Kids … we all have  em ( well a lot do ) sometimes makes you wonder why we do it  , when you stop and look at it from start to finish why do  we do this to ourselves  ?? If we start from when we grow up , get married, and decide it is time to have a baby  , this is where things get interesting  and this is what makes me wonder why ? lol

First  we find there is this little life inside us  , then we spend the next few weeks or months  throwing up  while our little one just sits back and watches all this  and probably has a giggle and says ” serves ya right mum ”  Did we sign on for this  ? Did we sign on to have this constant throwing up , and as the baby gets bigger  it starts to decide hey it is time for some fun now  not 1 word to mum about all this  baby just thinks it is a bit boring  now so it is time to liven things up a wee bit  , and boy does it go to town .

So it is sitting there  , waiting , then mum decides she needs a rest , a nice sit down in her favourite chair , or a lay down on the bed  , this then is the signal baby is waiting for  , now the fun starts . Not happy with mum being so sick for so long  it wants action , lol, so it starts , 1st a nice kick in the tummy , wait a while mum re – settles  starts to relax , then another kick harder this time  oh great just when mum wanted a rest lol sorry mum not a hope. Baby now decides that anytime  is a good time to kick the insides of mum  out , mostly when mum  wants to sleep  nice huh ? Sheeesh kids !! Then of course when the actual birth happens they really go to town with kicking and being obstructive , so typical .

So mum handles all this as well as she can till the time comes to eject  the little stirrer , thinking at last she can have a few mins rest here and there , but lol  she could not be more wrong  because as all us mums know  once baby arrives no one gets any peace , baby has no intention of letting anyone have any peace anymore . Baby arrives  generally crying loudly  because it is annoyed it’s nice comfy and warm place has now closed for  it , now closed for anymore of it’s antics. So now it  waits a week or 5 while it gets it’s  bearings  and gets a bit  stronger  , then it says right now we will start teething , and we will yell loudly and long for months while said teeth  are coming through , lol that will teach mum  to kick me out of my nice womb it’s all her own fault lol .

So now that bit is done  it is time for next thing in  line , what now huh ? Ohh I know !  I will start to crawl , and then walk , now see what mum  has to say  while she is busy chasing after me stopping me from getting into too much trouble . Now this is what baby calls  fun and drags the process out  as long as it can  to pay back mum  for being naughty. So now what next  ? I know ! lol this time it will be starting  school  and  learning to count and read etc.  This is where  I can really  make  up for the insult of being evicted , and also make mum think twice about having anymore of me  lol good aint it  ? This is where  I can pull so many stunts  it almost makes me feel sorry for mum  , but then I stop for a second  and remember  the eviction  ( otherwise known as birth )  and decide  nope don’t feel sorry at all this is too much fun , sorry mum but you did it  * giggles *

From here on as  I grow bigger and supposedly  more intelligent  , now I plan the better things  because now  i can plan better and drive mum more nuts than ever  , I now know what  I am allowed to do and what  I am not allowed to do  and manage to do just enough of both to not let mum  go completely  mad . When she is not looking I sneak the matches  and go out and see what  I can set fire to , or  go walkabout  when she is not looking  and  then poor mum has to find  me , and rather than her going off at me she is so glad  I am ok she  says nothing  and gives me lots of cuddles  * success ! *

See how this  having kids thing  goes  ? You think it’s a good idea  then  you start , and from then on they have you , you might be the parent but trust me they are the boss  for quite a long time  and it does not get easier as the level of naughtiness  just gets  better  ( or worse ) lol as  said baby grows up and gets more savvy . Still think it is a good idea  to have kids  ?  lol the older they get the more annoying it is having to look after  them( bit like husbands really )  but you had em lol as you did with husbands so you are stuck with them , both babies and husbands , so suck it up and  keep working on them 1 day  they might actually grow up , but I wouldn’t hold my breath if  I was you  lol  might do yourself an injury .. Still want to have kids  ?  LOL


Not every flower can say love, but a rose did. Not every plant can survive thirst, but a cactus did. Not every dummy can read, but you just did…


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