Drones …. These days it seems there are drones for everything , from computers setup to run boring things so someone does not have to sit there and do it manually  all the way to these fancy camera ones that are used now at most sporting events.  They even  watch when you go out  if you go to some places  , there are also  ones that drive cars for you , all radio control cars are in effect drones of a different sort , makes you wonder  just how many types of drones  there are . I am guessing  there are way more  than we know about  you can bet your life there are a lot of government  ones that are well  hidden .

Thinking  of drones and all the types they have now and all the things they can do  , why are there not some to do chores about the house  ? No I don’t  mean husbands  , lol, could say something here but won’t . * giggles * Would it not be wonderful to have a personal drone that would do the washing and the cleaning and the ironing  ?? Wow   think of all the mischief …errrmm   I mean things you could do or get into if you had drones to do all the chores  , you could go way more places and spend more time with friends etc  it you knew  that just because you’re not home  your chores are all still being done , either by robot or drone  , lol, they are much the same  at least I think so..could go shopping more  often too and go on holidays …wow  that would be nice  …lol

Drones  to do the gardening , drones to walk the dog , drones to paint the house , there are so many things we could get drones to do  it would be sheer heaven for all the procrastinators out there  * lol right hubby dear? *  king of the procrastinators *  You would  have a ball  if you did not have to do any chores at all  just  do what you wanted to , blimey that alone poses problems lol . Think about it though  there are so many drones or robots that do so many things  if they keep going like this we won’t even be needed  drones will do it all …..Not sure if that is good or not  doubt it would be very  good.

There are also the drones and robots  that are used for good  , like the ones  that are used  for police  activities  , and also  after some of the disasters  that happen around the world where it is too dangerous to send in people  the drones are a real help there. They have been used to take medical aid and food into places where people dare not go  , they have been used to  save  people  from awful  situations , also they have been able to search  for missing people , ones who are lost in the most rugged places  drones have been known to save them and  get help to them . So it goes to show  that sometimes all these advances in science do have a place in our world as long as we don’t take it too extremes  …

Who first thought of these things  ? who first decided it was an idea to make machines that can do all we can do and more and won’t be distracted by anything else , as they are programmed  to do their jobs and  nothing else . They also will not see something else and decide to go do that instead because they think it is a good idea  they will stick to the programming  that is in them . Like men they cannot multitask    so they will set to and do the job they have to do and nothing or no one will stop them until they are finished that job. Programmed to do  1 or 2 or even 3 jobs  some of  them can do more and they do them with real efficiency  and keep going till all done  1  job at a time no forgetting to complete  any job they were given .

Noting here that ok not all men are procrastinators  there are  a lot who are and  I think there would be a good market  for drones or robots  for women  who get so sick of  asking   husbands to help , I mean it does get boring asking all the time  , and  as we cannot really  expect any better from procrastinators  what better way  to solve the problem  ?? The only  problem might be the price  as I think they would  be quite expensive …. So unless we wish to get rid of the problems in our lives , you know   like husbands  , we need   to  just keep trying  to get these  procrastinators  to  focus  on what they are asked  to do , lol, and very good  luck with that  * sigh *  Just as well we love them right  ?? ¿¿


Being a woman is difficult: She must think like a man… Behave like a lady… Look like a girl… And work like a horse.

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