Angels Ipad…

Angels Ipad  … Now  I am not a lover of Ipads  Iphones or I anything for that matter having found them totally useless   for purpose  BUT …Lol   sorry Angel but your  Ipad is a thing  of  beauty , not only does it make the most awful spelling mistakes  it then corrects said mistakes in yet another hilarious   way leaving all who are interacting with you almost wetting themselves with laughter …

Every week night a few of us go into IRC  to chat  and we all have a great time chatting  and keeping up with who is doing what to who and who is not paying  lol . We generally have a lot of fun winding each other up  as it is but then ….. In comes Angel …we  just wait a while  and , it does not  take long her  Ipad is off with a spelling mistake , then the laughter starts and can take a long time to  be fixed as it then  corrects that mistake with another 1 . Sometimes it can take poor Angel up to 3 or 4 times before it gets it right , meanwhile we  are laughing so hard we sometimes need to get up and go for a walk  to settle down  .

Don’t  get me wrong we do not mind this frivolity 1 little bit it makes what might have been a boring or busy or trying day end with a giggle and that has to be good for all of us . There is no better way to end a day  than with friends chatting and  a really good giggle  to ease the stress of the day , that is why we all love it when the  Ipad goes wrong  , that and the fact that Angel is such a sweetie we just love chatting with her the  problems with the  Ipad is a big bonus …lol ….

We have taken to calling it  “Auto Corrupt ” lol as it seems to randomly pick a word and corrupt it  much to our delight  as  we then can sit and watch as poor  Angel tries yet again to get the stupid thing to get it right . One good thing  for that poor  Ipad is that she does not have a hammer  to hand as  I am quite sure she would have smashed it to pieces by now at least 100 times  by now . I suspect she has come close to flushing it down the toilet  too at times  especially  on the nights when it plays up more than normal , some days it is better than others  . Know 1 thing for sure if it was mine it would have been thrown out the window long time ago  lol …hate things that do not work as they should .

Let’s face it when we invest in something we expect  it to do what it says on the box , not decide nope not doing that I will spell the words the way I like  and tuff if you don’t like it  , have fun trying to get me to spell correctly . After all I am an Ipad  and if you believe all the hype I am the best  so you will do it my way or have fun  trying to make me  do what I am told . Lol that sounds like kids too  and husbands ……Anyway  we have so much fun with all this  ” Auto Corrupt ”  we look forward to the chat each night as a great way to end the day , to end the day with  a giggle .

There is no better way to end a day than with a good giggle  and  I want to thank krikit  for the suggestion of this blog  and yes I have had a good giggle  typing this up  as she is so right about it , it is a good giggle . Anyone who needs a good giggle can come join the chat anytime  and join in the fun  I know i do and love it . They then can see the fun and games we have with our chat  it is well worth it , and we all need a way to relax .

I went to the Drs today and decided to undress to speed up the examination . However, I was asked to leave. That is the last time I go to that optometrist.

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