Get it Right

Get it right  we are always told that whatever we do as long as we  get it right  things will be ok , but it isn’t always like that sometimes  getting it right can be all wrong ! Let  me tell you how confusing it can get sometimes , you go someplace  you have been told is just the ” bees knees ” of places to go to ( if bees have knees lol ) but when you get there you find out how much they didn’t tell you and you feel quite  disappointed in them and the place. So next time you don’t pay much attention if they tell you about some other place  , and in doing that this time they were correct but you didn’t  go because  they were not quite right last  time . It is so important to get things right in every aspect of life because getting it right  helps you and others , I know some people don’t care  but that’s not fair  they think “near enough is good enough ” but it is not .

When you watch TV these days  it is full of people and things and posts about  as long as you try you’re  ok well that is all very well as far as it goes but it does not teach us to keep persisting until we do get it right , trying hard to get it right is what drives us to be the best that we can in  everything we do . If we continually  go with the near enough is good enough  thing  then how can we challenge ourselves  to improve ourselves and  our situations ? That is one reason why I always try to do the very best I can in no matter what I have to do  , just keep going  one foot in front of the other , never , ever give in to it never let negative people  set you back or stop you in what you are doing , that does nobody any good  not ever  .

If you believe everything you see on TV  you will get into real trouble, so always look into things, always research  , always do your best to get it right , that way you then have all the information  you need for any given situation . Never ever just take things for granted, no matter where you got the information from , TV, or social media , always check for yourself  then you know you  got it right and  you did the right thing. It might not be the easy way  but it is the best way , that way you have less chance of getting into trouble , less chance of hurting yourself or others , and more chance of winning and everyone loves that winning feeling it’s the best feeling in the world.

Take for example cooking , can you imagine how it would be if you did not get that right  ? Think of all the disasters  you could create  if you thought  near enough is good enough , lol, like just how much curry or spice  did you put into  that dish ?? That would  be in one sense fun to watch  but if it was you who got that dish  you would not  feel that way , lol, trust me on this , nothing worse than a way too hot or spicy dish. Or on the other hand if the dish was so bland or so sweet that even the dog wouldn’t  eat it  then what good is it  ? While it might be funny to watch it is a waste of time and of money  and who needs that ?

So in a nutshell , near enough is never good enough , so  you must work as hard as you can to get it right the rewards are way better than that  for all concerned . It may not be easy to get it right all the time but with the right attitude  it can be fun too . You would soon want it  to be right if it  was to your benefit  , so why not do the same back and  make sure  to get it right yourself. Remember it can also be fun , and I am sure we all like a bit of fun in our lives  don’t we ? Just imagine life without a little fun in it  ? would not be very good and we all know that .

Like comedians and actors and anyone in the public eye they have to get it right  or face ridicule  and nobody wants that , so they make sure they get it right or it will mean a lot of heartache to them . The amount of times we get into trouble is proportionate  to the amount of time we take  to research things and make sure we get it right , we cannot just rush into things without  some time looking into  what goes on  it is too risky. Computers  are another example of what  can go horribly wrong  if not enough time is taken to get it right , these days it can have awful consequences if the computer people get things wrong .

So if  you are going to do anything , please take  the time and the patience  to ” Get it Right ” …

Today is opposite day. Wait…if today is opposite day and I say that it is opposite day that means today isn’t opposite day. If it isn’t opposite day then how can I say today is opposite day? I’m so confused -.-

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