dangerous  to me  but was not on the label , this often happens when  nuts  are involved  ( lol no not my hubby )  real nuts like peanuts, cashews , walnuts , etc, when this happens to me the agony is unbelievable  so obviously I would never have anything that had them in it , but how can  I make the right judgement if it is not even on the label ?

We need more people to speak up and to stop buying these things until we get truth in labelling , this is so much more important now in these days of the huge halal scam , they have got so insidious  now that they make companies pay, then make the hide the halal  certification  so that informed people  who look for the  symbols  just cannot find them . That is just wrong on every level but they get away with it owing to piss poor government  that  does not have the guts to stop them , and it has been proved so many times that the scam money goes to the terrorists  it just amazes me they are too weak to stop it. Where else do they get the money  to pay for all the bombs, cars, guns , you name it they have it , it has to come from somewhere ?

How many of you have bought things only to find  things in them , or they do not work  the way the label says  ? My guess there are lots of people in this position , but like too many they are too busy or just can’t be bothered to fix it , and that is the biggest problem we have , letting truth be so easily pushed aside  so the  big companies win  and make even more money . Too many these days are too tired  or too lazy  to get the truth  out there , we really do need truth in labelling , so you see it is not all in the name  , not every time anymore sadly .


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