Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time  ……….. there was  a song about that a while ago , but have you ever really thought of the consequences  if we could  turn back time  ? Have you ever sat and thought  if I could just go back in time and do  ??????  I am sure many of us have had those times when something has happened and we would  ” give anything  ” to be able to change it  , to go back and  put it the way we think it should have been . We would love to change the world and the people in it  , for the better  , but better  for who ? For us ? Our friends  ? The government  ? What exactly would you want to turn back time for  ? For just selfish reasons or to better mankind and make things better for the world in general  ? We will all have answers to this but you can guarantee  every answer will be different  , some will want to do good , some will want to do evil  , some will want  to bring someone back  from the dead , there would be a squillion reasons  why people would want to go back  , but  would it be a good thing if we could  ?

Personally I am only too glad we can not go back, as  I see it that the evil people would do so much damage  that the rest of us would be living in fear for our entire lives , as these sorts of people would want to go back only to make sure that everything went exactly the way they wanted it to  and sod the rest of the world . As they would make sure  they were rich beyond measure and  we all know that money is the true god of this world , so that would be the first thing they would do . Then they would go  back and remove anyone who they knew would be a problem to them in the campaign to have their world exactly as they think it should be  , and going back and killing the ones who got in the way before would be high on their to do list , and that to do list would  be quite long  you can count on that .

To those who say that they would go back to bring back someone from the dead , lets  think about that for a minute , would bringing them back be for their benefit ? Or just for your own   ? Just because they are missed , or can benefit you in some way , or they know something , or  can be of use to you in your life  ? Think about it though  would it really be good to bring someone back to a world now that is so out of control and getting worse by the day  just because they are missed etc  ? Would you want to bring someone back from heaven ( supposing that’s where they went  ) into this dreadful man eat man world  that as I just said is getting worse almost by the minute ? With all the murders , terrorists , users , that are here why would you want to bring anyone back into this  ?? Just for your own good , because you refuse to let go of what’s past  ??

There would also be the war mongers who want only to dominate the world and be  king  , so think what would happen if they could go back and get whatever they needed to keep us the people in line  . We would have nothing of our own anymore , anything we had would be if they decided to give it to us to make themselves look good . We would have no say in where we lived or where we worked or where we  went to school  or even where we shopped  we would be under total control if the wrong type of person could go back . Trust me if it was possible they would be the first to go back and then they would control who else could go back then would charge an arm and a leg  for anyone else to go back . Evil is as evil does  and will always try to be in control and if ever this was possible  you can count on it being the evil ones in charge , it has always been this way so far and nothing will change that till our  time is up  ..

I for 1 have many reasons why it  would be good to go back and change things , well at least I used to think like that but then  I stopped and thought about  the evil that could and would happen if just anyone could go back and change things . So no matter how  many things or people I would want to change , in the long run I see now that it would be a silly and very selfish thing to do  to go back and change things . For a start if we change them back in the past who knows how things would then change here it could be wonderful ( I doubt it  ) or more likely catastrophic . We could unleash all sorts of things that  would be bad for us and the world , so way much better for us to  just keep  going forward . Even if we have to just painfully say to ourselves , it’s only pain I can do this  I will move on , I will not look back , I will try to improve what  I cannot  change. I will make each day a new day  , I will do my very best for myself and my family and my friends  , I can do this I do not need to go back and change anything , just need to learn by what has happened  so far , and only use the good things .  So yes I am very glad  that we cannot  ” Turn Back Time ”


I have an inferiority complex about my superiority complex. I know I’m better than you, but I feel really bad about it.

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