Not Quite

Not Quite …. How many times and things and even places  have you fallen short of  ? You  buy something convinced it was just what you needed then to find out it  was  ” not quite ”  right ? It missed by the smallest margin and you then either have to return it and get something else or exchange it for the right size etc. You were so convinced you had measured it right or  sorted it right but then found out you only just missed it  , don’t know about you but I get so mad at myself when this happens  because  at the point of purchase  I was so sure it was right  Arrgghhhh !! lol  Now don’t  try and tell me you haven’t done the same thing  as I would never believe it  for a minute  . It would be a fib I think if someone  said they had never done something like that  as at some point we all have .

Then there are the times you are going somewhere , you look it up , you  plot the route , and off you go  but when you get to where you  were going ?? Ooppps  missed it !! Not quite where you need to be  so you have to either go back a mile or so if it’s  a driving miss  or jump on a train or a bus and go back a few stops  or forward a few as you just miscalculated  by this much ||  lol so frustrating and infuriating  you were again so sure you had it all sorted  but  you didn’t . So off you go again to the  shopping or travel or entertainment thing you were going to and miss out on the best seats etc . because you just didn’t quite  get your  route right  Arrrgghhhh !! lol again !!

How about  when you enter a competition   like a quiz night or something like that and you go to it with a will and then you find out you miss out on the big prize   by 1 or 2 questions ,  so once again it is  ” not quite ”  but at least you had fun right  ? Lol  not the same thing  but true anyway  and there are so many ways we just miss out on doing or going somewhere by the tiniest  margin  that if you stop and think about  it  can make you mad , so easier not to bother thinking about it  lol . Much better to try and get it right  next time  so we do not once again  have a  ” not quite ”  moment . To be fair it is not always our own fault we just miss , sometimes it is the information we were given  was ” not quite  ” right in the first place . Also  some of the runner up prizes are  really neat anyway  so all is not lost  is it  ?

I think the thing that would make me most angry and frustrated would be if I  was silly enough to buy a lottery ticket , and find out I was only 1 or 2 numbers from a great prize !! That would infuriate  me more than anything else  because  like  most people I would have worked out  way in advance  what I would do with the  money  and then  to not be able  to do any of it would just make me mad . Lol  as  I know the odds of winning anything even remotely useful on the lotteries  this will never happen to me ” not quite ” as silly as  someone might think lol , I mean  why bother when the odds are 18 million  to 1  ?? Rather keep my money for more useful things wouldn’t  you  ?

On the brighter side of the  “not quite ”   plane is sometimes when you get to a place  that was not quite where you were going it can be a very nice place and you can still have a great day and try again another time for the original place . Or something you bought that was again not quite what it was supposed to be can turn out to be  useful for something else you  need to fix or sort out so it’s not always  a problem . The lottery thing tho lol no way to  soften the blow there , you just didn’t  get it right  and there is no way to soften the blow for that , much more better  to not get a ticket than suffer the inevitable  anguish of losing .

So what else gives us a  ” not quite  ”  situation ? Well husbands  for 1  , lol they can be all at once so loving, so helpful , so cuddly , so frustrating, so annoying ,  you know the rest  of the  phrases needed here  lol any married woman does  for sure . There are so many times  you just want to kick them right up the clacker  they make you so mad  , then about 5 mins later  they do something to show you how much  they love you and what then  ? Grrrr lol can’t kick em up the clacker then can you ? They are worse than kids at times , kids do  it and  you expect it but husbands are  NOT  supposed to make an art form out of it  !! Lol but they do and they do it so well  the sods , so 1 min you love them next you want to kick em , seems to me you just can’t win lol  how many times have we heard  people say this  ??  Now we know  no matter how much we want to  we can not even do a  ” not quite ” on them no matter how much they ask for it Arrgghhh!!  lol

So husbands aside  or yes to be fair wives too if we take the male position ( but we won’t ) lol  there is a lot of the not quite situations  in every day in every way you never know where or when . We just have to try and make sure not to have too many of them , especially if we are cooking !! Lol must have the cooking correct or  we could all be very sick and we don’t want that  at all , no matter who might deserve it or for what reason .

People who talk to themselves are awesome . Did you know that? Yes, I did know that. Thank you for asking.

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