UFC   …. Or for the uninitiated  Ultimate  Fighting Championship …. So just what is this  UFC ? It is a special place   a ring  where 2 supposedly  adult people get into  and belt the crap out of each other . They can be male or female  that is of no consequence  all they need is to want to beat the crap out of each other  , in front of a big crowd and get paid for it , how good is this ?  LOL …

Ahhh  but you can not just beat the crap out of each other any way you feel like it  , you have to do it the right way  , and to make sure you do there is this big bloke  in there with you to make sure you knock each other senseless the right way . No kicking in the privates , no  below the belt at all , but you can punch and kick and throw your opponent  on the canvas  or similar  but you still have to have the  Ref standing there ready to pull you off if you do it wrong  , lol, and looking at the  ref’s , man I would never want to argue with them  , lol , I be off like a shot they are big  buggers  not to  be messed with , unless you have totally lost the plot completely  ..

So  it is quite ok to belt the crap out of  your opponent  and even to knock them out  but you gotta do it right , lol, now  I just find this so funny  no problem beating someone up to the point of them being out for the count  but make sure you do it right or else. You can spill their blood all over the canvas and even that don’t matter  the ref stands there  and watches  and lets you do it  , you can even break bones and still the ref just watches  he only stops you if the blood flow  gets a bit messy .  So then the next bout comes up and  as they get into the ring they see all the blood all over the canvas  as  it is not cleaned up between bouts  , which I find amazing  maybe they need a cleaner  ?  LOL .

Let me tell you too the women  who do this are no better ,they break bones and spill blood the same way and yes they too have the ref watching over them .Whoever said women were the gentle sex  ?  LOL  they have not watched  UFC  if they think that, some of those women that do that are as fierce  as any lion or tiger  trust me .They too quite often spill a lot of blood in their  bouts  they have no mercy at all on the 1 they are fighting , it is all out war if they are male or female  . Blood just stays there too no matter who is fighting male or female  and  how would it make you feel if you were next in the ring and see all that blood  ? Make you be a bit on edge wouldn’t it  ? It would me I can tell you if  I was stupid enough to be going into the ring to fight  .( lol I would rather kick hubby up the bum than that  ) much more better  … Giggles ..

These people who do this fighting always seem to me to be very angry in their nature  so I guess this is the perfect way to take out their anger and aggression  and get paid for it as well  , seems like a fair deal to me  , keeps them out of trouble  their  angry natures might otherwise get them into . Anyone who gets into that ring knows full well what they are getting into , they know they can get black eyes , broken noses , knocked out  any or all of the above . So they  do it with an open mind  and get what they ask for , not everyone can win and even champs get beaten . We saw  2 of our favourite champs get beaten just last weekend , so it proves every match  can  be a good or a bad . Just because you are the champ does  not mean the next fight you might  win , you might just as easily get beaten .

So you ask why would anyone want to watch this  UFC ? Well my take on it is this  , if they are stupid enough to want to get the crap beaten out of them then  i will watch . These matches are very entertaining  despite  what they are doing and mostly people just watch the matches   and go home and it is all above board and done well  . There are those idiots , yes there are always some , who take things  too far and start fighting themselves  but thankfully they are in the minority  as most  are sensible people . So all in all mostly  these matches are very entertaining to watch and the opponents  know just what they are getting into  and as  I said if they are silly enough to do it  I will watch  …lol


Shhhh…can you hear that? Listen! Hush! Listen…do you hear it? That is the sound of my awesomeness. Pretty freaking awesome, eh???


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