Stop! …. A very small word , but has got to be 1 of the most powerful words in all the world , it is a word that can be used in so many situations  it is hard to name them all , like the word If ..that too  is a very small word with a lot of power and also a lot of ramification . With the word stop  you can use this word for so many things  it boggles the mind , sometimes it is used to make people or things stop , and for many different reasons  , for instance a machine that has gone out of control  needs to be stopped before it hurts something or someone . stop also is used all over the world to stop traffic of all kinds, cars , boats , bikes, etc and the sign  for the word stop is the same in every country  so you always know just when to stop well, if you have half a brain you know  when to stop .

Words  have power , and we need to  learn  what they are and when to use  them  and not use them indiscriminately  to cause trouble  . The word stop is  by far the most powerful  because  if  only gets the mind working on  a question that  really has no real answer  , you know like  ” if not this then what  ? ” If we start thinking about if this and if that we can send ourselves  crazy  as the possibilities are endless , and as  I said no real answer  and if you do find an answer it really will solve nothing . To continue with the word if will really only give you more questions  than answers  , if I had  or if  I had not , too much thinking  leads to a headache  lol . yes yes  I know take a headache pill … lol

Using the word stop though  is a whole other  thing  , it is used in so many  places and for so many things  that there really is no end to  the ways you can use it , and each time you do use it , it works, there is very rarely a time when use of the word stop does not achieve something . If  it  didn’t  then we would hardly know it as a word of power , if it did not stop what it was meant to stop then  it would loose it’s power , and all those signs all over the world would be useless  . How many times do we ourselves use the word stop ? We tell the kids to stop , we tell our other half to stop if he or she is being annoying , and let’s face it if we are talking  males then they are most likely to be the ones being annoying , it’s what they do best  lol and also why we love them so much , silly women we are hey  ? lol .

Another thing about the word stop is that just on the traffic sign thing  , if they were ignored  just how many people  would be hurt or killed ? Yes  i do know too many do ignore them and too many get hurt or killed because they think they know better and try to run through the  sign , it happens way too much all over the world . That is why the sign is the same all over the world  shaped the same way and painted the same colour   so despite the language  everyone knows what it means . Still it seems that all over  the world there are people who will try  to  ignore  it , and almost always ends up in disaster  with people getting hurt or killed , and that is just  a real pity as people get hurt or killed who do not need to  if they just took notice of the word  on the sign .

Stop also is used  to stop annoying e mails and texts   from companies  trying to sell you something , it is also used  when people are doing things that they should not do , but sadly a lot of people do not stop when told too so  it is not  always going to work  but  mostly  it will . Once we recognise it as a power word  it soon works in everything it is meant to and if obeyed  will  work wonders as there would hardly be anyone who does not know what the word stop means . It is the 1 word  that  never need explaining  it is  a word  that almost by instinct  everyone seems to know and the traffic signs  have the same effect as most people always stop when they see it  no matter where they are .


My aunt’s ex-boyfriend’s mailman’s brother said it on Facebook so I don’t think any further research is necessary.

Stop !!! ….


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