Paper ..

Paper  …. Have you ever noticed how full of paper our lives are these days  ? I am sure that the  bloke who invented paper never ever  expected it to infect our lives the way it does , never expected it to be in so many areas  of our lives . We have paper for this and paper for that and even paper for something we didn’t even know we needed paper for , when you think about it  there is hardly a time or place we do not need paper at some stage  , it is so funny  when you sit and think about all the paper we do use , let’s face it we cannot even go to the toilet without paper !! Lol the stuff is everywhere , everywhere you look  and even when you don’t there is  paper  it is insidious it sneaks up on you me ..

Take a look around you  if you are honest there is paper all over the place  , in your drawers ( lol  no not those drawers )  in your cupboard  and yes in the toilet, in the bedroom,  even in the garage  if you have a car , oh yes and even in the car  …lol see what  I mean  ? Just how much paper does 1 person use in a day  ? It is  as  I said  everywhere  , when you get up  you use it in the bathroom , then in the kitchen then in the lounge , just take a look around your  own place and you will see it,  you cannot miss it , doubt if  there is even 1 single establishment  that does not have paper everywhere  . When you do stop and look around or even just close your eyes a min , when you open them the first thing you see is most likely made of paper , lol , there is no escape from paper !!!

Then of course go out into the wide world there is even more paper , every business  you have anything to do with has mountains of paper you must fill in before you can even do business   with them  , they want to know the ins and the outs  of a duck’s B*M!  lol  before you can even contemplate  doing business  with them sheeesh …I mean just go try and open an account anywhere   and see how much paper you have to wade through  before  you can do anything , it makes  you realise  how unimportant you are compared to paper !!   they can do without you but they cannot do without paper  so what hope have we got  ? Makes you feel small when you think of how important paper is as against almost anything else , people use paper for so many things and in so many ways , what have we done that we have made just this 1 single thing  to be so important in our lives  that we all have tons of it in our lives  ?? Almost as  bad as those pesky mobile phones !! Almost I said lol those phones are way more pesky and hard to deal with that any bit of paper .

So how can we hold back the tide ? How can we  at least even slow it down ? Truth is we cannot , everyone needs it  , everyone uses it  , I cannot think of very much at all we do or have  that does not use paper somewhere  in our day ….. see ? Lol told ya we have already been taken over  by paper !! Help … lol but don’t get any matches near it or we will all be in diabolical trouble …. Paper is a lot like people  useful , helpful  but use it the wrong way and it all goes up in smoke !! People are very much like that too  lol  if you dare to upset them  they can get just as hot as a lot of paper on fire  …. At least people do cool down and get over it but paper can’t do that  , heh , we do have 1 thing over paper anyway , but as far as  I can see so far only that 1 thing …yikes ..we need to sort this out before  paper takes over completely  if it hasn’t already …. mmmm  think it has  to be honest ..

Paper  in the morning , paper in the daytime , paper at night  ..see? lol we are  in trouble  paper  has already got a hold  on us  we cannot go a whole day  or even 10 mins  without paper being needed and used ….Had to giggle when thinking about this , this morning  was not really paying attention to what hubby was saying  lol sorry dear  , but was thinking about just how much paper we do use  and how many things are made of paper and that’s  when it occurred  to me lol we have already lost this battle paper won this fight  years ago and we are just waking up to it , well I did anyway  lol .  Also seems to me that no matter how much  paper costs we still need it  , still go and buy it by the ton ( almost lol )  we are now at a stage where  we cannot escape using paper , it has us so tuned into  how much we need it  , we just keep on getting it no matter what …. Paper  1 ….People 0 ….lol ..giggles

At least it is a war that has no casualties  , no 1 got hurt in this great paper take over  , we just got slowly but surely indoctrinated  to the  ways of paper . I am not saying paper is bad  oh no never do that  , lol, we need paper too much now  and life would be way too messy  to try and live without using paper  now  and sod that for an argument  , I for 1 hate mess as it is usually me that has to clean it up …yukk …So love it or hate it we are stuck with it   and  no matter what we think Paper Wins! …. lol ..oh well could be worse  ….


Some guy waved to me and then walked up and said, “Sorry, I thought you were someone else.” …. I said, “I am.”

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