Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions  or otherwise known as  t’s & c’s ….. These things drive us so mad at times they are attached  to  everything we do , say or buy , and then some   and you can bet your sweet bippy  they will soon be on every single thing   we do , say etc. Buy anything  anywhere  anytime and yep you guessed it t’s and c’s  are on them  and if you  do not sit down for half an hour  and read every single 1 of them it can come to bite  you in the bum , almost literally  , so you better  take  the time to read , make sure  you have your glasses on too. Think how awful you will feel if you get bit on the bum coz  you missed a bit  , coz  you forgot to have your glasses on , silly you  ….

They  put them on everything  but you know I think they just do that to make your life  miserable  lol they know that 9 out of 10 people will not even bother to read them so if and when something goes wrong with whatever it is they have you by the short and curlies  and there is nothing you can do about it  coz you didn’t  bother to read all the t’s & c,s  right  down to the bottom  , with your glasses on so you did not miss  a thing . Yes , yes I know it is a right royal pain  to waste the time to do it but boy oh boy you are in deep shit if  you are too lazy or rushed to read them , so don’t go crying into your pillow  if you get bit  , lol, coz  I did  warn you  . I know laziness is no good unless it is well carried out  but this 1 time you better not be lazy . Don’t say  you were not warned ..lol .

So who  had a nightmare and thought up this bane of our lives ? What idiot thought up this way to torment anyone or  everyone  ? Was he just someone who was having a very bad day so decided to make us all suffer too  ? Would  love to meet him boy would  I give him a dose of his t’s & c’s  back . There is nothing worse than having something  break down and when you try to  return it or get your money back ? lol You know it  , you didn’t read those dam t’s & c’s  so you get nothing . You can bet your life  right down the bottom  in a small  paragraph  is the bit you didn’t see coz you didn’t bother to read them or you missed it coz you forgot your glasses , see? it’s always your fault , never the fault of the ones who made them up  to get you with . When it comes to these you can bet  you got only a 1 in a million chance of actually getting your thing  replaced or a refund.

They get you so tied up in knots you have no idea what to do or where to go and most of the time it is a waste of time anyway , they win you lose  it’s the way they have it set up . So unless you want to get bit , start reading  !!  lol . I know if  I ever buy anything I will make hubby read em  , lol, I cant be bothered  so he can cover my bum , isn’t that what hubby’s  are for anyway  ? * snigger * So anyway …. You  lot need to learn to read all the fine print on everything always these days or you too can have the pleasure of being bit on the bum , so unless you like being bit on the bum   as  I just said  start reading !!  They have got us all  right where they want us  and  as usual it is all up to us to protect  our own bums .

I think I  am going to put those same  t’s&c’s on my bum from now on it is getting way too hard to survive these days  if you do not . Now let’s see  …where to start ??  Maybe  on if I do the  washing or not  ? or if  I cook dinner or not  ? if  I clean the house or not  ?? lol then there is the big 1 …to sex or not to sex ??  * falls over laughing *  Anyway  you can see what I mean it seems to me  that it will not be long  before we do have to add t’s&c’s  on our own  bums  to protect ourselves * slaps sticker on her own bum *  there that fixes  that …

Just for the record: My “give a damn” is busted. However, my “don’t annoy me or else” is fully functional. Any questions??

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