Say What ?

Say what ?  Have you ever actually looked at the way we talk ?  The things we say  , the phrases we use  ? Maybe it is high time  we did  , lol , let  me give you some examples , and  I am sure you will giggle as much as  I did while writing this  and you will also wonder how in the world these all came  to be in general use ( tho who he is I do not know lol  ) .

Let’s   start  with  A Fine  Mess   Say what  ? how  can a mess be fine  ? who thought this little  phrase made any sense at all ? What planet were they on ? Next we have  A little pregnant  …huh ? either you are pregnant or you are not there is no in between no , ohh it’s ok I’m just a little pregnant  …sheesh . Then there is Awfully Good  ??  huh ? Lol to me it is either awful or it is good  you  cannot have it both ways ..can you ??  We all know the  main 1 we all giggle at Customer Service  ?? lol  yeah right  if you say so , but have you ever tried to get said customer service  ? lol you may get it eventually  but boy it can take  forever to get … and it may not be what we wanted at all in the end .

So obviously we are talking about oxymorons   and boy are there a lot of them you could not  write enough  blogs to cover them all so  will just cover some of the funnier  ones  and still wonder just what genius  came up with these little gems . Must have had way too much time on his hands or  was just bored silly and decided to make life just that little bit more awkward . Well he sure did that because when these little gems come up  we always have to stop and either just giggle or ignore it  or ( my favourite )  lol, hit someone  !! Arggh lol they can pop up in the most  annoying  situations  so yes it does make you want to hit the  pest that used it  .

Accidentally on Purpose  lol now there  is a beauty  is it accidental or is it on purpose ? Lol  you cannot have it both ways trust me it just does not work like that  it is 1 or the other not both . Now of course we can  all appreciate this 1  Bitter Sweet  ?  Say what  ? lol it is again 1 or the other  , it is either bitter or sweet not both as 1 of the flavours will  drown out the other  as it should . Next on the list when you first look at it is impossible Boneless Ribs  ?? huh ? how can ribs be boneless when a rib is a bone ? Lol got to love the  way that  makes me giggle each time i see it as on first glance it just looks all wrong  as do almost all of these oxymorons , lol the  point is in the name here  I think.

Controlled Chaos  lol  huh ? How can it be chaos  if it is controlled  ? Can you please tell me how chaos can ever be controlled  ? lol it’s very name  implies it is uncontrollable  so just how can you say it is controlled  ?  Also tell me about an Educated  Guess  ? Either it is a  guess or it is educated  one more time you cannot have it both ways  tho it seems  people  think they can , it is like  The Same Difference  …lol  yeah right  …

So the more we look at what we call the  English language   the sillier it seems  to be , and we seriously  wonder why people have trouble understanding it  and that is without  adding in all these so called new words people are making up which infuriate me so much . Hate them so much as all they are  , are words  chopped in half  mostly  because people are becoming too lazy to use the whole word so chop it off , and it just sounds awful .  Anyway enough is too much  now lol ….

EVERYBODY SHUT UP! THIS IS IMPORTANT! When I close my eyes, I can’t see.

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