Silly Season

Silly Season ….. Here we go again , the silly season, have you ever wondered why it is called this  ? It didn’t take me long to work it out really  , and every year  it gets sillier and sillier as people  more and more lose control of themselves  and do things they would not do normally . Some of the things that get done make you wonder  how some people are still alive much less still able  to go to work or school after what they get up to  in the silly season. Trouble is it is not just for a day or 2 it goes on for weeks  hence it has to be called a season not just a day ,  how it all got to this  is anyones guess really  but my guess is that people just  dumb down so much  it becomes a joke.

One of the first things people do is to go overboard on buying stuff, stuff to spoil kids who should be learning respect , but instead are being bribed , they soon learn how to manipulate  parents  so they can have just what they want when they want it . So the parents  get themselves into huge debt  to buy the loyalty of the kids  only to find out it does not work , or if it does it only works for about 5 mins  so all that extra debt  ? For nothing at all  and this is even before you add the food bill in , all the extra food  they ” have ” to get to be able to have a great time . This too is a total  fallacy  they do not need half of the extra food they get in and you would be amazed at how much of it  does not even get used , it may stay in  fridge or freezer for months after  the time they just ” had ” have it for .

Then of course how can we forget all the decorations ? I wish I could it is getting totally ridiculous now with everyone having to outdo the other , and have you seen the prices of the decorations  ? They have  just gotten way too expensive  it is so silly  and all because of this obsession  about  ” going 1 up ”  on friends and family and neighbours  it is just beyond a joke . You can barely walk anywhere for weeks without seeing all these decorations  everywhere  and while yes , they are pretty  what a total waste of money !! It is just 1 more way people go into debt  to  show they can do it better than others . There are so many other ways that money could be put to good use , and staying out of debt  would be far better than trying to show others how good you think you are .

Also lets not forget the trees , I put these is a separate  place because they too  are beyond a joke  , they have gone beyond being just a tree , though I am at a loss to know what a tree has to do with anything anyway , but they too now have to be ohh so fancy and have all the newest decorations and lights , and they alone can cost a fortune now  as people once more try to show that they have the best  in the neighbourhood . This weird competition between people  to always want to go 1 better is amazing as not 1 of them seems to care how much it costs  or how long it takes to get it just the way they want it  * sigh *

So what with all the presents  the food the decorations  the booze  ( must not forget the booze )  the sweets  people go into debt so much just for this silly season that it boggles my mind , all this for what is nothing more than a pagan  ritual and has nothing to do with anything at all   except pure unadulterated  greed  and people  who want more and more every year . Every year their lists get bigger and bigger with not 1 thought about how all this is to be paid for , or how much grief it will now take for the rest of the next year  to pay for it all . The stupidest  thing though is that they keep doing it !! Year after year after year never realising how silly  it all is  , they just do not wake up and so on and on it goes round and round , year after year .

Of course we cannot forget all the parties !! Wow do they ever go overboard !! This  is the time  of the year that people check what passes for their brains in at the door and  do  just the silliest things  , this is why so many get killed or injured  during the  ” Silly Season ”  this is yet another reason it is called that , those parties  like the rest just have to be better and better each year  and bugger the cost . So even more debt added to this crazy  stuff people do every year , and no amount of trying to tell people to tone it down  will get through as the brains have already been checked in for the duration , it is all so sad . This is why all emergency service people are usually on high alert as they are the ones  who have to pick up the pieces  , they get no holiday or party  they are too busy ..

Doubt very much that people will learn anything anytime soon but we can but hope , but while this  greed is allowed to go unchecked  there is nothing anyone can do but cross your fingers and hope to get out of the silly season alive  as quite a lot wont . They won’t because they are so indoctrinated  by the world with all the advertising  that goes on , all the brainwashing  that goes on for weeks before gets to them and they do not seem to be able to pull away from it all.We need to be able to stop this insatiable need for greed and to outdo everyone else before it is too late , though for some it already is too late sadly , even when it will now take another 12 or so months to pay for it all  they still do not learn.


Let me just straighten this out for you- I did not lose my mind. It ran away. Screaming in the opposite direction…

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