Music ..

Music ….. My how that  has changed over the years  makes me wonder  how it has changed so very much in really not that long a time  and it really has changed a lot just in the last 20 years  changed so much it is sometimes hard to realise what you are listening to is actually supposed to be music ….sheeesh ….How is that Rap music ? All you hear is someone jabbering away so fast you are not able to even hear the words much less understand them …amazing not music to me just  what maybe a nice  tune ruined by all the  jabbering  it is not for me at all .

From what I understand  music really began in the church  for worship  and praise for all that God had done , then somehow it got taken out of there and  next thing you know it is in Hollywood .  Then from there it was soon in all kinds of movies and on all our wireless’s and on all our   TV  screens  Then as  both TV and wireless  evolved  if you can call it that , so the music also evolved  some it back then was really good , you had nice  music  and words you could hear and actually sing along to . They were written  in those days with the object of taking peoples minds off whatever they were doing to sing along  and it worked . We all had our favourite  songs and we all sang along to the music , it pretty much got to everyone  there were  few that I know of that would not automatically start to sing with it  if 1 of their favourite songs came on .

Looking back to where it all began the idea also for music was to help make us feel better  when we heard  a song we liked  and if it was a light uplifting  song  it did make us feel a lot better for a while and helped us refocus . Then we would  stop  and listen to more and more  as we got on with things we even learned to make it more accessible , so we started to see the emergence  of more and more and different ways of taking the music with us when we went out . First there was  the car radio , they got better but still we wanted more so next comes the portable radio , well that’s what they were originally till those too got upgraded  into what we see now .

Where did it all go wrong then  ? To me it has gone very , very wrong the so called music that is available  now is  again to me just plain evil . There is not only  songs that tell you it is ok to take what you want when you want it , and to think only of yourself , to leave someone if they do not do just what you want to  them to do . Then there are the songs  that are nothing but blasphemy  using words that no-one  should hear over the radio or Tv or whatever  , they think nothing of dropping the  F word in almost every  line  it is just wrong  what are we teaching our children  ? This word that was once forbidden is now  everywhere  and even into  the  so called music  it is just disgusting  , no wonder the young these days  have no respect or no morals  with what they see and hear pushed at them 24/7  these days .

Sex is the other big thing that has taken over the music industry , some of the so called music clips I have seen are  nothing more than ” here  I am come and get me  ” you want sex you can have it look I am showing you it is here to get . Some of the clips have been so bad  I just couldn’t  bear them  and turned them off , how have we stooped to this level  of showing  our kids they can have  and do what they like  ? How can this be good for them  ? Any wonder the young now are as  corrupted  as they are   with all this being pumped into them ?

Once again something that was meant to be so good and to make us feel good  has been corrupted by big money  and  people  who have no morals and believe only in money . Anything that even resembles  standards  has been removed , there was a time when an advertising standards  board would say no , you cannot  swear  like that , no you cannot so blatantly  sell sex like that . Over the years though  it has been watered down and now it may not even exist ,  as too many people thought it was going against ” their rights ”  to have  this sort of thing  in their so called music , where will it all  end I wonder  ?


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