Try Not To ….

Try not to  ?? Try not to what exactly ? Lol   to  get run over by life !  Have you  ever noticed how at times the amount of things   that suddenly seem to go wrong all at once  ? You are just cruising along do what you do , trying to  just get on with people , trying to do whatever  you do each day without wanting or needing any drama , plodding along as you do  .. When all of a sudden something goes wrong or partly wrong  and you get all stressed out about it wondering what on earth made that happen , could you have done anything  to make it better?  but mostly the answer is no you couldn’t .So  you fix it or do what needs doing and off you go again to the next thing  again doing what you have always done and plodding along again.

Then once again ” Bam ! ” it all goes  wrong again  just like that ,no warning no notice  and again you get stressed out because this is now the second thing to go wrong when nothing should at all . So muttering darkly  under your breath you get it all sorted again  and once again  calm down and stop stressing  and hope it will not happen again . By this time 2 things you do all the time  with no problems  have gone wrong  , so crossing  fingers and everything else you get on with things again  and yes , yet again something you always do without a problem now goes wrong too , and again you are left wondering  ” Huh ? ”  what now  ? What have  I done to deserve this  ?

Well it is like this what  has happened  is called  ” Life ” and this thing called life that we all cling to so  hard  does have this thing about it  that every now and then it decides you have had things  going well for too long and decides to shake you up a bit . When it decides this anything and everything can and will go wrong  , always remember  that our friend  Murphy  was an optimist  , lol , when he said ” anything that can go wrong will go wrong ”  When it does it usually does so in such a way that leaves you wondering at times why you bother at all , it is all just too hard .

Let me tell you it is always worth ” keeping going  ” as the alternative  is not to be even thought of , there are so many things to be thankful for , so many things we have and can do  so many lovely things in our lives  to make it worth going on . We have so many people  in our lives  to love and be with and we do not want to hurt them by quitting now do we ? Anyway it is more fun I find  to learn to duck when life starts chucking things at you , poke your tounge out at it and say no way will you beat me , no way will you  get me to give in I win !! I for 1 love the winning feeling that you get when the things that went wrong all at once you have the power to fix  and you do it and it is right  game over  you win !!  All I have to do is remember all the things  I now have , all the places  I have been and right then and there  I  know  I am a winner  and  it sure makes me feel good .

So the way  I see it is as we get older and hopefully  wiser  yeah right  … too many don’t get wiser .. we learn to duck and weave  better thereby  missing  some of the  things life decides  you need to do or have . We do not always have to just blindly  accept what gets chucked at you  all you need to do is turn around and catch it in both hands  like a ball and say right  … now I have it now  I will do it my way  , and by doing this enough times we learn to not exactly beat life but learn to cope better  and after a while it is much easier each time.  So get a good catchers mitt …. lol by that  I mean get a new attitude  to life and what it throws and learn to   not let it get to you , after all it is not just you that this is happening  to  it happens to all of us  none are exempt .

Just think how boring life would be if everything was just steady , if nothing ever went wrong , if we never had to put our thinking caps on and  fix things that went wrong . If we never had those sorts of challenges  we would soon lose  the ability  to think and to solve problems  so we need these challenges to  keep us sharp  and on the ball , and by learning to duck and weave so to speak we help ourselves . In our efforts not to be run over by the truck called life  we just need to be a little more flexible  in our way of thinking and not be afraid to ask for a little help at times .  I would rather the challenges than just to kind of doze off because  things have got so boring  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  wouldn’t  you  ? lol


I wonder if people wonder what I wonder, because I wonder what people wonder. Do YOU wonder what I wonder? Now THAT is what I wonder. I wonder what you’re wondering as you wonder what I wonder, if of course you’re even wondering what I’m wondering… I wonder..

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