Anzac Day

Anzac  Day …. Once more  I feel compelled to  write on this , as yet again one  more time I am heartbroken to see so much disrespect  and outright damage to the Anzacs  or their  memorials . Once more I see that  idiots  have not used what passes for their brains and done  disgusting things  to people who we owe our very existence to , people who willingly  went to fight to save us and our way of life . Sometimes these brave souls  even lied about their ages so they could go and fight , it meant so much to them to protect us and their country  from such evil enemies  they thought nothing of the risk to their own lives.

They did not even stop for 1 minute  to think , hey maybe  I might get killed here it might be  me who ends up in a body bag. All they can think of is to stop these people from putting them into slavery or worse  , if they don’t stop them before they get to our country who else can  ? Someone  had to do it and these brave men and women  went  out to do it as soon as they heard , no stopping to think of what if….just get out get over there and  stop these people  or our whole country is forfeit . They knew without doubt or fear that it could be risky  but it did not even slow them down much less stop them  they went quickly to defend us. Not knowing the horrors they were letting themselves in for ,even had they known  I doubt  that would have stopped them .

So how in the name of all that’s holy can these idiots do the things they do ? Have they not realised that if these  people had not saved our land and us , then more than likely they would not even be alive ? Their parents would not possibly even met nor had  a chance to marry and have children , they would most likely have been in labour camps  or worse if either of the enemies  that wanted our land had won . It is only by their doing and their bravery  that idiots like these have  the very breath they breathe now  and the life  they now live . The things they have the work they do the people they love  and countless other things are only theirs  for the  having and doing  because of the brave soldiers .Have they no respect at all  ? No thankfulness for what others did for them ?

So instead of saying  they were just being brutal and  nasty how about realising that  they were just defending all of us and our country , so that we did not end up in  concentration camps or worse . Also they need to stop and work out  who started it all , we did not start any of the wars we got involved in  , and America  only got involved because of  Pearl Harbour  they also did not start anything . So if you want to go off about brutality  and force look at the facts , look at the ones who started it , who wanted what was not theirs . If they had stayed over their own side and in their own countries a whole lot of people who  went willingly  would not have died .

We should all look at the 1 day a year that we put aside to honour  our soldiers as the best day ever because if they had not saved us there is no telling  where we would be right now. I myself  do not want to even begin to think  of what might have been  if the side that wanted to take us over had won. If we had not fought back , if we had just let them in . what then ? Now it is getting like that again  with all this ” let them in ”  they are doing with the terrorists ,are we heading for more of the same  ? Did our soldiers die for nothing ? Will  they not wake up till it is them or their own children   who are being beheaded ? They are deliberately turning a blind eye to the danger , and trusting people who will not assimilate  because they want to overtake. They are just doing things a bit different , not coming in with an army they are sneaking in and they are letting them.

So instead of being a total  idiot and a disrespectful  moron  try to think and realise what was done for you and what might have happened to you  if they had not done it . It is  no hardship to honour the soldiers  on just 1 day a year that is not too much to ask . They certainly deserve that much after how much  was done for them it is only fair . If someone does something nice for you do you not  then try to at some point try to return the  favour ? I know I sure do  it comes with knowing respect , and anyone who has trouble with this obviously does not know respect . Mind you these days it seems  that very few do know what respect is  and it maybe that we have not taught the younger generation well enough .

Anzac Day May we never ever forget …….

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