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Teeth ..

Teeth … Love em or hate em  every single person gets em , and every single person has pain in them at some point in their lives  , that’s why we have  dentists  some good some great some terrible and dentistry over the years  has improved out of sight ( thankfully ) as technology has improved  it has become less and less of a nightmare to visit  the dentist .

When we are babies we  get the 1st inking of these things called teeth , our mouths hurt and hurt and hurt  and as a consequence  we cry and cry and cry . Right so eventually all teeth are duly installed in said mouth is that the end of it  ?? Not on your life it isn’t,  now that we have them we now have to learn to look after them or they will give us yet more pain ( charming ) . We soon learn that if we don’t look after them we are soon headed to the dreaded dentist  and yes in the early days they sure were dreaded  and that was something we sure did not want to happen ….those guys were cruel  in the beginning  sheeesh  no thanks not if we can help it .

So we get a few years of relative pain free time  with these invaders of our mouths called teeth , they lull us into a false sense of security  and we calmly  go about our lives  not worrying too much about  them   ….. Wrong !!  That is what these  mean teeth have been waiting for , just sitting in your mouth waiting for the right time to pounce ….knowing full well we will be so absorbed in every day life that we will forget about them almost completely  and just give them the briefest  attention  because  we are so busy with every day life  ….silly  us … we should have known way better than this  trust me  …

This is just what these  mean things have been waiting for , now they pounce !! 1  day when you least expect it , you are doing what you do when  wham!!  Gotcha !! A toothache  that not only brings tears to your eyes  but makes you actually cry !! Then you start to realise  all the things you should have been doing to these evil  teeth  like brushing regularly  and flossing and stop having so much sweet stuff …. ohh the pain …. what a way to be reminded that these evil things we never even asked for  need your attention too , as well as everything else  that is going on . They just do not like being ignored for so long and now they make that obvious in the most painful way …They are worse than husbands that you try to ignore for a while to get some peace  …sheeesh

All this time we thought they were there  to help us but now we find out that they are just waiting for the right time to act , and when they do boy  do you know it !! Next it is off to the dreaded dentist  to get them fixed  , and you know I think these evil teeth laugh to themselves as we go through whatever torture the dentist  decides he want to inflict , and how do we know if it’s right or wrong  ? We just know it hurts like crazy and you can bet those teeth are laughing and saying  ” teach you to ignore us  ” with as smug  a look as a tooth can manage  ……We then get the  said tooth fixed either with a filling * ouch drilling * or at the worst it get pulled out * that will teach it a lesson * that 1 won’t hurt me anymore  …. heh … got you for a change  ..

After this  we do try to keep better care of these teeth because now we know just how mean they can be if we don’t  and there is no way we want to have that sort of pain again or go through the  dentists  hands again . So again they sit there just waiting making you feel like you are now doing the right thing , but they have not finished with you yet by a long way  they are going to get you again and again till  you  either lift your game and keep taking good care of them or you get sick of it and get all the evil little sods pulled out  and get false teeth. They maybe false but they do just as good a job and do not  jab at you for forgetting to clean them ….

We did not ask for these teeth they just jumped into our mouths  when we were not looking because as babies we didn’t know about them . They hurt us when we get them  …they hurt us while we have them ….they hurt us when they are being removed …..see what  I mean about how mean these little sods are ? Who says size matters  ?? Lol how big is a tooth after all  ? Then look at the amount of pain they give us  over the years  then tell me size matters  ….. unless you are a Lion or a  Tiger or something like that where they do need big ones …..

So many people  these days too say the wrong things because they have their tongue over their eye teeth and they can’t see what they are saying ….silly  sods  move it  ….but there is help at hand …yes there is  …saw a sign the other day ….

Dentist | Eyes  ……see  ? we can now have help to get that problem fixed , go there and if the tongue is stuck over they eye teeth it can be moved …problem solved !! Now we can always see what we are saying and all will be well  and those evil teeth will not win yet again … nice 1  ..


I am surrounded by askholes today… yes, “askholes” as in people who constantly ask you stupid questions….


Angels Ipad…

Angels Ipad  … Now  I am not a lover of Ipads  Iphones or I anything for that matter having found them totally useless   for purpose  BUT …Lol   sorry Angel but your  Ipad is a thing  of  beauty , not only does it make the most awful spelling mistakes  it then corrects said mistakes in yet another hilarious   way leaving all who are interacting with you almost wetting themselves with laughter …

Every week night a few of us go into IRC  to chat  and we all have a great time chatting  and keeping up with who is doing what to who and who is not paying  lol . We generally have a lot of fun winding each other up  as it is but then ….. In comes Angel …we  just wait a while  and , it does not  take long her  Ipad is off with a spelling mistake , then the laughter starts and can take a long time to  be fixed as it then  corrects that mistake with another 1 . Sometimes it can take poor Angel up to 3 or 4 times before it gets it right , meanwhile we  are laughing so hard we sometimes need to get up and go for a walk  to settle down  .

Don’t  get me wrong we do not mind this frivolity 1 little bit it makes what might have been a boring or busy or trying day end with a giggle and that has to be good for all of us . There is no better way to end a day  than with friends chatting and  a really good giggle  to ease the stress of the day , that is why we all love it when the  Ipad goes wrong  , that and the fact that Angel is such a sweetie we just love chatting with her the  problems with the  Ipad is a big bonus …lol ….

We have taken to calling it  “Auto Corrupt ” lol as it seems to randomly pick a word and corrupt it  much to our delight  as  we then can sit and watch as poor  Angel tries yet again to get the stupid thing to get it right . One good thing  for that poor  Ipad is that she does not have a hammer  to hand as  I am quite sure she would have smashed it to pieces by now at least 100 times  by now . I suspect she has come close to flushing it down the toilet  too at times  especially  on the nights when it plays up more than normal , some days it is better than others  . Know 1 thing for sure if it was mine it would have been thrown out the window long time ago  lol …hate things that do not work as they should .

Let’s face it when we invest in something we expect  it to do what it says on the box , not decide nope not doing that I will spell the words the way I like  and tuff if you don’t like it  , have fun trying to get me to spell correctly . After all I am an Ipad  and if you believe all the hype I am the best  so you will do it my way or have fun  trying to make me  do what I am told . Lol that sounds like kids too  and husbands ……Anyway  we have so much fun with all this  ” Auto Corrupt ”  we look forward to the chat each night as a great way to end the day , to end the day with  a giggle .

There is no better way to end a day than with a good giggle  and  I want to thank krikit  for the suggestion of this blog  and yes I have had a good giggle  typing this up  as she is so right about it , it is a good giggle . Anyone who needs a good giggle can come join the chat anytime  and join in the fun  I know i do and love it . They then can see the fun and games we have with our chat  it is well worth it , and we all need a way to relax .

I went to the Drs today and decided to undress to speed up the examination . However, I was asked to leave. That is the last time I go to that optometrist.


Trains …… Have you ever stopped to think about the life of our poor trains ? The things they have to put up  with , the people who use and abuse them every day in every way  ? The amount of times they are  upset each and every day will surprise you  , we need to take care of these poor things and Busses too who also cop the same abuse , will we ever learn to be nice to these ? Busses go through the very  same things that trains do and it is time to raise awareness of this very big problem  right now .

Imagine you are a train to start with , you are all nice and shiny to start your day , you pull out of your resting station ready to start your day  then you get to the first station. That is when the rot starts as the so called civilised  people start cramming into you  pushing each other out of the way to get in , not waiting for a few seconds to let someone past  in case they get a seat you might want even if there are still plenty of seats . It is early morning and they are all geared up for work so not thinking of anything else much  and so they push and shove and land up against the train walls , grab at the hand holds , jerking the poor train about  who is only there to help them  but they don’t see this  * sigh  *

They finally  get going and then things settle down till they get to where they are going then it all starts again in the opposite direction and they now rush and push and shove to get off to go to work . Once again poor train gets knocked about and even kicked at times as no one takes a minute to thank the train for getting them where they need to go safely and  mostly on time . Yes ok they do run late or not at all sometimes but that is human error  and not the trains fault so why take it out on the poor train ? Train has done the very best it can to do what it is meant  to do and usually it does it very well , but sometimes things do go wrong but is that any reason not to be nice to the poor train ? They also do this very thing twice a day , they get you to work then they take you home  how nice is that of them  ? They don’t have to you know ….

Busses too go through the same thing as the people rush about doing this that and the other in the daily grind , they too get kicked and shoved as they too just do what they are supposed to do  and usually do it right as well. They just like the trains start out nice and clean and tidy all ready  for a nice day and a busy day  but as usual they end up all  dirty and knocked about  by the people they are there to help . Bus does what bus does and what train does but also gets no thanks  only gets knocked about  but like the train he too goes back to base  and gets a good  clean out and a rest before they head off out again to do it all over the next day ….. Brave Trains and  Busses ….Twice a day  ?? Crazy man …

How would you like to be a train or a bus and get treated like this all day every day and get no thanks at all ? Makes you wonder why you would ever want to be a train or a bus as no one seems  to care much less appreciate  what you do for them  and treat you roughly into the bargain . Think about it for a moment , nice fresh start , all nice and clean  happy to do the days work , but end up looking like a bomb has hit you  , would you like it ? Know I wouldn’t , lol, anyway  we need to think more about our poor trains and busses and the good jobs they do each and every day  and 7 days a week too no time off  on the weekend  to have a rest , drive till you drop in effect is what they do .

So who is with me in setting up a Train and  Bus appreciation group ? Lol I think someone needs to because without the trains and the busses how would we all get to  work each day or be able  to go shopping or out to sporting events  or anywhere much if we didn’t have a car  ? They did not ask to be made a train or a bus it was just done to them , so they have no choice in doing what they do , they just do the best they can for us and get no thanks  or appreciation , not fair really is it ? So if you are reading this you are obviously not a train or a bus  , coz Trains and  Busses can’t read silly 😛 lol . Anyway if you are not a train and a bus then please try to be a bit kinder to them as they help you every day is so many ways and deserve to be looked after . They deserve a little bit of kindness as they toil away all day every day going backwards and forwards over the same route all the time, must get terribly boring , it would bore me to tears that’s for sure  lol . Exceptions will only be made if you are a dog and you can read this , ohh or a cat , cats too are exempt  from being nice to trains and busses . … So Be  Nice  !!!


Stand in front of a car – You  will  get tyred – stand behind a car – You will get exhausted

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Crtl/Alt/Del……… Seeing that written my guess is there are very few people  who do not know what this means  , we look at  it and think ” oh no not again ! ” as we just know what it means , it means  something has gone terribly  wrong on our  PC or  Lappy . We groan and set about fixing it , all the time wondering what went wrong this time and how long it will take to fix  , and what did we do wrong this time. Usually these  sorts of problems  can take hours to fix if we do  it ourselves , but if we have a nice friendly pc  guy handy chances are we give  it to him to fix * waves at hubby lol * I am very lucky in that I married a pc guy so mostly things are ok for me  but not everyone is so lucky .

I sat here thinking just before  wouldn’t it be just wonderful if we had a crtl/alt/del  on our lives too , in that when we mess up  we can  press those buttons and fix what went wrong or have a nice friendly guy who can fix it for us at a small charge . That would be 1 of the few charges we would not mind paying if we could fix things up  so easily  we would jump at the chance to be able to fix up our troubles , whether we did it ourselves or it happened by accident . To be just able to fix any or all of our problems by just pressing ctrl/alt/del would sure take a lot  of pressure off ourselves  and maybe  make life a lot easier  and more bearable . Having said that it would also make life a bit boring if we had things that easy and I hate being bored  so it would not suit me at all.

As that is not possible we have to learn to live without  such  things  and learn to adapt the way we are and the way we do things * sigh lol *  what a bugger  ..Just think about it , someone gets in your way at the grocery store or has a screaming kid  , so you press ctrl/alt/del  and stop them or take a  few steps back and start again , how cool would that be  ? Personally I hate and detest  screaming kids in stores but do not blame the kids  I blame the parents for appalling parenting letting them do this in public. Or maybe you want  to  do something but do not have the time we press again and change things to suit ourselves  , cool , now we can do what it is we want .  Can see where some would even think of using this  to actually delete people if they decided they did not like them for whatever reason , and that is not good at all .

Maybe we want to change someone  hmmmmm now that could be interesting  couldn’t it  ?  Lol think of the possibilities for a few mins  who would you change ? Why ?  The possibilities are endless and can make your head spin if you think too much about it  so probably best not to  methinks lol . There are so many people that really could use being changed this  way  but also I can see too many problems here  , also enough to make  your head spin if you think about it too much  so again do not try this at home ….lol..

So as much as it would be just great in a lot of ways to just be able to use ctrl/alt/del  it unfortunately is not only not possible it is not really plausible  either * sigh lol * so until it does become possible we will just have to be   a bit careful what we do or say  even if we  don’t want to , even if we wish hard  it is not going to happen anytime soon . Imagine being able to sort out things like that , and of stopping something from happening , or of stopping someone doing what they should not , it would be just great  , it would save so much trouble for so many people .

Wondering too just how many times a day …yes a day ! lol we would be pressing those damm buttons , mess up something your doing , mess up something  someone else is doing , even if what they are doing is ok , mess them up just for the fun of it , to watch the reaction . That is why it is a very good thing we cannot just press some buttons  to change things some people would  use this for so many bad things , very few  I think would use it for good  to help others , most would see it as a way to make huge amounts of money , and as money seems to be the number 1 thing in peoples lives these days  it is good they can’t .

While I am a person who loves fun and can see how many ways you could use  this for fun and games  I am afraid that once more the bad would outweigh  the  good  so again it is good that we cannot . Just sitting here  I can think of so many fun things  you could do but alas as  I said it is not possible and also  it is a good thing we can’t people these days are not as nice as they used to be things in the world have changed too much.


I brought a wooden car with wooden seats and wooden tires and also a wooden motor.but it woodnt start!