Sometimes I Wish

Sometimes  I wish ….. How many times have we thought this  ? Once a day ? once a week  ? I know I often think it  there are times when you just stop and say  I wish .. What causes these times  ? What makes us stop and ponder and  think I wish ??  So many things in life bring us to this point , things we have done , things others have done, things that have happened around the world , so many things and reasons  to make us stop and  wish so many things we think we could do better , but really could we  ?

Like sometimes  I wish people would try a little harder to be nice , or try a little harder to help someone else  rather than just live in their  own little world  , that they would try to see that they are not the only ones on this planet. Sometimes  I wish like a lot  of people  that life was not quite so hard , that it didn’t seem like it was trying to  beat you up  , and just give you a little break now and then . Also I wish that people in power  would stop and think about the people  they rule over , I mean really  think about them  and try to help them achieve their best  rather than just beating them down or taxing them into oblivion .They might find it way more beneficial  if they did .


Sometimes  I wish every time 1 of our sporting teams  went out to play they would win every time , but that would  hardly  be fair now would it  ? Not to mention that after a while it would be boring to watch , not to mention the bookies , lol , they would not like it as no one would bet at all  and they would be out of business. think that would  be a good idea too sometimes with the trouble they can cause with people who cannot  control their gambling . No other teams  would want to play us either , it would take all the excitement out of  sport  altogether . It is the joy of the  chase to achieve the win  that makes sport what it is , and makes the players  want to win , so if they always won it would get boring for them too. Also the way they learn how to do things better how to improve on their outlook  and the way they play the game  it is all a good learning curve for later on in life .

Sometimes  I wish  technology would slow down and think more of people  rather than how can  we make this machine or than machine   better than it is now ? yes it is good for things to be improved   how about improving things for people rather than things  , people bleed machines don’t. Sometimes I wish  there was a way to get everyone  helping each other rather than themselves  the world today is so self orientated  that I cannot see this ever happening  much as  I would love to see it . Yes it is nice to be able to have the best and most updated machines but wouldn’t it be better to spend a little less time on things and a little more  time on people  ? People  to me will always be more important than things any day of the week . People can love , machines cannot no matter how smart they appear to be .

Sometimes  I wish that things that annoy me in life  could be re – programmed  lol you know like husbands  and children , and work , etc . etc .etc. Think of the fun you could have if you could do a little fiddle here and a little fiddle there  and all of a sudden your husband  starts to behave  ? lmao nope never happen * sigh *  lol what a pity . I can think of 1 who needs  re-programming  sometimes  , ok more than sometimes  lol . What if we could program our children  ? mmmmm lol now that could be a real fun thing and also a real challenge , what would we change   and would it be right ? Somehow i think not the very fact of their variability  makes them as special as they are and changing them would be wrong..all of my children are very special to me just the way they are  and  I am glad we cannot just re -program them  you would lose their personality .

Sometimes  I wish …. yes we think this over and over again  but if we really could change the things we want as we want to and when we want to  who would benefit  ? Would it be us or them ? This is something we would have to consider before we changed everything . Sometimes change is good  but sometimes it can be devastating , so we need to be very careful  of what we change and when . So all in all maybe it is a  very good thing that we cannot just sit down and say ” I Wish ”  and have it happen  , it is better this way even if it annoys the crap out of us , it is better that we cannot interfere  with the main scheme of things  no matter how much we want to  at the time. Most of the time let’s face it the only  time we want to change things is when  things are going wrong or not the way we want to .If we could just sit and say  ” I Wish ” everytime  we wanted something changed it would be a very unstable place to be  with nothing ever being able to  just be the same  and be stable , even if we don’t like it .

I wear a ski mask to bed so if there’s a home invasion the intruder will think I’m part of the team…

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