Hearts …. everyone has 1 but like  the brain not everyone uses it , lately I have seen on the news on all kinds of media  some appalling things  that people are doing to each other . Things that no one  who uses their heart could ever , ever do in a million years  , they just could not  without being sick themselves. These days there are sadly too many people like  that , people who just do not care about the people they hurt or  the people they have become , cold and heartless . I like most people  had thought at some point that as we got more , shall we say tech savvy  that there would be no more need for so much violence  but it seems that  it has not made anything better only worse * sigh  *

When  you look at the heart  it looks just like a small beating bit of meat , but oh boy what that heart can achieve is beyond priceless , but we have to be willing to use it  , like the brain  it is there for good  but too many people just turn the feeling part of it off . They have become immune to the pain they cause others , and because their own heart has been turned off so to speak think nothing of murder  or any other evil thing you could think of . It no longer matters to them , so making war on everyone they decide does not have the  right to live and be free  is not a problem to them and it seems we are seeing more and more people like this every day now.

I used to walk for miles on my own , in the dark or in the day  never ever being afraid to go out  and walk , now I only walk at night when someone is with me . seems it is just not safe for a woman , or come to think of it anyone to walk alone at night now , even walking alone in  daylight can be a worry now . Gone are the carefree  times of if you felt like a walk you just went no  matter what time it was , I used to walk about 10 or 11  at night  now  I would not even contemplate it  unless someone was with me . Thankfully I still can walk a lot  but nowhere near as much as  I would like , I used to  find walking so relaxing  now it can be so tense as you have to watch out  for everything and everyone .

It has become so hard  now to find somewhere  safe and relaxing  as so many people now just think only of themselves and care nothing for what they might be doing to others and this is just  wrong, the world is now full of the  me, me, me  crowd and will only do what suits them  at the time it suits them . Some  drivers now are so heartless that  they will not even stop on zebra crossings or even let you cross on a green  light they are more likely to give you the 1 finger salute than stop so you can cross the road . You take your life in your hands  just trying to cross a road , especially here where we live , it is awful we have both had close shaves too many  times  and that’s just wrong , the worry is there never seems to be any police here  to stop then , that will be why it has gotten so bad .

All of this sort of bad behaviour  only comes when people no longer care about anyone but themselves , they have effectively  closed down the part of the heart  that says be kind to 1 another  .The heart is such a small thing but can be so wonderful if allowed to be used  the way it should be , so many more people would be safer and be able to relax if people only opened their hearts instead of closing them up . Too many people these days too don’t even  love themselves   so are unable  to love anyone else , and until or if they can do that and start to see good  in themselves   they cannot see good in anyone else . We need to be able to see our own value as a person before we can see it in others  , therefore  we can then start to help others instead of being so selfish .

The other big problem of people closing their hearts is if there is no money in it they don,t want to know , unless they get paid they will not do anything for anyone , even the  Bible  says ” money answereth all things ” and oh how true this is in these times  where if you have money  you can do what you like but look out if you don’t , and it gets worse every day . I do not know how we fix this or if it is even possible  but I sure wish someone would find a way to , it would be nice to see caring people again .


Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I’ve got a wonderful feeling, someones gonna stuff up my day….

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