Oh No!!

Oh No !!  … Good grief where is my phone ??  Must have it , have not stared at it for 5 whole seconds  !! Where is it  ?? Oh !! There it is , phew  I have to go out today so must have it with me  , the world might  end if I don’t have my head in my phone 24/7  Then I would get the blame for everything going wrong  and that is just not on  , no way no how , I will see to that  by never taking my head out of my phone . My phone and  me  must never be apart that would be worse than getting a divorce   so that can  never be allowed to happen  it must be either in my hand or on the desk or table in front of me at all times.

Right ..now I have my phone  I am ready to go out  no need to worry about anything else  as long as my phone is in my hand  everything is just perfect . Now out I go  walking to the shops or the bus stop or train station  or just walking  but never ever taking my head out of my phone , oh no  cannot do that the world might end if  I do remember  ? Walking about seeing nothing hearing nothing but what the phone is saying , not seeing other people who I might , and usually do  walk  into  , not seeing traffic lights  that are red , not seeing  people on bikes  that might run into me , not seeing anything at all really except  what is on my phone, and if I do get hit  I blame the person or thing  rather than me for not  looking where  I was going  .

While I am out I might go to a restaurant to have a meal but only dare to look up for 1 minute  to give my order then sit down . Lunch/Dinner arrives  and  I sit there phone in 1 hand fork / spoon in the other  I ignore anyone or anything else , don’t even taste the food  I have paid for because  my  head is in my phone and  as you know if I put it down  the world might  end  and  I don’t want to be blamed for that remember . I  take twice as long as usual to have my meal  wasting the time of the restaurant  owners  who might have been able to have someone else  in and fed  as well in the time  I have taken to sit there and look at my phone  .

I do not worry about things like that though  because as long as  I have my head in my phone or ear plugs in just incase  it rings  , and it might ring  so it must be right there because that too could be the end of the world if I don’t answer it by the second ring  . Oh No !! that would be  a huge disaster if  I did not answer it on at least the second ring  . After  all it might be some earth  shattering  thing that I need to do or  a place  I need to get to right away and the world might end  ( yet again )  if  I do not attend to the phone right the minute it says to . Still don’t want to be blamed for the world ending  because I did not  keep my head in my phone at all times .

The only time it is allowable  to leave it is when  I shower or bath  or fall asleep in sheer exhaustion . As long as the minute I am out of  shower or bath I pick it up again  and as soon as  I wake up I must pick it up nothing  else matters  till then.  Oh  ok  if it happens that I have to go to the doctor it is ok to put it down to see him , but it is quite ok to keep my head in my phone while I drive to the doctors  that is  quite reasonable  , nothing to worry about on the way  . No  cops or traffic lights or pedestrians  on zebra crossings  or other cars or anything else  just as long as my phone is in my hand so I can txt as  I drive  and maybe tweet or faceache  all is well in my world .

To me all is well as long as  my phone is in my hand basically  24/7 or as near as possible  just in case the world might end  and  I will get blamed for it  and  I will not allow that  .

I have written this  in the way I see it  , the way I see almost everyone today  , it does not matter what they are doing , driving, shopping , walking,  anything and everything  , must have that phone in hand  and all is well . Every time  I go out it seems to be worse  and this is a case  of what has technology  done to us  ? Even I have a phone and yes  I take it out  but while I am travelling it is  firmly tucked away out of reach  till I get where  I am going and sit down safely , but it seems I am the only 1 who can do that . Yes  I know I have covered this subject before but it has got so much worse now  just had to re – visit it .

I am thinking thoughts that I shouldn’t be thinking,and think that thinking these thoughts will lead to thinking other thoughts that I shouldn’t be thinking.

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