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Oh No!!

Oh No !!  … Good grief where is my phone ??  Must have it , have not stared at it for 5 whole seconds  !! Where is it  ?? Oh !! There it is , phew  I have to go out today so must have it with me  , the world might  end if I don’t have my head in my phone 24/7  Then I would get the blame for everything going wrong  and that is just not on  , no way no how , I will see to that  by never taking my head out of my phone . My phone and  me  must never be apart that would be worse than getting a divorce   so that can  never be allowed to happen  it must be either in my hand or on the desk or table in front of me at all times.

Right I have my phone  I am ready to go out  no need to worry about anything else  as long as my phone is in my hand  everything is just perfect . Now out I go  walking to the shops or the bus stop or train station  or just walking  but never ever taking my head out of my phone , oh no  cannot do that the world might end if  I do remember  ? Walking about seeing nothing hearing nothing but what the phone is saying , not seeing other people who I might , and usually do  walk  into  , not seeing traffic lights  that are red , not seeing  people on bikes  that might run into me , not seeing anything at all really except  what is on my phone, and if I do get hit  I blame the person or thing  rather than me for not  looking where  I was going  .

While I am out I might go to a restaurant to have a meal but only dare to look up for 1 minute  to give my order then sit down . Lunch/Dinner arrives  and  I sit there phone in 1 hand fork / spoon in the other  I ignore anyone or anything else , don’t even taste the food  I have paid for because  my  head is in my phone and  as you know if I put it down  the world might  end  and  I don’t want to be blamed for that remember . I  take twice as long as usual to have my meal  wasting the time of the restaurant  owners  who might have been able to have someone else  in and fed  as well in the time  I have taken to sit there and look at my phone  .

I do not worry about things like that though  because as long as  I have my head in my phone or ear plugs in just incase  it rings  , and it might ring  so it must be right there because that too could be the end of the world if I don’t answer it by the second ring  . Oh No !! that would be  a huge disaster if  I did not answer it on at least the second ring  . After  all it might be some earth  shattering  thing that I need to do or  a place  I need to get to right away and the world might end  ( yet again )  if  I do not attend to the phone right the minute it says to . Still don’t want to be blamed for the world ending  because I did not  keep my head in my phone at all times .

The only time it is allowable  to leave it is when  I shower or bath  or fall asleep in sheer exhaustion . As long as the minute I am out of  shower or bath I pick it up again  and as soon as  I wake up I must pick it up nothing  else matters  till then.  Oh  ok  if it happens that I have to go to the doctor it is ok to put it down to see him , but it is quite ok to keep my head in my phone while I drive to the doctors  that is  quite reasonable  , nothing to worry about on the way  . No  cops or traffic lights or pedestrians  on zebra crossings  or other cars or anything else  just as long as my phone is in my hand so I can txt as  I drive  and maybe tweet or faceache  all is well in my world .

To me all is well as long as  my phone is in my hand basically  24/7 or as near as possible  just in case the world might end  and  I will get blamed for it  and  I will not allow that  .

I have written this  in the way I see it  , the way I see almost everyone today  , it does not matter what they are doing , driving, shopping , walking,  anything and everything  , must have that phone in hand  and all is well . Every time  I go out it seems to be worse  and this is a case  of what has technology  done to us  ? Even I have a phone and yes  I take it out  but while I am travelling it is  firmly tucked away out of reach  till I get where  I am going and sit down safely , but it seems I am the only 1 who can do that . Yes  I know I have covered this subject before but it has got so much worse now  just had to re – visit it .

I am thinking thoughts that I shouldn’t be thinking,and think that thinking these thoughts will lead to thinking other thoughts that I shouldn’t be thinking.


Maybe ….

Maybe ….. I am beginning  to think that maybe if I had been  born a cat or a dog life would be so much better , as for these 2 types of animals mostly ( yes I know not always )  they have it better than most people  do  and that is just sad  . When you think about the rough life that so many people have it is appalling really , and a lot of them have it rough not by  choice or anything they did  . … So  maybe …

A dog now he has  whatever he wants  gets his owner to treat him like a god and nothing he does wrong seems to matter too much . He makes his owners  feed him when he wants , let him sit or sleep where he wants  , and even makes the owner take him out for walks every  day . When he wants something he wants it now and if he does not get it  he might just rip the couch up or pee on things . He barks  half the night sometimes just because he can , because  he knows  he can get away with anything as he has been doing the whole time  he has been in the house …and he sure will take advantage …sounds good to me  …lol …

Now cats … they are a different  kettle of fish  altogether  , they not only run the people , they run the house and they  make life a pain in the proverbial  if they don’t get what they want . They get food when they want , again like dogs sit where they want and sleep where they want  they have the people of the house wrapped right round their little paws . The saying  ” Dogs have owners Cats have staff ”  is so true , cats have the knack of  getting everything they want  and exactly when they want it  they do it easier than dogs  . Cats are the worst at scaring the life out of people  as they are true artists  at sneaking up on you and jumping at you , on the bed , on the couch  you name it they do it perfectly  or should that be purrfectly ?? lol All they have to do is  wrap around your legs and purrr  then they got you   right where they want you ….at their mercy  …lol good huh ? What a life  ??

So  now you see right  ? Cat or  Dog  they have a way better life  and never go hungry , because the people who went out  and got them make sure they are spoiled rotten  to keep them happy so they won’t do the  naughty  stuff and will learn to be good  . Now  I am more than sure if we were treated  half as well as cats or dogs  we would be in 7th heaven , we would not really know how to handle it  ,  so strange it would be to be treated that way . Imagine how it would be to  be able to sleep all you want , eat when you want , never have to do a lick of work in your life  , sit on someones  lap  whenever you want   even if they want you too or not  , mmmmmmm   what a life  !!!… still sounds good to me  …

Now just stop !! All that sounds  great but then we are not cats or dogs we are people  and we would get so bored we would go nuts  if we  were not already , because we have a mind and we can think , but cats and dogs  only re-act  to things to stimulus  they cannot think like we do  and that changes everything . They also are more creatures of habit and  training than we are , we can change our situation but they can’t , that makes a big difference   to the equation .

So how did this all happen ? How did we give such freedom to run the place to  dogs and cats  ? So much so that sometimes we think life would be better as a cat or a dog ? It is really simple , this sort of thing happens when people humanise  animals  , they say they have souls and  treat them the same as humans , and this is just wrong . They are animals  pure and simple and always will be  nothing will change that .  We need to stop this and put the animals back outside where they should be  , and yes you can still love them and treat them  well without  going overboard with it ….

The only animals who should be inside with people are the service animals  they do a wonderful  job  for the humans they serve  and deserve  all our thanks . These days there is so much these dogs do  it is truly amazing  , and also the people who take the time to train them they too are wonderful.  It must take an age to teach them it would be a very hard job doubt  I could do it . I know  training  takes years and  because they do it so well it  does take a long time  so the animals know just what to do and when and how it’s marvelous .

Why does everyone want you to think outside the box?? Is there something inside the box they don’t want us to know about??


Drones …. These days it seems there are drones for everything , from computers setup to run boring things so someone does not have to sit there and do it manually  all the way to these fancy camera ones that are used now at most sporting events.  They even  watch when you go out  if you go to some places  , there are also  ones that drive cars for you , all radio control cars are in effect drones of a different sort , makes you wonder  just how many types of drones  there are . I am guessing  there are way more  than we know about  you can bet your life there are a lot of government  ones that are well  hidden .

Thinking  of drones and all the types they have now and all the things they can do  , why are there not some to do chores about the house  ? No I don’t  mean husbands  , lol, could say something here but won’t . * giggles * Would it not be wonderful to have a personal drone that would do the washing and the cleaning and the ironing  ?? Wow   think of all the mischief …errrmm   I mean things you could do or get into if you had drones to do all the chores  , you could go way more places and spend more time with friends etc  it you knew  that just because you’re not home  your chores are all still being done , either by robot or drone  , lol, they are much the same  at least I think so..could go shopping more  often too and go on holidays …wow  that would be nice  …lol

Drones  to do the gardening , drones to walk the dog , drones to paint the house , there are so many things we could get drones to do  it would be sheer heaven for all the procrastinators out there  * lol right hubby dear? *  king of the procrastinators *  You would  have a ball  if you did not have to do any chores at all  just  do what you wanted to , blimey that alone poses problems lol . Think about it though  there are so many drones or robots that do so many things  if they keep going like this we won’t even be needed  drones will do it all …..Not sure if that is good or not  doubt it would be very  good.

There are also the drones and robots  that are used for good  , like the ones  that are used  for police  activities  , and also  after some of the disasters  that happen around the world where it is too dangerous to send in people  the drones are a real help there. They have been used to take medical aid and food into places where people dare not go  , they have been used to  save  people  from awful  situations , also they have been able to search  for missing people , ones who are lost in the most rugged places  drones have been known to save them and  get help to them . So it goes to show  that sometimes all these advances in science do have a place in our world as long as we don’t take it too extremes  …

Who first thought of these things  ? who first decided it was an idea to make machines that can do all we can do and more and won’t be distracted by anything else , as they are programmed  to do their jobs and  nothing else . They also will not see something else and decide to go do that instead because they think it is a good idea  they will stick to the programming  that is in them . Like men they cannot multitask    so they will set to and do the job they have to do and nothing or no one will stop them until they are finished that job. Programmed to do  1 or 2 or even 3 jobs  some of  them can do more and they do them with real efficiency  and keep going till all done  1  job at a time no forgetting to complete  any job they were given .

Noting here that ok not all men are procrastinators  there are  a lot who are and  I think there would be a good market  for drones or robots  for women  who get so sick of  asking   husbands to help , I mean it does get boring asking all the time  , and  as we cannot really  expect any better from procrastinators  what better way  to solve the problem  ?? The only  problem might be the price  as I think they would  be quite expensive …. So unless we wish to get rid of the problems in our lives , you know   like husbands  , we need   to  just keep trying  to get these  procrastinators  to  focus  on what they are asked  to do , lol, and very good  luck with that  * sigh *  Just as well we love them right  ?? ¿¿


Being a woman is difficult: She must think like a man… Behave like a lady… Look like a girl… And work like a horse.


UFC   …. Or for the uninitiated  Ultimate  Fighting Championship …. So just what is this  UFC ? It is a special place   a ring  where 2 supposedly  adult people get into  and belt the crap out of each other . They can be male or female  that is of no consequence  all they need is to want to beat the crap out of each other  , in front of a big crowd and get paid for it , how good is this ?  LOL …

Ahhh  but you can not just beat the crap out of each other any way you feel like it  , you have to do it the right way  , and to make sure you do there is this big bloke  in there with you to make sure you knock each other senseless the right way . No kicking in the privates , no  below the belt at all , but you can punch and kick and throw your opponent  on the canvas  or similar  but you still have to have the  Ref standing there ready to pull you off if you do it wrong  , lol, and looking at the  ref’s , man I would never want to argue with them  , lol , I be off like a shot they are big  buggers  not to  be messed with , unless you have totally lost the plot completely  ..

So  it is quite ok to belt the crap out of  your opponent  and even to knock them out  but you gotta do it right , lol, now  I just find this so funny  no problem beating someone up to the point of them being out for the count  but make sure you do it right or else. You can spill their blood all over the canvas and even that don’t matter  the ref stands there  and watches  and lets you do it  , you can even break bones and still the ref just watches  he only stops you if the blood flow  gets a bit messy .  So then the next bout comes up and  as they get into the ring they see all the blood all over the canvas  as  it is not cleaned up between bouts  , which I find amazing  maybe they need a cleaner  ?  LOL .

Let me tell you too the women  who do this are no better ,they break bones and spill blood the same way and yes they too have the ref watching over them .Whoever said women were the gentle sex  ?  LOL  they have not watched  UFC  if they think that, some of those women that do that are as fierce  as any lion or tiger  trust me .They too quite often spill a lot of blood in their  bouts  they have no mercy at all on the 1 they are fighting , it is all out war if they are male or female  . Blood just stays there too no matter who is fighting male or female  and  how would it make you feel if you were next in the ring and see all that blood  ? Make you be a bit on edge wouldn’t it  ? It would me I can tell you if  I was stupid enough to be going into the ring to fight  .( lol I would rather kick hubby up the bum than that  ) much more better  … Giggles ..

These people who do this fighting always seem to me to be very angry in their nature  so I guess this is the perfect way to take out their anger and aggression  and get paid for it as well  , seems like a fair deal to me  , keeps them out of trouble  their  angry natures might otherwise get them into . Anyone who gets into that ring knows full well what they are getting into , they know they can get black eyes , broken noses , knocked out  any or all of the above . So they  do it with an open mind  and get what they ask for , not everyone can win and even champs get beaten . We saw  2 of our favourite champs get beaten just last weekend , so it proves every match  can  be a good or a bad . Just because you are the champ does  not mean the next fight you might  win , you might just as easily get beaten .

So you ask why would anyone want to watch this  UFC ? Well my take on it is this  , if they are stupid enough to want to get the crap beaten out of them then  i will watch . These matches are very entertaining  despite  what they are doing and mostly people just watch the matches   and go home and it is all above board and done well  . There are those idiots , yes there are always some , who take things  too far and start fighting themselves  but thankfully they are in the minority  as most  are sensible people . So all in all mostly  these matches are very entertaining to watch and the opponents  know just what they are getting into  and as  I said if they are silly enough to do it  I will watch  …lol


Shhhh…can you hear that? Listen! Hush! Listen…do you hear it? That is the sound of my awesomeness. Pretty freaking awesome, eh???


Music ..

Music ….. My how that  has changed over the years  makes me wonder  how it has changed so very much in really not that long a time  and it really has changed a lot just in the last 20 years  changed so much it is sometimes hard to realise what you are listening to is actually supposed to be music ….sheeesh ….How is that Rap music ? All you hear is someone jabbering away so fast you are not able to even hear the words much less understand them …amazing not music to me just  what maybe a nice  tune ruined by all the  jabbering  it is not for me at all .

From what I understand  music really began in the church  for worship  and praise for all that God had done , then somehow it got taken out of there and  next thing you know it is in Hollywood .  Then from there it was soon in all kinds of movies and on all our wireless’s and on all our   TV  screens  Then as  both TV and wireless  evolved  if you can call it that , so the music also evolved  some it back then was really good , you had nice  music  and words you could hear and actually sing along to . They were written  in those days with the object of taking peoples minds off whatever they were doing to sing along  and it worked . We all had our favourite  songs and we all sang along to the music , it pretty much got to everyone  there were  few that I know of that would not automatically start to sing with it  if 1 of their favourite songs came on .

Looking back to where it all began the idea also for music was to help make us feel better  when we heard  a song we liked  and if it was a light uplifting  song  it did make us feel a lot better for a while and helped us refocus . Then we would  stop  and listen to more and more  as we got on with things we even learned to make it more accessible , so we started to see the emergence  of more and more and different ways of taking the music with us when we went out . First there was  the car radio , they got better but still we wanted more so next comes the portable radio , well that’s what they were originally till those too got upgraded  into what we see now .

Where did it all go wrong then  ? To me it has gone very , very wrong the so called music that is available  now is  again to me just plain evil . There is not only  songs that tell you it is ok to take what you want when you want it , and to think only of yourself , to leave someone if they do not do just what you want to  them to do . Then there are the songs  that are nothing but blasphemy  using words that no-one  should hear over the radio or Tv or whatever  , they think nothing of dropping the  F word in almost every  line  it is just wrong  what are we teaching our children  ? This word that was once forbidden is now  everywhere  and even into  the  so called music  it is just disgusting  , no wonder the young these days  have no respect or no morals  with what they see and hear pushed at them 24/7  these days .

Sex is the other big thing that has taken over the music industry , some of the so called music clips I have seen are  nothing more than ” here  I am come and get me  ” you want sex you can have it look I am showing you it is here to get . Some of the clips have been so bad  I just couldn’t  bear them  and turned them off , how have we stooped to this level  of showing  our kids they can have  and do what they like  ? How can this be good for them  ? Any wonder the young now are as  corrupted  as they are   with all this being pumped into them ?

Once again something that was meant to be so good and to make us feel good  has been corrupted by big money  and  people  who have no morals and believe only in money . Anything that even resembles  standards  has been removed , there was a time when an advertising standards  board would say no , you cannot  swear  like that , no you cannot so blatantly  sell sex like that . Over the years though  it has been watered down and now it may not even exist ,  as too many people thought it was going against ” their rights ”  to have  this sort of thing  in their so called music , where will it all  end I wonder  ?


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