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You Have Been Upgraded

You have been upgraded ….. If like me you shudder every time you see these words on your computer you just know it is not going to be pretty . You know that the computers in their  so called wisdom  keep ” improving ”  the way we compute  really only make things harder !! How long does it then take us to work out how theses dam new ” improvements ”  work exactly ? Takes days sometimes to sort out what they say we needed to  ” improve ” the way we use our computers. Correct me if I am wrong  ( lol I’m not )  but how many times have we then had to  ” upgrade ”  back to the way they were  to be  able to get anything done  ? Each and every time they decide to do this to us , do they ever bother to ask us if we want it  ? Not on your life they don’t they just tell us we need it  and to get on with it  .

It is the same with cars , years ago  the car was an easy to drive , easy to repair thing that helped us all a lot, we could go places and do things  so much easier  and it was fun. Repairing them too was  so much easier  and a lot less expensive , a lot of the time too  we could even do the repairs ourselves  if we wanted to , try doing that today  ! lol good luck. ! Then of course they decided  it all had to be  ” upgraded ”  crap here we go again  , so they added computers and new types of radios  and different wheels , even the engines then got changed  to fit in with all the new  computer software . So now you have cars that may have trouble and it not be the car at all but the dam computing system all cars now have to have . Can you imagine having a problem with the computer and you are miles from anywhere  , and even if you do the whole ” turn it off and then turn it on again ”  IT thing  and it still wont work what then  ? Good luck is all I can say ..

What else do we use every day  that has been  ” upgraded ”  so much that you almost need a science degree to use it  ? How about the way we cook ? Gone are the days when we just had a wood stove and  light that up and  just  threw in more wood as it needed it , now  look at how computerised they have become  , again you almost need a science degree to work out  how to just set the dam thing up before you can even use it  ! Time  has to be set  , how much time ? Do you want it set as a 12 hour clock ? or a 24 hour clock ? Pick the wrong 1 and it is nothing but a pain , me  I much prefer the 12 hour version as then  I don’t have to work out what time  13 or 15 or 16  is, in plain English  a 12 hour  clock just goes to 12 then starts again at 1 and to me that is much easier . Then of course there is the temperature gauge , blimey !! All this before  you can even use the dam thing and if the power goes off or the gas runs out you are pretty much screwed and will not be able to have hot food. ..

Radios there is something that has been  ” upgraded ” so much most people do not even have 1 anymore  , I don’t and  will not be bothering either . They again used to be so easy to use , lol turn  them on ! that was all you needed to listen , that and  pick a station to listen to . Now as the very way we listen to them and the way we watch TV  has been ” upgraded  ” so dam much they as well as all the other things  make it almost compulsory  to have a science degree just to use them. Yes we get it right in the end and learn to use these things  but why oh why do they keep making us do these ” upgrades ” when half the dam time it would have been better left alone  ? The bloke who said  ” if it aint broke don’t  fix it  ”  was spot on the money there  .

Now if they would just stop  ” upgrading ” things and making them worse not better , my guess is that people  would lose a lot of anger out of their lives . Quite often  it is all this so called ” upgraded  ”  stuff that causes the most trouble , and had they been left alone we would all be happier. Let’s face it everything was working very well before some idiot with too much time on his hands , got bored and decided to make us pay for it by forcing us to   ” upgrade ” everything , things that did not need it in any way , he was just bored . Also there is the money angle  he knew he could make a fortune out of it as well. As usual too we all go along like sheep and if we do not they make the things we have now unusable  so we have to do it even if we don’t want to  and  I for 1 don’t like it …

Tell everyone that your 10 years older than you are, then they will think you look really great for your age!…


Get it Right

Get it right  we are always told that whatever we do as long as we  get it right  things will be ok , but it isn’t always like that sometimes  getting it right can be all wrong ! Let  me tell you how confusing it can get sometimes , you go someplace  you have been told is just the ” bees knees ” of places to go to ( if bees have knees lol ) but when you get there you find out how much they didn’t tell you and you feel quite  disappointed in them and the place. So next time you don’t pay much attention if they tell you about some other place  , and in doing that this time they were correct but you didn’t  go because  they were not quite right last  time . It is so important to get things right in every aspect of life because getting it right  helps you and others , I know some people don’t care  but that’s not fair  they think “near enough is good enough ” but it is not .

When you watch TV these days  it is full of people and things and posts about  as long as you try you’re  ok well that is all very well as far as it goes but it does not teach us to keep persisting until we do get it right , trying hard to get it right is what drives us to be the best that we can in  everything we do . If we continually  go with the near enough is good enough  thing  then how can we challenge ourselves  to improve ourselves and  our situations ? That is one reason why I always try to do the very best I can in no matter what I have to do  , just keep going  one foot in front of the other , never , ever give in to it never let negative people  set you back or stop you in what you are doing , that does nobody any good  not ever  .

If you believe everything you see on TV  you will get into real trouble, so always look into things, always research  , always do your best to get it right , that way you then have all the information  you need for any given situation . Never ever just take things for granted, no matter where you got the information from , TV, or social media , always check for yourself  then you know you  got it right and  you did the right thing. It might not be the easy way  but it is the best way , that way you have less chance of getting into trouble , less chance of hurting yourself or others , and more chance of winning and everyone loves that winning feeling it’s the best feeling in the world.

Take for example cooking , can you imagine how it would be if you did not get that right  ? Think of all the disasters  you could create  if you thought  near enough is good enough , lol, like just how much curry or spice  did you put into  that dish ?? That would  be in one sense fun to watch  but if it was you who got that dish  you would not  feel that way , lol, trust me on this , nothing worse than a way too hot or spicy dish. Or on the other hand if the dish was so bland or so sweet that even the dog wouldn’t  eat it  then what good is it  ? While it might be funny to watch it is a waste of time and of money  and who needs that ?

So in a nutshell , near enough is never good enough , so  you must work as hard as you can to get it right the rewards are way better than that  for all concerned . It may not be easy to get it right all the time but with the right attitude  it can be fun too . You would soon want it  to be right if it  was to your benefit  , so why not do the same back and  make sure  to get it right yourself. Remember it can also be fun , and I am sure we all like a bit of fun in our lives  don’t we ? Just imagine life without a little fun in it  ? would not be very good and we all know that .

Like comedians and actors and anyone in the public eye they have to get it right  or face ridicule  and nobody wants that , so they make sure they get it right or it will mean a lot of heartache to them . The amount of times we get into trouble is proportionate  to the amount of time we take  to research things and make sure we get it right , we cannot just rush into things without  some time looking into  what goes on  it is too risky. Computers  are another example of what  can go horribly wrong  if not enough time is taken to get it right , these days it can have awful consequences if the computer people get things wrong .

So if  you are going to do anything , please take  the time and the patience  to ” Get it Right ” …

Today is opposite day. Wait…if today is opposite day and I say that it is opposite day that means today isn’t opposite day. If it isn’t opposite day then how can I say today is opposite day? I’m so confused -.-


Hearts …. everyone has 1 but like  the brain not everyone uses it , lately I have seen on the news on all kinds of media  some appalling things  that people are doing to each other . Things that no one  who uses their heart could ever , ever do in a million years  , they just could not  without being sick themselves. These days there are sadly too many people like  that , people who just do not care about the people they hurt or  the people they have become , cold and heartless . I like most people  had thought at some point that as we got more , shall we say tech savvy  that there would be no more need for so much violence  but it seems that  it has not made anything better only worse * sigh  *

When  you look at the heart  it looks just like a small beating bit of meat , but oh boy what that heart can achieve is beyond priceless , but we have to be willing to use it  , like the brain  it is there for good  but too many people just turn the feeling part of it off . They have become immune to the pain they cause others , and because their own heart has been turned off so to speak think nothing of murder  or any other evil thing you could think of . It no longer matters to them , so making war on everyone they decide does not have the  right to live and be free  is not a problem to them and it seems we are seeing more and more people like this every day now.

I used to walk for miles on my own , in the dark or in the day  never ever being afraid to go out  and walk , now I only walk at night when someone is with me . seems it is just not safe for a woman , or come to think of it anyone to walk alone at night now , even walking alone in  daylight can be a worry now . Gone are the carefree  times of if you felt like a walk you just went no  matter what time it was , I used to walk about 10 or 11  at night  now  I would not even contemplate it  unless someone was with me . Thankfully I still can walk a lot  but nowhere near as much as  I would like , I used to  find walking so relaxing  now it can be so tense as you have to watch out  for everything and everyone .

It has become so hard  now to find somewhere  safe and relaxing  as so many people now just think only of themselves and care nothing for what they might be doing to others and this is just  wrong, the world is now full of the  me, me, me  crowd and will only do what suits them  at the time it suits them . Some  drivers now are so heartless that  they will not even stop on zebra crossings or even let you cross on a green  light they are more likely to give you the 1 finger salute than stop so you can cross the road . You take your life in your hands  just trying to cross a road , especially here where we live , it is awful we have both had close shaves too many  times  and that’s just wrong , the worry is there never seems to be any police here  to stop then , that will be why it has gotten so bad .

All of this sort of bad behaviour  only comes when people no longer care about anyone but themselves , they have effectively  closed down the part of the heart  that says be kind to 1 another  .The heart is such a small thing but can be so wonderful if allowed to be used  the way it should be , so many more people would be safer and be able to relax if people only opened their hearts instead of closing them up . Too many people these days too don’t even  love themselves   so are unable  to love anyone else , and until or if they can do that and start to see good  in themselves   they cannot see good in anyone else . We need to be able to see our own value as a person before we can see it in others  , therefore  we can then start to help others instead of being so selfish .

The other big problem of people closing their hearts is if there is no money in it they don,t want to know , unless they get paid they will not do anything for anyone , even the  Bible  says ” money answereth all things ” and oh how true this is in these times  where if you have money  you can do what you like but look out if you don’t , and it gets worse every day . I do not know how we fix this or if it is even possible  but I sure wish someone would find a way to , it would be nice to see caring people again .


Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I’ve got a wonderful feeling, someones gonna stuff up my day….

Who Knew?

Who knew  ?  I mean who really knew that  males are actually useful sometimes ? I mean let’s face it how often would we rather kick them  in the bum than  praise them for something   ? Now it seems they do have 1 or 2 uses , apart  from the usual 2 uses 1 , to blame things on  or 2. to take out the garbage  . It seems that there may be  1 or maybe even 2 more uses they have  , but let’s  not get too carried away  with this  we have to explore the matter a bit more  just to be sure  don,t we  ?

For a start we all know that keeping them around to blame things on is more than likely the number 1 reason to have a male about the place  , and then the  garbage does  need to be taken out and that  is 1 thing they can be quite good at  . After all we do not want to get into all that messy stuff now do we ladies  ? So ok we will give them that point, it also seems they can be  good for going and doing some shopping for you ( not too much tho )  and you must make sure they have a list and that they take it with them  and only get what is on the list , seems some of them can do that ok . Sometimes they can even be talked into helping with 1 or 2 chores about the house ( but not more than that  )  and really  who knew? It is  rather  a new concept  after all for us to cope with.

So we have our children and chances are  some of them will be male , can’t avoid that really  so have to put up with that and try hard to teach them how to be useful. We  go through  the years of raising them , they just seem to do what they want and hardly listen to us because  from way too early they learn that males  are better than females ( lol or so they think ) they can do so much more better than females at everything they  do or say  so they do not try  too hard  to learn  anymore from the female , and it works too damn well  and they become  so pig headed  and just refuse to listen , just like they refuse to ask for directions , right ladies  ? lol …

After so many  years of teaching  we get them to the stage we hope will see them right , then they get a job , move out , well we hope so anyway  and  we then  go on our own way too always keeping in touch , and every time they have a problem , back they come  home to mum , lol , poor mum , always there to help no matter what  . Even when they need  maybe  a loan or some help with something else  mum is always there , let’s  face it that’s what mums are for anyway  and we would never change that for anything , we did not go through all that  almost pain  to get them this far without  wanting  to be there for them it is all part of being a mum * sigh  *  we never forget them for 1 minute even.

On reflection when we look back on raising a male  when we look at all the problems  they cause / create   it all sounds so familiar  it makes  me stop and I think hold on , this  is what it was like raising my  sons!! So when I get married and start seeing the usual  male things going on it is abundantly  clear  I think  it is as tho I raised my own husband !!  I am sure  that almost every woman  looks at her  husband at times and no matter  how much she does or doesn’t   love him  she sees in him  the son she  raised and  secretly hopes  he did  turn out a bit better than the 1 she married . Males are so much alike in most ways  it seems they are always  in trouble  and it is only the depth  that varies , so when / if  you get 1 that is a bit better than the norm  for a male it makes you very thankful.

Makes me wonder  if there is a way to errrrrr  ” change the recipe ? ”  lol what if we could raise them so that right from the start they worked out that  they really do need to listen to females , after all it is for their own good , lol , would be good if we could but really doubt it is possible it is too ingrained in them to be the  way they are , bugger lol ,  not much we can  do about it  now  it is a bit too late …….men will always be men and  not much will change that  no matter how much we want to  … just have to put up with them ..


After eating an entire bull, a lion felt so good he roared. He roared until a hunter came & shot him. The Moral: when you’re full of bull keep your mouth shut….

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