Perfectly Matched

Perfectly  matched  …. In every way  , in every way we  think , things we do , things we want to do , places we have been and places we want to go , even the things we do not realise we do together , so  attuned  to each other that yes , we do finish each others  sentences  at times  , lol yes it does happen and usually results in  much laughter.  Do you know any other couple like that  ? A couple who just fit so well  together  ( no not that minds out of gutter please  ) You are both going about your day , doing what you do and all of a sudden you find yourself giggling because something has reminded you of  your other half and you know very well  just what he would say and you automatically  say it to yourself  just as if he or she was there with you .

So  many things that  the longer you are together the more you seem to meld , the more you seem to almost become the other as your  thinking and the  way you  do things  just becomes more and more the same . This  is not a bad thing   I think it is a great thing as it shows how well you are suited to  each other  so  it means  you hardly ever  fight because there is little or no friction  as you already know how each other  will think on any given occasion or  anything else . It makes things just go  that much more smoothly knowing you don’t have to stress about things because you already know how the other half will react , makes for a great relationship and eases a lot of stress in a relationship.( lol and saves you from wanting to kill )  He’s lucky  at that  lol .

So imagine if there are small children  how much better life will be for the children if mum and dad are so well matched that the stress level is down to almost zero  and the  children  have nothing but love to help them grow . Even  in marriages where there are no small children  you still need this relaxed and much better way of life  , because even the best of marriages will break up under duress if the relationship itself  is rocky . These  relationships will  only get better  where the  husband and the wife are so well matched  , it just seems to take the heat right off  and therefore  makes the stress diminish  and that’s all good then  …lol * sorry dear *

Another thing that works so well for such couples is the way they can run the house , the way they can plan holidays , and the places they can go  for nights out and a bit of relaxation . As they think so much alike choosing  the places they go  is easy as they both love the same things , even the simple things like helping with chores or being the one to go do the shopping is all so much easier  when both think the same , well almost the same  so each knows what to get  or where to go . Helping each other also becomes an automatic thing  it just happens usually without any questions needing to be asked . This alone makes for a wonderful relationship  within  the  marriage  and makes problem solving  a lot easier  than if there is too much in the relationship  they do not agree on.

It often makes me wonder  if most people even wait to see if they have this same oneness together , and if so  how are there so  many divorces , or fights or  even * shudder * murders ?? Maybe if the couple had taken a little more time to really get to know each other then these things would not happen .It seems though  that people are in too much of a hurry to wait , they just want what everyone else has and to be like everyone else , so do not take the time needed to really think it all through and make sure it will work . A pity it is like this as usually it is the resulting  children that will bear the brunt of a miss match.Then they rush into a marriage that is fraught with trouble right from the start .

So yes me and hubby might be perceived  to be  ” nuts  ” lol that is fine with us as we are the first to admit this , we are  nuts and love every bit of it  , makes the  marriage way more fun that it would be  otherwise. Sometimes I think if anyone walked in on us sometimes  they might think we need  medical help , lol,  as when we are  bouncing off each other ( no not that again ya dirty sods lol )  as in watching  TV  and knowing other lines that fit  in and we say them out loud  and much laughter ensues  , yes we are nuts and we are proud of it  as it means we are still very  much in love. If the laughter ever stops  or the teasing then I know we will be in big trouble , but hopefully the teasing and laughter  will never stop.     It is a very big part of our relationship  and we love every bit of it , the laughter keeps us strong in each other  and keeps us relaxed together.

So if you are thinking  of marriage please at least take time to make sure you will be happy together  that you will blend with each other and that it is not  just a passing fancy . Taking the time before you get married is the best way and hopefully  prevents  the splitting up a bit later on which only hurts everyone involved. Marriage should not be looked on as a status symbol  , a thing to get to be able to say yes I have that , it is not like that at all as it involves way more than that , it is not now and never will be a status symbol .


Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being watched? Because if it’s bothering you, I’ll stop.

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