Write It Down

Write it  down …….. How many times have we told ourselves  it’s ok I will remember that , only to find out  a bit further down the track ..yes you guessed it  …we forgot it  ? On average I would guess we all do this at least twice a week , we suddenly realise  we need something or need to do something  or need to go somewhere  but we forgot because we thought there was no worries we would remember it . This is not an age related thing either , the reason we forget these things is the fact that our lives are so busy now , we have so much to do or think about  it is very easy to forget things. Unless something gives us a nudge before the event  or what we need we have no real way of remembering  because we are just too distracted  by people , things, events,  way too much going  on altogether .

I remember once a comedian  and no lol I can’t remember his name because  I never wrote it down , but he  did a 2 hour show on just that phrase  ” Write it Down ! ”  It was 1 of the funniest shows  I had ever heard  but it was also so very true , we never do write things down , I guess because we think if we start doing that we must be getting old , and we don’t want anyone  thinking  that of us , good grief no can’t have that now can we  ? Cannot have anyone thinking we are that old we must have  ” Oldtimers ” oh no just won’t let that happen , so we have the reluctance to write it down after all someone might see us  do it  , or see us pull out the note to read it  , then they will know oopps  getting old there mate huh ?

Alright so we get over the hurdle  eventually , when something is too important to  forget  and what happens  ? Lol we forget to take the note with us  !!  This is because we have so schooled ourselves that we don’t need  a note that we actually walk right past the note and don’t even see it . We have to actually  put the note , once we have given in and written it  , into our bags or pockets  right away or trust me we will forget to take it  with us . It is so funny that we as a so called ” Enlightened Society ”  are too intimidated  to write  something down in case someone sees us and thinks we are getting old because we had to write it down . The fun is when you get where you are going  , usually to the shops  that we realise we forgot the note and for the life of us cannot remember more than 1 or 2 things on that dam list , it always happens , then you get home see  what is on the rest of the list and go right off . Mainly because you quite often then have to go back to the shops because you really do need the thing / things  you forgot  by leaving the list home .

So how on earth do we get past the  blockage ? It is worse than a road block  because you usually have to go way further than if you had to just take a side road somewhere . We have to learn to write it down to save our sanity ! Trust me this  is true ! I have seen so many people going off in shops because they know they need some things but for the life of them cannot remember what they were because  they did not write it down . I can laugh because  I too have done this  and it is so frustrating  to have to go home check list and see if there is a way to leave it till tomorrow  and 9 out of 10 times  you can’t  you have to go back  and get the things you forgot . So by being too stubborn to write it down we cost ourselves both time and money we did not need to if we had just used what passes for brains in our heads  and not letting it worry us  what others think

So in the words of this great comedian Write it Down !! Stop letting what we think we look like when doing this  stop us from writing it down and we will be so much better off , and lol  we will save  a lot of time and energy and money  and not too many have that much money they can afford  to waste it . Stop worrying about something so silly and let  it get in our way and cause us problems that are so easily rectified , all we have to do is  be a little bit more sensible , yes we can if we but try just a little bit , yes we really can  I have managed to start doing this now  and often have a note or a list in my bag or pocket  when  I go out  and who cares  what others think ? They are not the ones who have to go back for the list are they  ? It is not their problem we didn’t do what we should have in the first place  , so forget them and  write it down , it is not hard to find a bit of paper and a pen now is it  ?

So it all gets down to do we want  to be able to get what we want , do what we wanted to  the first time , or do we worry about people thinking we are getting old and not write it down ? If we keep on like this we just keep wasting time and  energy  and money because we are so stubborn . Makes  you wonder when we started to worry so much about what other people think about us  doesn’t it ? Silly huh ? Daft if you ask me …

They say absentmindedness is a sure sign of genius… in that case I must be one of the smartest people in the world!


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