Trains …… Have you ever stopped to think about the life of our poor trains ? The things they have to put up  with , the people who use and abuse them every day in every way  ? The amount of times they are  upset each and every day will surprise you  , we need to take care of these poor things and Busses too who also cop the same abuse , will we ever learn to be nice to these ? Busses go through the very  same things that trains do and it is time to raise awareness of this very big problem  right now .

Imagine you are a train to start with , you are all nice and shiny to start your day , you pull out of your resting station ready to start your day  then you get to the first station. That is when the rot starts as the so called civilised  people start cramming into you  pushing each other out of the way to get in , not waiting for a few seconds to let someone past  in case they get a seat you might want even if there are still plenty of seats . It is early morning and they are all geared up for work so not thinking of anything else much  and so they push and shove and land up against the train walls , grab at the hand holds , jerking the poor train about  who is only there to help them  but they don’t see this  * sigh  *

They finally  get going and then things settle down till they get to where they are going then it all starts again in the opposite direction and they now rush and push and shove to get off to go to work . Once again poor train gets knocked about and even kicked at times as no one takes a minute to thank the train for getting them where they need to go safely and  mostly on time . Yes ok they do run late or not at all sometimes but that is human error  and not the trains fault so why take it out on the poor train ? Train has done the very best it can to do what it is meant  to do and usually it does it very well , but sometimes things do go wrong but is that any reason not to be nice to the poor train ? They also do this very thing twice a day , they get you to work then they take you home  how nice is that of them  ? They don’t have to you know ….

Busses too go through the same thing as the people rush about doing this that and the other in the daily grind , they too get kicked and shoved as they too just do what they are supposed to do  and usually do it right as well. They just like the trains start out nice and clean and tidy all ready  for a nice day and a busy day  but as usual they end up all  dirty and knocked about  by the people they are there to help . Bus does what bus does and what train does but also gets no thanks  only gets knocked about  but like the train he too goes back to base  and gets a good  clean out and a rest before they head off out again to do it all over the next day ….. Brave Trains and  Busses ….Twice a day  ?? Crazy man …

How would you like to be a train or a bus and get treated like this all day every day and get no thanks at all ? Makes you wonder why you would ever want to be a train or a bus as no one seems  to care much less appreciate  what you do for them  and treat you roughly into the bargain . Think about it for a moment , nice fresh start , all nice and clean  happy to do the days work , but end up looking like a bomb has hit you  , would you like it ? Know I wouldn’t , lol, anyway  we need to think more about our poor trains and busses and the good jobs they do each and every day  and 7 days a week too no time off  on the weekend  to have a rest , drive till you drop in effect is what they do .

So who is with me in setting up a Train and  Bus appreciation group ? Lol I think someone needs to because without the trains and the busses how would we all get to  work each day or be able  to go shopping or out to sporting events  or anywhere much if we didn’t have a car  ? They did not ask to be made a train or a bus it was just done to them , so they have no choice in doing what they do , they just do the best they can for us and get no thanks  or appreciation , not fair really is it ? So if you are reading this you are obviously not a train or a bus  , coz Trains and  Busses can’t read silly 😛 lol . Anyway if you are not a train and a bus then please try to be a bit kinder to them as they help you every day is so many ways and deserve to be looked after . They deserve a little bit of kindness as they toil away all day every day going backwards and forwards over the same route all the time, must get terribly boring , it would bore me to tears that’s for sure  lol . Exceptions will only be made if you are a dog and you can read this , ohh or a cat , cats too are exempt  from being nice to trains and busses . … So Be  Nice  !!!


Stand in front of a car – You  will  get tyred – stand behind a car – You will get exhausted

One thought on “Trains

  1. if you are arrested on a bus are you bu ted?
    If you lie on the track you are a sleeper
    If you are stuck on the tracks you are rail roaded
    You hold down the live you are ballast.
    You get followed on the line you are tracked.

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