When Did This Happen ?

When did this happen ? When did  we become , as a society   become so lazy  ? When did we decide in the long run that it is all too much trouble  ? The way we do things , the way we talk , the way we  write , the way we spell , so many things we have become so lazy  doing , it is a nightmare sometimes  just to work out  what in the world we are dealing with  . There is hardly a thing anymore that we do that we do not try to find a shortcut for , so many things we only do half  as well as we should  because we have just become too lazy  , and you know it has all happened so slowly that we did not even  see it happen . We seem now to have no pride in achievement  , or in how well we do things  anymore , it is such a shame .

How many times have we tried cutting corners with jobs we are  doing only to find out  that it didn’t work ? Then we have to go back to the start  and  do it all over again, whereas if we had done it right first time it would be finished , no need to do it a second time , by having to do it a second time too it often takes  longer and costs  more money than if we had just done  it without trying to shortcut. Not to mention the frustration of the extra  time and money we have now wasted  by trying to cut corners , 1 day we will learn it is best to do it the right way in the beginning , until we do it will cost us more every time because shortcutting  does not work very often .Even then  results may vary  so it is still not worth the effort of shortcutting.

Have you ever listened  to someone talk and just  shook your head wondering  what they just said  ? I know  I have often because today people have become so lazy they  chop off their words  to such an extent it takes a few tries to work out what they just said . It is just as bad when some people write , man  the  times I have had to sit and read a thing 3 or 4 times just to work out what was  written  is amazing . Chopped off words , made up words , things that  I  do not even class as words  have crept into our language and our writing  that just make no sense to anyone who has learned  to spell and speak proper  English . All of this just proves how  lazy we have  become  that we let it happen  and done nothing to stop it , it makes reading  so  frustrating at times as you sit and try to decipher  what you are reading it can take ages when it should only take a few mins. As  for the spelling that goes with this , it just makes me want to scream  the way people spell, they obviously never took classes or they would know how to spell .

What i want to know is why people who do all this shortcutting , this I can do it better and quicker start  deciding they knew better than the people who did it right in the first place  ? When did they  ( for instance  )  decide that  words spelled correctly   were not good enough and they had to start re writing them  ? Some of the so called words they use instead  are just horrible , like  ” totes ” I mean what in the world  does that even mean ?  Then  there is  1 of the so called words I hate the most ” amazeballs  ”  just horrific  to someone who learned to read and write and spell correctly , there are many more examples but you get the drift  it just makes me so mad to see and hear this kind of rubbish. Surely it takes  more effort to screw up the real words by  thinking about them and changing them than to just use them the right way  ?  Amazing … sigh …..

Just how far are we going to let this type of thing go on  ? Will we never decide enough is enough  and make people  do things right  ? Will people never learn  that  taking these shortcuts  is just not the way to go , that near enough is not good enough  ? When will we get back our pride in what we do ? Remember how good it was  to do something and get it right , no matter how many times we had to do it over ? I always found it invigorating  when I got something right it always made me feel good , seems there is none of that these days  , people just in too much of a hurry to get  wherever it is they  want to go , so hence all the shortcuts . They do not realise  that just to take a few mins more to do something right first time is by far the best way to go  no matter what you are doing .

Just love the feeling of  doing something, getting it right  the first time , it give a sense of accomplishment  that for me at least cannot be surpassed , love it  , so always try to do it right first time. If you put in the effort  to do your research before you actually  set to the task  in hand  then getting it right the first time is so easy . I love doing research love finding out things  as  I do have  curiosity , I want to  know all about whatever it is before  I start   actually doing whatever it is , helps too to make sure you have the time available  so there is no pressure to try the shortcuts that more often than not  end up  as no shortcut at all.


I don’t care what you think of me! Unless you think I’m awesome – in which case, you’re right! Carry on…


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