Self Inflicted

Self inflicted … How many of us really think about how many things and trouble that we get into is all  ” self inflicted  ”  what this means to spell it out is  we did it to ourselves , we have no one but ourselves to blame for whatever the situation is mostly . I do accept as we all should that sometimes others  do things to us  that are not our fault  so we have to be careful and  not just blindly blame people  for things, that occasionally  is just not their fault , it does happen  so always be careful before you judge someone .

Now having cleared that up let us  explore some of the  ” self inflicted ” things we get ourselves into  intentional or not , and this can be all sorts of things . We can decide  not to take advice on a project we are undertaking  and then  when it all goes wrong we only have ourselves to blame , likewise  if we do not maybe stop to ask directions  so we get horribly lost  who then can we blame  ? Clue for you ,look in the mirror  lol yep  you did it to yourself , if you had taken time to ask directions you would not be lost , makes sense to me and it is also funny that men are the most stubborn about asking directions .

Then  of course there is my silly hubby ( sorry dear  lol )  everytime he looks at me as if to say something about me or what he thinks I have done I just show him  my wedding ring  in my own way _|_   * giggles *  and remind him it is all ” self inflicted ”  as he chased me not the other way around . He started it so now  I have all I need to annoy him  as often and as much as  I want to , so there  😛 That’s my story and  I’m sticking to it . Mind you there are times when he does the same back to me so it is pretty much even on that score  lol .Told him he was being silly, told him  not to do it but he did it anyway lol , all his own fault , he should have listened now he is stuck with me  ……Giggles …

Yet 1 more thing we  ” self inflict ” is when we either eat  or drink way too  much then have to take the consequences  , and it is amazing how many times we do this to ourselves too  we never seem to learn do we  ? Also the same can be said for those who work all the time  and give themselves  little or no relaxation time so we  do not relax anywhere near as much  as we should. Then of course this can lead to health  problems  because we do need to take time out for our own well being . That has been proved way too many times  but it would surprise  you how many people do not  take the time they need.

I wonder  how many  other ways  we ” self inflict ”  things on ourselves ? Why do we not learn? it just makes me laugh the amount of times we do these things then stop and wonder how they happened  . Lol  if we took advice  or stopped to think  before we did  these things chances are we would not do half as many silly things as we do . Somethings I admit yes , are done on the spur of the moment  but not everything that gets us in trouble , a lot of the time we do have the time  to stop and think about it but we just don’t …maybe 1 day we will learn but  I very much doubt it , not going to happen anytime soon I think .

It reminds me of all those people who say things like ” hold my beer and watch this ” then to see the silliest things happen that would not have happened if there had been  any thought  about what they were about to do . How many times do we see posts on faceache of  so many of these  things ? Of people doing  idiotic  things , getting hurt , and wondering why , amazing isn’t it ? Makes you wonder  how many of them  are still alive ? Do they even have a brain ? If so do they even know what it is for and  how much trouble they can save themselves if they just learn to use it  ? Again  I very much doubt it or we would not see so many  stupid things done to  themselves and others , maybe 1 day …lol ..yeah right …

So next time you do or are about to do something take a minute or 3 to actually think about  it so that if it does   not  go wrong  you  cannot then say  it was  ” self inflicted”  because  you actually thought about it , lol, might save you lots of pain  if you do start to at least try to think , lol it shouldn’t hurt too much , not after a while anyway , it might  at the start but it gets better with more use , try it you might even like it   who knows ?  Wonders will never cease  you know that , so go on be brave and try thinking for a change  …

That awkward moment when you’re having an awkward moment, wondering if anyone else can see you are having an awkward moment.

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