Brains …. You  know that 1 little thing inside our  thick skulls ? That 1 little  thing that controls everything we do  and say, everything we feel ? That 1 little thing that is better and more powerful than any computer  , can do so much more than any machine  man ever  made  ? Yes  that 1  .. the 1 that I am convinced almost all people on earth have no idea how to use , some do not even seem to have 1 , but they do they just don’t know what it is for  or how to use it properly , some don’t even know how to use it at all  never mind to use it the right way , this is more than obvious  when you see some of the  just plain ridiculous things that some people say and do .

All you have to do is look around you or watch TV  or  read the papers , it becomes very, very clear that people just do not know what the brain  is nor how to use it . How many times  have you  seen in papers and on TV people killing themselves or others by doing the most stupid things you could  ever think of , and mostly not even in the name of science  trying to prove a theory . Mostly all they are proving  is that the perfectly working brain they have has not been used , not even consulted  and then off they go to do the things that end up  quite often costing someone an  arm or a leg ( literally ) not having once used the magnificent brain they have . Yes it is a magnificent brain , you cannot blame the brain  for the stupidities people do on the brain , blame it on the people who do not even bother to use them , they are there to be used but mostly go unused and ignored.

There  are so many things  we see on a daily basis prove it over and over again  that people either do not know they have a brain  or that it works or that they should use it .Makes you wonder why they think they have 1 if they never use it or  intend to use it   , maybe they just think , lol if that is even possible with them , that if they do use it , it will just get in their way of doing whatever stupid thing they are going to do or say . So as a result there are so many things said and done that never ever would be  said and done if they had but used their brain  , the brain  that would have said  Hey !! stop that do not do or say that or you will cause much pain  to you and others  ..

So here we have the most powerful thing in the universe  that yes  can solve any and all problems  ( mostly ) if they  were only used  , and used correctly  they have the answer to all the crap we get ourselves into , crap that we never would have been in  if we had but used the poor brain that is just sitting there ( probably playing solitaire  because it’s bored ) but we didn’t  hence more trouble than we need ever have gotten into . So much pain and heartache  could have been prevented if people  just realised  hey wait a minute , I have a brain I will use it  , if that happened more often there would be a lot less trouble in our worlds  and we would be a lot better off in every way . ( will that ever happen  ? lol  )

So how on earth do we get people to start using their brains  ? If after all these years  they still do not know they have them or how to use them what on earth  do we have to do to make them wake up ?? It is no good hitting them over the head , no matter how much you want to , as that is just punishing the poor brain , and all it wants is to be used , after all that is what it is there for . Personally I have no idea , the more  I see of people  the more I am amazed that some of them are even still alive , the stupidity they  show every single day just astonishes me , how have they not killed themselves by now ?

I mean if someone gives you a gift is it not rude  to ignore it  ? Pretend it does not work ? I think that is very very rude  but most people it seems do not even think this  far and so ignore the most important thing  they were given when they were born . Tell me would you  , if given , say a car  , would you then say ok I know the brakes are there but they don’t need to be used so I wont . Can you imagine  the results if we did that  ? Well so many people  are like that who refuse to use their brains , they are just like a car crash waiting to happen , the only thing not known is when or where it will all come to a  crashing end.,  or  how many people will get hurt when it does.

So somehow , someway , we have to try to get through to all the great masses that will not use the best thing they have to use   , to realise they have them for a very good reason  and no that’s not just to use as a balance weight  to keep the body upright . That by using them they can not only help themselves but others too and make life a whole lot easier for all concerned . How we do this is something  I confess right now I have no idea how to do , but someone needs to work out how before too many more of these idiots  get killed or worse get others killed . * sigh good luck with that *


If a post is really good you will read it twice. if a post is really good you will read it twice.

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