Numbers  …. Have you ever noticed that everything in our lives , well almost everything  rotates around  numbers ? Think  about that for a minute , try and think of a single thing you do everyday that does not have to do with numbers somewhere . The  more you try the more you will realise I am right  , lol , was thinking about this the other day and was very hard pressed to think of anything much that does not contain numbers 1 way or another . Almost gave myself a headache  trying to work through all this  , lol, so went and had a cup of coffee instead  , so take a look at this and see what I mean  .

The day you are born is  a combination of numbers  , day/ month /year  all numbers , then the time you were born another number , how long it took for you to be born more numbers  , how long before your first feed  another number . Get the picture yet  ? lol , then as you grow up each day is full of numbers  time,  hours , minutes, seconds , all more numbers . Start from  when you get up , what time is it  ? What time you had breakfast  more numbers , what time you left the house more numbers etc.etc.etc. so your life right from waking up is controlled by numbers  on the clock . Then  if  you happen to be on any kind of diet  then you have to weigh everything or measure  it, so yet more numbers on  the scales or on the measure . If you get sick then you might have a temperature  so need to take  it to see , yet more numbers on the thermometer , and if you need medication you have more numbers , of pills or of medicine  must be measured  correctly .

Then of course you are going to go to work , here we have a whole new lot of numbers , what time we leave, what time we start work , how far we travel , how long we have to be at work, how long over the time of work end before we actually leave . Then there is going home  what time we leave , how long it takes to get home if different to the time it took  to get to work in the first place . If we go somewhere else  after work then how long are we there before we go home  and what time we get  home , how many hours we  were away all told in that day , how many times we took time to eat and drink and rest as well .

Now if we decide to be a fitness type of person  we have a whole other world of numbers , how  far we walk , how many reps we do of gym workouts , how many times we go to the gym or if we don’t do the gym how  many times  we walk in a week . If we do not go  to gym or walk maybe we do sports , lol, now you got tons of numbers  to relate to if  we play competitive sports as we try to do more and do better each time we do them. The amount  of times we do these things is a lot more numbers , do you realise  just how many  times  just in 1 day we actually  count ? lol We do not even realise we are counting  anymore we do it so much everyday  for so many things.

If you have a car then yep  you got it lots more numbers , how much petrol, how many miles , how long before servicing , how much it will cost  , how much will the fuel cost this time, have  I got enough money  , lol  with cars the list of numbers goes on and on  and thats  only after the big number that we used to purchase the car . Just purchasing the car is not the end of the numbers by far it is only  the start    lol by a very long way you never stop using numbers when owning  a car it never ends till you get rid of it. Then what do most do ? Yep lol go get another 1 and off we go with yet more numbers .

So love em or hate  em  numbers control every stage  of our lives  no wonder some people  get fed up with numbers lol , I was never that good at maths but some are very good at them  ,  they seem to love them but to me they are just a pain . So by now you should have  the idea  that no matter what we do we are surrounded by numbers , and if anyone can find something we do in a 24 hour period that does not require us to use numbers I would sure like to know about it . Nope  can’t think of anything  and not going  to try anymore  as I do not need another headache , lol, I married 1 that was enough .

Imagine for a few mins what would happen if we stopped counting  ? How would our cooking for example be  ? How much would either be undercooked or over cooked  ? lol Only way to not need counting for cooking is not to do any  and just eat all raw food  and to that I say yuk So we count and we count everything everyday , and there is so much more  that could be put in here but that is more  than enough  for you to get  the idea. So keep on  counting lol coz when you stop it might not be a good thing, keep counting  and have fun  counting lol .


My husband gave me some sound advice. 99% sound. 1% advice.


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