Teeth ..

Teeth … Love em or hate em  every single person gets em , and every single person has pain in them at some point in their lives  , that’s why we have  dentists  some good some great some terrible and dentistry over the years  has improved out of sight ( thankfully ) as technology has improved  it has become less and less of a nightmare to visit  the dentist .

When we are babies we  get the 1st inking of these things called teeth , our mouths hurt and hurt and hurt  and as a consequence  we cry and cry and cry . Right so eventually all teeth are duly installed in said mouth is that the end of it  ?? Not on your life it isn’t,  now that we have them we now have to learn to look after them or they will give us yet more pain ( charming ) . We soon learn that if we don’t look after them we are soon headed to the dreaded dentist  and yes in the early days they sure were dreaded  and that was something we sure did not want to happen ….those guys were cruel  in the beginning  sheeesh  no thanks not if we can help it .

So we get a few years of relative pain free time  with these invaders of our mouths called teeth , they lull us into a false sense of security  and we calmly  go about our lives  not worrying too much about  them   ….. Wrong !!  That is what these  mean teeth have been waiting for , just sitting in your mouth waiting for the right time to pounce ….knowing full well we will be so absorbed in every day life that we will forget about them almost completely  and just give them the briefest  attention  because  we are so busy with every day life  ….silly  us … we should have known way better than this  trust me  …

This is just what these  mean things have been waiting for , now they pounce !! 1  day when you least expect it , you are doing what you do when  wham!!  Gotcha !! A toothache  that not only brings tears to your eyes  but makes you actually cry !! Then you start to realise  all the things you should have been doing to these evil  teeth  like brushing regularly  and flossing and stop having so much sweet stuff …. ohh the pain …. what a way to be reminded that these evil things we never even asked for  need your attention too , as well as everything else  that is going on . They just do not like being ignored for so long and now they make that obvious in the most painful way …They are worse than husbands that you try to ignore for a while to get some peace  …sheeesh

All this time we thought they were there  to help us but now we find out that they are just waiting for the right time to act , and when they do boy  do you know it !! Next it is off to the dreaded dentist  to get them fixed  , and you know I think these evil teeth laugh to themselves as we go through whatever torture the dentist  decides he want to inflict , and how do we know if it’s right or wrong  ? We just know it hurts like crazy and you can bet those teeth are laughing and saying  ” teach you to ignore us  ” with as smug  a look as a tooth can manage  ……We then get the  said tooth fixed either with a filling * ouch drilling * or at the worst it get pulled out * that will teach it a lesson * that 1 won’t hurt me anymore  …. heh … got you for a change  ..

After this  we do try to keep better care of these teeth because now we know just how mean they can be if we don’t  and there is no way we want to have that sort of pain again or go through the  dentists  hands again . So again they sit there just waiting making you feel like you are now doing the right thing , but they have not finished with you yet by a long way  they are going to get you again and again till  you  either lift your game and keep taking good care of them or you get sick of it and get all the evil little sods pulled out  and get false teeth. They maybe false but they do just as good a job and do not  jab at you for forgetting to clean them ….

We did not ask for these teeth they just jumped into our mouths  when we were not looking because as babies we didn’t know about them . They hurt us when we get them  …they hurt us while we have them ….they hurt us when they are being removed …..see what  I mean about how mean these little sods are ? Who says size matters  ?? Lol how big is a tooth after all  ? Then look at the amount of pain they give us  over the years  then tell me size matters  ….. unless you are a Lion or a  Tiger or something like that where they do need big ones …..

So many people  these days too say the wrong things because they have their tongue over their eye teeth and they can’t see what they are saying ….silly  sods  move it  ….but there is help at hand …yes there is  …saw a sign the other day ….

Dentist | Eyes  ……see  ? we can now have help to get that problem fixed , go there and if the tongue is stuck over they eye teeth it can be moved …problem solved !! Now we can always see what we are saying and all will be well  and those evil teeth will not win yet again … nice 1  ..


I am surrounded by askholes today… yes, “askholes” as in people who constantly ask you stupid questions….

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