Crtl/Alt/Del……… Seeing that written my guess is there are very few people  who do not know what this means  , we look at  it and think ” oh no not again ! ” as we just know what it means , it means  something has gone terribly  wrong on our  PC or  Lappy . We groan and set about fixing it , all the time wondering what went wrong this time and how long it will take to fix  , and what did we do wrong this time. Usually these  sorts of problems  can take hours to fix if we do  it ourselves , but if we have a nice friendly pc  guy handy chances are we give  it to him to fix * waves at hubby lol * I am very lucky in that I married a pc guy so mostly things are ok for me  but not everyone is so lucky .

I sat here thinking just before  wouldn’t it be just wonderful if we had a crtl/alt/del  on our lives too , in that when we mess up  we can  press those buttons and fix what went wrong or have a nice friendly guy who can fix it for us at a small charge . That would be 1 of the few charges we would not mind paying if we could fix things up  so easily  we would jump at the chance to be able to fix up our troubles , whether we did it ourselves or it happened by accident . To be just able to fix any or all of our problems by just pressing ctrl/alt/del would sure take a lot  of pressure off ourselves  and maybe  make life a lot easier  and more bearable . Having said that it would also make life a bit boring if we had things that easy and I hate being bored  so it would not suit me at all.

As that is not possible we have to learn to live without  such  things  and learn to adapt the way we are and the way we do things * sigh lol *  what a bugger  ..Just think about it , someone gets in your way at the grocery store or has a screaming kid  , so you press ctrl/alt/del  and stop them or take a  few steps back and start again , how cool would that be  ? Personally I hate and detest  screaming kids in stores but do not blame the kids  I blame the parents for appalling parenting letting them do this in public. Or maybe you want  to  do something but do not have the time we press again and change things to suit ourselves  , cool , now we can do what it is we want .  Can see where some would even think of using this  to actually delete people if they decided they did not like them for whatever reason , and that is not good at all .

Maybe we want to change someone  hmmmmm now that could be interesting  couldn’t it  ?  Lol think of the possibilities for a few mins  who would you change ? Why ?  The possibilities are endless and can make your head spin if you think too much about it  so probably best not to  methinks lol . There are so many people that really could use being changed this  way  but also I can see too many problems here  , also enough to make  your head spin if you think about it too much  so again do not try this at home ….lol..

So as much as it would be just great in a lot of ways to just be able to use ctrl/alt/del  it unfortunately is not only not possible it is not really plausible  either * sigh lol * so until it does become possible we will just have to be   a bit careful what we do or say  even if we  don’t want to , even if we wish hard  it is not going to happen anytime soon . Imagine being able to sort out things like that , and of stopping something from happening , or of stopping someone doing what they should not , it would be just great  , it would save so much trouble for so many people .

Wondering too just how many times a day …yes a day ! lol we would be pressing those damm buttons , mess up something your doing , mess up something  someone else is doing , even if what they are doing is ok , mess them up just for the fun of it , to watch the reaction . That is why it is a very good thing we cannot just press some buttons  to change things some people would  use this for so many bad things , very few  I think would use it for good  to help others , most would see it as a way to make huge amounts of money , and as money seems to be the number 1 thing in peoples lives these days  it is good they can’t .

While I am a person who loves fun and can see how many ways you could use  this for fun and games  I am afraid that once more the bad would outweigh  the  good  so again it is good that we cannot . Just sitting here  I can think of so many fun things  you could do but alas as  I said it is not possible and also  it is a good thing we can’t people these days are not as nice as they used to be things in the world have changed too much.


I brought a wooden car with wooden seats and wooden tires and also a wooden motor.but it woodnt start!

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