Maybe ….

Maybe ….. I am beginning  to think that maybe if I had been  born a cat or a dog life would be so much better , as for these 2 types of animals mostly ( yes I know not always )  they have it better than most people  do  and that is just sad  . When you think about the rough life that so many people have it is appalling really , and a lot of them have it rough not by  choice or anything they did  . … So  maybe …

A dog now he has  whatever he wants  gets his owner to treat him like a god and nothing he does wrong seems to matter too much . He makes his owners  feed him when he wants , let him sit or sleep where he wants  , and even makes the owner take him out for walks every  day . When he wants something he wants it now and if he does not get it  he might just rip the couch up or pee on things . He barks  half the night sometimes just because he can , because  he knows  he can get away with anything as he has been doing the whole time  he has been in the house …and he sure will take advantage …sounds good to me  …lol …

Now cats … they are a different  kettle of fish  altogether  , they not only run the people , they run the house and they  make life a pain in the proverbial  if they don’t get what they want . They get food when they want , again like dogs sit where they want and sleep where they want  they have the people of the house wrapped right round their little paws . The saying  ” Dogs have owners Cats have staff ”  is so true , cats have the knack of  getting everything they want  and exactly when they want it  they do it easier than dogs  . Cats are the worst at scaring the life out of people  as they are true artists  at sneaking up on you and jumping at you , on the bed , on the couch  you name it they do it perfectly  or should that be purrfectly ?? lol All they have to do is  wrap around your legs and purrr  then they got you   right where they want you ….at their mercy  …lol good huh ? What a life  ??

So  now you see right  ? Cat or  Dog  they have a way better life  and never go hungry , because the people who went out  and got them make sure they are spoiled rotten  to keep them happy so they won’t do the  naughty  stuff and will learn to be good  . Now  I am more than sure if we were treated  half as well as cats or dogs  we would be in 7th heaven , we would not really know how to handle it  ,  so strange it would be to be treated that way . Imagine how it would be to  be able to sleep all you want , eat when you want , never have to do a lick of work in your life  , sit on someones  lap  whenever you want   even if they want you too or not  , mmmmmmm   what a life  !!!… still sounds good to me  …

Now just stop !! All that sounds  great but then we are not cats or dogs we are people  and we would get so bored we would go nuts  if we  were not already , because we have a mind and we can think , but cats and dogs  only re-act  to things to stimulus  they cannot think like we do  and that changes everything . They also are more creatures of habit and  training than we are , we can change our situation but they can’t , that makes a big difference   to the equation .

So how did this all happen ? How did we give such freedom to run the place to  dogs and cats  ? So much so that sometimes we think life would be better as a cat or a dog ? It is really simple , this sort of thing happens when people humanise  animals  , they say they have souls and  treat them the same as humans , and this is just wrong . They are animals  pure and simple and always will be  nothing will change that .  We need to stop this and put the animals back outside where they should be  , and yes you can still love them and treat them  well without  going overboard with it ….

The only animals who should be inside with people are the service animals  they do a wonderful  job  for the humans they serve  and deserve  all our thanks . These days there is so much these dogs do  it is truly amazing  , and also the people who take the time to train them they too are wonderful.  It must take an age to teach them it would be a very hard job doubt  I could do it . I know  training  takes years and  because they do it so well it  does take a long time  so the animals know just what to do and when and how it’s marvelous .

Why does everyone want you to think outside the box?? Is there something inside the box they don’t want us to know about??

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