Penguins ….. Stop and think about these for a minute , upright little things who think the world should bow to them , and don’t they go nuts if you get in their way ? Funny little things that walk about  or is that strut about ? in their tuxedos  looking like they should be at a ball or something  , but they definitely  think you should get out of the way when they want to go somewhere  . They get quite hot under the collar or is that beak  ? lol  if you do not move out of their way  they might just start flapping those little wings at you and squarking  at you as well so best to get out of the way . Of course if you happen to just have some fish in your pocket then that’s ok you can bribe them  they are so easily bribed and then become real little sooks  , so unless you have fish , get out of the way  lol .

They are also lazy little sods  lying about  as much as they can waiting to see if fish will magically  land at their feet  and if that does not happen then they go fishing  , but they wait till all else fails  , lol, don’t blame em either  as who wouldn’t like all their meals brought to them ? I know  I would like it  lol  but only for a while as being lazy is just not me , dammit should have been born a penguin  then I wouldn’t have to do anything  but the bare minimum  to get by , pity that  lol. So all in all they are basically cheeky little sods with a huge attitude  even the smallest of them has attitude to match the size of the big ones  and the big ones ? lol just dont ever annoy them  unless you have a death wish or similar  and really  why would you ?

Penguins  come in all shapes and sizes and intelligence ( just like us lol )  some even  are a tiny bit smarter than the others , as  I know 1 that has even got a faceache  account and also a twitter account   and he knows how to use them !! lol  You should see it when he goes off on a rant or something , it is so funny to watch , maybe he just needs more fish , someone get him some please ? pretty please with sugar on top ? Can’t have an upset penguin on a rant now can we  ? lol it is not safe me  * giggles * Must admit I have had many a good giggle just watching this penguin in action on a rant in twitter  distracts me all the time from what I’m trying to  do  ( bloody penguins lol ) ..someone should take away his internet ….just for a while  till he calms  down  …lol  * smooch pengy *

This penguin  also loves to go into London with other  twits  to party , lol, know this because we have been to some of these and they are so much fun , also this penguin  is a bit weird , lol only a bit  ? but anyway is a really lovely penguin and is a lot  of fun if you can tear him off twitter where he seems to be a lot of the time , then it is time to party and always end the night with a good curry , only way to end a great night out , lol well we always did  we love our curries . Penguins can , well this 1 can   party very well and can even be seen in the middle of a London  street trying to stop a double decker bus on his own . When we stopped laughing so  much a couple of others thought it a good idea to bring him in off the road  as   we didn’t want the bus to get hurt ……..after all what did the bus do to the penguin  ? I feel sorry for the bus  … lol

As you may realise by now we do know this penguin well and we loves him even if he is nuts , and he is  crazy  when partying  but then again who isn’t ? Also  the main reason for all this is that it is his birthday !! lol even penguins  get older  so suck it up Pengy  !! lol you is getting  older even if you don’t want to ….just behave yourself and you might even get older … heh .. you ? behave  ? … nope never going to happen ….unless the moon turns purple  instead of blue …yep that’s it  ..

So  Happy Birthday Pengy !!! Huggs and smooches and may you  see lots of norks!!  lol knowing you that is almost a given  …norti Pengy ….but even so your a nice pengy .. let us just hope there are many more penguin birthdays to be had and that we will be able to be there for the next 1 that would be so much fun .. and if you came here we could show you more curry houses and more pubs in a short distance than you may have ever seen in 1 place before  we have them  all here , all very close to home , we are spoilt for choice ..Also we would love to take you on a tour of them all , what fun that would be  ….

I couldn’t ask for better friends. I could ask for normal friends, but where’s the fun in that?!


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