Who Knew?

Who knew  ?  I mean who really knew that  males are actually useful sometimes ? I mean let’s face it how often would we rather kick them  in the bum than  praise them for something   ? Now it seems they do have 1 or 2 uses , apart  from the usual 2 uses 1 , to blame things on  or 2. to take out the garbage  . It seems that there may be  1 or maybe even 2 more uses they have  , but let’s  not get too carried away  with this  we have to explore the matter a bit more  just to be sure  don,t we  ?

For a start we all know that keeping them around to blame things on is more than likely the number 1 reason to have a male about the place  , and then the  garbage does  need to be taken out and that  is 1 thing they can be quite good at  . After all we do not want to get into all that messy stuff now do we ladies  ? So ok we will give them that point, it also seems they can be  good for going and doing some shopping for you ( not too much tho )  and you must make sure they have a list and that they take it with them  and only get what is on the list , seems some of them can do that ok . Sometimes they can even be talked into helping with 1 or 2 chores about the house ( but not more than that  )  and really  who knew? It is  rather  a new concept  after all for us to cope with.

So we have our children and chances are  some of them will be male , can’t avoid that really  so have to put up with that and try hard to teach them how to be useful. We  go through  the years of raising them , they just seem to do what they want and hardly listen to us because  from way too early they learn that males  are better than females ( lol or so they think ) they can do so much more better than females at everything they  do or say  so they do not try  too hard  to learn  anymore from the female , and it works too damn well  and they become  so pig headed  and just refuse to listen , just like they refuse to ask for directions , right ladies  ? lol …

After so many  years of teaching  we get them to the stage we hope will see them right , then they get a job , move out , well we hope so anyway  and  we then  go on our own way too always keeping in touch , and every time they have a problem , back they come  home to mum , lol , poor mum , always there to help no matter what  . Even when they need  maybe  a loan or some help with something else  mum is always there , let’s  face it that’s what mums are for anyway  and we would never change that for anything , we did not go through all that  almost pain  to get them this far without  wanting  to be there for them it is all part of being a mum * sigh  *  we never forget them for 1 minute even.

On reflection when we look back on raising a male  when we look at all the problems  they cause / create   it all sounds so familiar  it makes  me stop and I think hold on , this  is what it was like raising my  sons!! So when I get married and start seeing the usual  male things going on it is abundantly  clear  I think  it is as tho I raised my own husband !!  I am sure  that almost every woman  looks at her  husband at times and no matter  how much she does or doesn’t   love him  she sees in him  the son she  raised and  secretly hopes  he did  turn out a bit better than the 1 she married . Males are so much alike in most ways  it seems they are always  in trouble  and it is only the depth  that varies , so when / if  you get 1 that is a bit better than the norm  for a male it makes you very thankful.

Makes me wonder  if there is a way to errrrrr  ” change the recipe ? ”  lol what if we could raise them so that right from the start they worked out that  they really do need to listen to females , after all it is for their own good , lol , would be good if we could but really doubt it is possible it is too ingrained in them to be the  way they are , bugger lol ,  not much we can  do about it  now  it is a bit too late …….men will always be men and  not much will change that  no matter how much we want to  … just have to put up with them ..


After eating an entire bull, a lion felt so good he roared. He roared until a hunter came & shot him. The Moral: when you’re full of bull keep your mouth shut….

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