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Try Not To ….

Try not to  ?? Try not to what exactly ? Lol   to  get run over by life !  Have you  ever noticed how at times the amount of things   that suddenly seem to go wrong all at once  ? You are just cruising along do what you do , trying to  just get on with people , trying to do whatever  you do each day without wanting or needing any drama , plodding along as you do  .. When all of a sudden something goes wrong or partly wrong  and you get all stressed out about it wondering what on earth made that happen , could you have done anything  to make it better?  but mostly the answer is no you couldn’t .So  you fix it or do what needs doing and off you go again to the next thing  again doing what you have always done and plodding along again.

Then once again ” Bam ! ” it all goes  wrong again  just like that ,no warning no notice  and again you get stressed out because this is now the second thing to go wrong when nothing should at all . So muttering darkly  under your breath you get it all sorted again  and once again  calm down and stop stressing  and hope it will not happen again . By this time 2 things you do all the time  with no problems  have gone wrong  , so crossing  fingers and everything else you get on with things again  and yes , yet again something you always do without a problem now goes wrong too , and again you are left wondering  ” Huh ? ”  what now  ? What have  I done to deserve this  ?

Well it is like this what  has happened  is called  ” Life ” and this thing called life that we all cling to so  hard  does have this thing about it  that every now and then it decides you have had things  going well for too long and decides to shake you up a bit . When it decides this anything and everything can and will go wrong  , always remember  that our friend  Murphy  was an optimist  , lol , when he said ” anything that can go wrong will go wrong ”  When it does it usually does so in such a way that leaves you wondering at times why you bother at all , it is all just too hard .

Let me tell you it is always worth ” keeping going  ” as the alternative  is not to be even thought of , there are so many things to be thankful for , so many things we have and can do  so many lovely things in our lives  to make it worth going on . We have so many people  in our lives  to love and be with and we do not want to hurt them by quitting now do we ? Anyway it is more fun I find  to learn to duck when life starts chucking things at you , poke your tounge out at it and say no way will you beat me , no way will you  get me to give in I win !! I for 1 love the winning feeling that you get when the things that went wrong all at once you have the power to fix  and you do it and it is right  game over  you win !!  All I have to do is remember all the things  I now have , all the places  I have been and right then and there  I  know  I am a winner  and  it sure makes me feel good .

So the way  I see it is as we get older and hopefully  wiser  yeah right  … too many don’t get wiser .. we learn to duck and weave  better thereby  missing  some of the  things life decides  you need to do or have . We do not always have to just blindly  accept what gets chucked at you  all you need to do is turn around and catch it in both hands  like a ball and say right  … now I have it now  I will do it my way  , and by doing this enough times we learn to not exactly beat life but learn to cope better  and after a while it is much easier each time.  So get a good catchers mitt …. lol by that  I mean get a new attitude  to life and what it throws and learn to   not let it get to you , after all it is not just you that this is happening  to  it happens to all of us  none are exempt .

Just think how boring life would be if everything was just steady , if nothing ever went wrong , if we never had to put our thinking caps on and  fix things that went wrong . If we never had those sorts of challenges  we would soon lose  the ability  to think and to solve problems  so we need these challenges to  keep us sharp  and on the ball , and by learning to duck and weave so to speak we help ourselves . In our efforts not to be run over by the truck called life  we just need to be a little more flexible  in our way of thinking and not be afraid to ask for a little help at times .  I would rather the challenges than just to kind of doze off because  things have got so boring  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  wouldn’t  you  ? lol


I wonder if people wonder what I wonder, because I wonder what people wonder. Do YOU wonder what I wonder? Now THAT is what I wonder. I wonder what you’re wondering as you wonder what I wonder, if of course you’re even wondering what I’m wondering… I wonder..



Kids … we all have  em ( well a lot do ) sometimes makes you wonder why we do it  , when you stop and look at it from start to finish why do  we do this to ourselves  ?? If we start from when we grow up , get married, and decide it is time to have a baby  , this is where things get interesting  and this is what makes me wonder why ? lol

First  we find there is this little life inside us  , then we spend the next few weeks or months  throwing up  while our little one just sits back and watches all this  and probably has a giggle and says ” serves ya right mum ”  Did we sign on for this  ? Did we sign on to have this constant throwing up , and as the baby gets bigger  it starts to decide hey it is time for some fun now  not 1 word to mum about all this  baby just thinks it is a bit boring  now so it is time to liven things up a wee bit  , and boy does it go to town .

So it is sitting there  , waiting , then mum decides she needs a rest , a nice sit down in her favourite chair , or a lay down on the bed  , this then is the signal baby is waiting for  , now the fun starts . Not happy with mum being so sick for so long  it wants action , lol, so it starts , 1st a nice kick in the tummy , wait a while mum re – settles  starts to relax , then another kick harder this time  oh great just when mum wanted a rest lol sorry mum not a hope. Baby now decides that anytime  is a good time to kick the insides of mum  out , mostly when mum  wants to sleep  nice huh ? Sheeesh kids !! Then of course when the actual birth happens they really go to town with kicking and being obstructive , so typical .

So mum handles all this as well as she can till the time comes to eject  the little stirrer , thinking at last she can have a few mins rest here and there , but lol  she could not be more wrong  because as all us mums know  once baby arrives no one gets any peace , baby has no intention of letting anyone have any peace anymore . Baby arrives  generally crying loudly  because it is annoyed it’s nice comfy and warm place has now closed for  it , now closed for anymore of it’s antics. So now it  waits a week or 5 while it gets it’s  bearings  and gets a bit  stronger  , then it says right now we will start teething , and we will yell loudly and long for months while said teeth  are coming through , lol that will teach mum  to kick me out of my nice womb it’s all her own fault lol .

So now that bit is done  it is time for next thing in  line , what now huh ? Ohh I know !  I will start to crawl , and then walk , now see what mum  has to say  while she is busy chasing after me stopping me from getting into too much trouble . Now this is what baby calls  fun and drags the process out  as long as it can  to pay back mum  for being naughty. So now what next  ? I know ! lol this time it will be starting  school  and  learning to count and read etc.  This is where  I can really  make  up for the insult of being evicted , and also make mum think twice about having anymore of me  lol good aint it  ? This is where  I can pull so many stunts  it almost makes me feel sorry for mum  , but then I stop for a second  and remember  the eviction  ( otherwise known as birth )  and decide  nope don’t feel sorry at all this is too much fun , sorry mum but you did it  * giggles *

From here on as  I grow bigger and supposedly  more intelligent  , now I plan the better things  because now  i can plan better and drive mum more nuts than ever  , I now know what  I am allowed to do and what  I am not allowed to do  and manage to do just enough of both to not let mum  go completely  mad . When she is not looking I sneak the matches  and go out and see what  I can set fire to , or  go walkabout  when she is not looking  and  then poor mum has to find  me , and rather than her going off at me she is so glad  I am ok she  says nothing  and gives me lots of cuddles  * success ! *

See how this  having kids thing  goes  ? You think it’s a good idea  then  you start , and from then on they have you , you might be the parent but trust me they are the boss  for quite a long time  and it does not get easier as the level of naughtiness  just gets  better  ( or worse ) lol as  said baby grows up and gets more savvy . Still think it is a good idea  to have kids  ?  lol the older they get the more annoying it is having to look after  them( bit like husbands really )  but you had em lol as you did with husbands so you are stuck with them , both babies and husbands , so suck it up and  keep working on them 1 day  they might actually grow up , but I wouldn’t hold my breath if  I was you  lol  might do yourself an injury .. Still want to have kids  ?  LOL


Not every flower can say love, but a rose did. Not every plant can survive thirst, but a cactus did. Not every dummy can read, but you just did…


When Did This Happen ?

When did this happen ? When did  we become , as a society   become so lazy  ? When did we decide in the long run that it is all too much trouble  ? The way we do things , the way we talk , the way we  write , the way we spell , so many things we have become so lazy  doing , it is a nightmare sometimes  just to work out  what in the world we are dealing with  . There is hardly a thing anymore that we do that we do not try to find a shortcut for , so many things we only do half  as well as we should  because we have just become too lazy  , and you know it has all happened so slowly that we did not even  see it happen . We seem now to have no pride in achievement  , or in how well we do things  anymore , it is such a shame .

How many times have we tried cutting corners with jobs we are  doing only to find out  that it didn’t work ? Then we have to go back to the start  and  do it all over again, whereas if we had done it right first time it would be finished , no need to do it a second time , by having to do it a second time too it often takes  longer and costs  more money than if we had just done  it without trying to shortcut. Not to mention the frustration of the extra  time and money we have now wasted  by trying to cut corners , 1 day we will learn it is best to do it the right way in the beginning , until we do it will cost us more every time because shortcutting  does not work very often .Even then  results may vary  so it is still not worth the effort of shortcutting.

Have you ever listened  to someone talk and just  shook your head wondering  what they just said  ? I know  I have often because today people have become so lazy they  chop off their words  to such an extent it takes a few tries to work out what they just said . It is just as bad when some people write , man  the  times I have had to sit and read a thing 3 or 4 times just to work out what was  written  is amazing . Chopped off words , made up words , things that  I  do not even class as words  have crept into our language and our writing  that just make no sense to anyone who has learned  to spell and speak proper  English . All of this just proves how  lazy we have  become  that we let it happen  and done nothing to stop it , it makes reading  so  frustrating at times as you sit and try to decipher  what you are reading it can take ages when it should only take a few mins. As  for the spelling that goes with this , it just makes me want to scream  the way people spell, they obviously never took classes or they would know how to spell .

What i want to know is why people who do all this shortcutting , this I can do it better and quicker start  deciding they knew better than the people who did it right in the first place  ? When did they  ( for instance  )  decide that  words spelled correctly   were not good enough and they had to start re writing them  ? Some of the so called words they use instead  are just horrible , like  ” totes ” I mean what in the world  does that even mean ?  Then  there is  1 of the so called words I hate the most ” amazeballs  ”  just horrific  to someone who learned to read and write and spell correctly , there are many more examples but you get the drift  it just makes me so mad to see and hear this kind of rubbish. Surely it takes  more effort to screw up the real words by  thinking about them and changing them than to just use them the right way  ?  Amazing … sigh …..

Just how far are we going to let this type of thing go on  ? Will we never decide enough is enough  and make people  do things right  ? Will people never learn  that  taking these shortcuts  is just not the way to go , that near enough is not good enough  ? When will we get back our pride in what we do ? Remember how good it was  to do something and get it right , no matter how many times we had to do it over ? I always found it invigorating  when I got something right it always made me feel good , seems there is none of that these days  , people just in too much of a hurry to get  wherever it is they  want to go , so hence all the shortcuts . They do not realise  that just to take a few mins more to do something right first time is by far the best way to go  no matter what you are doing .

Just love the feeling of  doing something, getting it right  the first time , it give a sense of accomplishment  that for me at least cannot be surpassed , love it  , so always try to do it right first time. If you put in the effort  to do your research before you actually  set to the task  in hand  then getting it right the first time is so easy . I love doing research love finding out things  as  I do have  curiosity , I want to  know all about whatever it is before  I start   actually doing whatever it is , helps too to make sure you have the time available  so there is no pressure to try the shortcuts that more often than not  end up  as no shortcut at all.


I don’t care what you think of me! Unless you think I’m awesome – in which case, you’re right! Carry on…


Say What ?

Say what ?  Have you ever actually looked at the way we talk ?  The things we say  , the phrases we use  ? Maybe it is high time  we did  , lol , let  me give you some examples , and  I am sure you will giggle as much as  I did while writing this  and you will also wonder how in the world these all came  to be in general use ( tho who he is I do not know lol  ) .

Let’s   start  with  A Fine  Mess   Say what  ? how  can a mess be fine  ? who thought this little  phrase made any sense at all ? What planet were they on ? Next we have  A little pregnant  …huh ? either you are pregnant or you are not there is no in between no , ohh it’s ok I’m just a little pregnant  …sheesh . Then there is Awfully Good  ??  huh ? Lol to me it is either awful or it is good  you  cannot have it both ways ..can you ??  We all know the  main 1 we all giggle at Customer Service  ?? lol  yeah right  if you say so , but have you ever tried to get said customer service  ? lol you may get it eventually  but boy it can take  forever to get … and it may not be what we wanted at all in the end .

So obviously we are talking about oxymorons   and boy are there a lot of them you could not  write enough  blogs to cover them all so  will just cover some of the funnier  ones  and still wonder just what genius  came up with these little gems . Must have had way too much time on his hands or  was just bored silly and decided to make life just that little bit more awkward . Well he sure did that because when these little gems come up  we always have to stop and either just giggle or ignore it  or ( my favourite )  lol, hit someone  !! Arggh lol they can pop up in the most  annoying  situations  so yes it does make you want to hit the  pest that used it  .

Accidentally on Purpose  lol now there  is a beauty  is it accidental or is it on purpose ? Lol  you cannot have it both ways trust me it just does not work like that  it is 1 or the other not both . Now of course we can  all appreciate this 1  Bitter Sweet  ?  Say what  ? lol it is again 1 or the other  , it is either bitter or sweet not both as 1 of the flavours will  drown out the other  as it should . Next on the list when you first look at it is impossible Boneless Ribs  ?? huh ? how can ribs be boneless when a rib is a bone ? Lol got to love the  way that  makes me giggle each time i see it as on first glance it just looks all wrong  as do almost all of these oxymorons , lol the  point is in the name here  I think.

Controlled Chaos  lol  huh ? How can it be chaos  if it is controlled  ? Can you please tell me how chaos can ever be controlled  ? lol it’s very name  implies it is uncontrollable  so just how can you say it is controlled  ?  Also tell me about an Educated  Guess  ? Either it is a  guess or it is educated  one more time you cannot have it both ways  tho it seems  people  think they can , it is like  The Same Difference  …lol  yeah right  …

So the more we look at what we call the  English language   the sillier it seems  to be , and we seriously  wonder why people have trouble understanding it  and that is without  adding in all these so called new words people are making up which infuriate me so much . Hate them so much as all they are  , are words  chopped in half  mostly  because people are becoming too lazy to use the whole word so chop it off , and it just sounds awful .  Anyway enough is too much  now lol ….

EVERYBODY SHUT UP! THIS IS IMPORTANT! When I close my eyes, I can’t see.