Laws … Have you ever stopped and counted up just how many laws there are  ? How many we have to live by and how many others that affect our lives ?  If you sit and think about just how many there are and how many we live by , try counting them all  lol and  I will almost guarantee  you will  get a headache . There  are so many  and  they are so varied and they cover so many parts of our lives  it does cause your head to spin if you  think too long on this subject . Makes me wonder just who started all these  and how they got them into our lives so well  , so well that we use them every day without  even thinking  about them and we do not even realise we are doing so  scary huh ? In a min  I will tell you just some of the ones I thought of in just a few mins  that will give you a clue  and also  make you see how easy it is to use them and not even notice it . Having said that let me say this  if for some reason  we don’t use  some of them it could get very very messy for us …

So where do we start ? Law of the land , law of the courts , law of relativity , law of science , law of space time , law of physics , law of marriage ( yeah dammit lol they make you keep these  if you for a husband or wife ) law of peace , law of war , law of medicine , law of gravity , law of the internet , there is 1 more but I will get to this in a minute , but there are enough there to give you a rough idea how many  laws we live by , and how many do affect  our lives in so many ways . Just try not using some of these laws and see how far you get  , as  I said it could get very messy if you try to live without 1 of the most important  laws i.e. gravity  , lol, what  can you even do without this law  ? Apart from falling on your face all the time  or  not even being able to get it up …errrm get up I mean  gravity surrounds us all and we all use it , have fun trying to live without it  , doubt you will get far it’s 1 of those things you tell people do not try this at home  .

Also we see daily  what happens when people do  not live by another very important law as in the law of the land , they cause so much damage to people and things it is heartbreaking  all because they live by a rule so evil all they want is you as a slave and everything you have or just everything  you have and will kill without compunction. We might not like the laws of the land but basically they are there to protect you and keep you safe  , true they  don’t always work  but mostly they do and it’s better to have some than none  and we can improve them  given time. The law of the court also sadly do not always work the right way but again  they do help and can be improved  with time  and quite often are . There is also law of physics  can you imagine what trouble you could get yourself into if you mess about  with this  ? Unless you are a person who knows physics  this is another way to get very messed up if you don’t know what you are doing  .

Now what about the other law I talked about huh ? This law is by far the most  annoying the most frustrating law ever but seems to affect everyone and everything  sometimes  much to our total disgust . What is this  law that drives people to drink ? drives them to want to punch someone ?  lol think for a minute …… got it yet  ??? Nope?

Murphy’s Law of course  !! Sheesh  did you think i forgot this 1  ? Not a chance  as it causes the most trouble  for you who don’t remember this law it   is this  ……..

Whatever can go wrong will go wrong  !! How many times  does this happen in our lives ? Lots and lots  let me tell you  , also let me tell you 1 more thing about Murphy …He was an Optimist !! … lol trust me there are times when  this is so true  it makes you so mad  you just want to hit something , and no not your hubby you’re not allowed to  * mutter *grumble* lol oh well maybe next time , but by now you see how many laws do  run our lives even if we don’t know it or want it we can do nothing about it  , so as they say suck it up and get on with it …… lol

I may look calm, but in my head I´ve punched you in the face 3 times already!

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