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Moving ….Love  it or hate it  we all do it at some point , some move more than others  some never move at all once they get to a place they decide is for them . This place is somewhere they feel warm and comfortable and relaxed in  and it will take a huge incentive  to make them go through the agonies  of packing  and moving . After all it is a huge task , sorting out , packing  boxes and cases  , playing with bubble wrap , lol, except the  sods have now stopped making it so no more  poppable  bubble wrap , new stuff is not poppable ( spoilsports ) . So a word of warning if you find real bubble wrap  then keep it , coz you will not get any more  , did  I mention they are spoilsports?  Getting rid of the poppable  stuff so they can just make more money , not fair .

Anyway getting back to this moving lark , it is no fun  it is a right pain in the proverbial , you have to go through everything you have , sort it out , see what to keep and what to chuck out. Have you any idea how time consuming and hard this is? Do I keep this or do  I not ? Will I use it again or will it just go in another cupboard  not to be used just like it wasn’t used before  , but you keep it  Justin…you know case you might want it again in 6 months time . Funny thing is if you do keep it , you will probably never use it  , but the second you get rid of it  in approximately  5 mins time you will need it . Didn’t i say a blog or 2 ago about  Murphy’s Law  ? Well this is what it is based on and remember  he was an optimist , and this  kind of situation just proves it  100%.

Then of course there is the furniture , yikes!  beds , cupboards, wardrobes , dressing tables , tables , lounges, chairs , etc . etc. etc. Then we have the  ” white goods  ”  you know fridge , freezer, washing machine , etc. then of course there is also the crockery , the cutlery, the glassware , all this stuff ad infinitum , always seems to be 1 more thing of each than you thought you had   , and you always find things you thought you had lost which add to the number of items  you now have to move . Remember  Murphy ?? lol yep here he is again messing with all your carefully laid moving plans , good ain’t it  ? lol

Clothing  now here is the really fun part , it always seems to work out that you have way more than you even thought you had , but you don’t find this out  till you start to pack them , lol , well done Murphy  once again. , but shhh don’t remind him about shoes  which always seem to have bred  in the cupboard  you had them in while you were not paying attention  so again more than you thought you had to pack  , grrrr  dam  you Murphy ..see how he manages to mess with every thing ?  Mess with every plan you had and were so sure you had sorted . lol not a hope of it all going exactly to plan with him around . Will someone please get rid of  Murphy and his law please  ?

Things  will not be so bad if you remember him and plan around him , yes it can be done  , lol, if you like call it a plan B , always have a plan B , I always have and it has always worked for me  ( phew ) lol ….so right now sitting among the cases and boxes and  bubble wrap , yes the right kind lol  and I’m keeping what we don’t use  so I can still have some popping fun later .  Waiting on hubby to get last few things done  and for the truck to arrive  to pick up the stuff , hoping that  when it all gets to the other end it will all come off  ok and then we can begin the fun of sorting it out …oh joy .. 😦  …lol … got to be done right  ?  The very best thing about this bit is that once we have gotten it all there  we can take our time to sort it out and get rid of what we don’t want .

Then for the next few weeks  you sort things out  , get the house in order , then go out and about in your new suburb  to see what’s what  so you know where everything  is if you need anything , this can be a nice relaxing time walking around  and maybe meeting new people  in the shops  or whatever and maybe some of the new neighbours . First few weeks are the most intense as you get to know the place and the people and how things work , like busses and trains etc. …..Anyway   better get going  before hubby and or truck arrives  lol will see you all later …. 🙂

Husband”hunny, I want you to whisper dirty things in my ear” . . . Me “kitchen, living room, dining room, bed room, should I keep going?” . . .