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Unbelieveable …… Cannot believe  how long it has taken to get to this point …let’s start at the start now shall we  ?

This is the way we  chuck stuff in the box , stuff in the box.. stuff in the box……This is the way we chuck stuff in the box ..all day long ….

This is the way we  chuck it all in the truck.. all in the truck… all in the truck…this is the way we chuck it all in the truck …before we drive it away  …

Well anyway you get the idea moving house is a right royal pain in the butt as most people  know , and this is all perfectly normal and we expect it to be this way . Never known moving to go without a hitch  anytime  or anywhere  so no worries about this. What we do not expect though is trouble with our  so called ” service providers ”  and  I use the term service very loosely  as we found out after our move. How can they excuse making us wait over 7 weeks to be re connected ? How in the world can they justify this  ? Makes no sense to me on any level at all , if they are that short of staff I have 2 questions  , 1 how did they let it get like that , and 2 why haven’t they fixed it long before now ? They must know that they are going to need more staff so why not get them  ? Maybe because they are such a monopoly  and have complete power over all internet providers they have just become complacent .

Well anyway enough about them we at least now have connection  and that is good  but let me suggest if you plan to move make sure you remember  it will take weeks to get re connected no matter what , they do not care if you need it for work or not .

So anyway you get it all packed , you sort things out , you find things you forgot  you had  , you find things and wonder where on earth  did this come from ? You find multiples of things you didn’t know you had , you find things you were sure that you had lost , you find things you wish you had known you still had coz  you could have used them , and on and on it all goes . Drives you to utter distraction but you have to do it , you have to  ” suck it up buttercup ”  and just get on with it , after all it is your job  to get it done.

Now we get to the real fun bit  , it’s all been chucked in the truck and driven to the new place ..oh joy what  ?  lol …I will tell you now what , now you have to find just the right place for all your stuff that you have just moved from the right place in the other place  , now you have to find yet more right places …sheesh I’m getting dizzy now  lol …oh well someone has to do it  and  I suppose it just has to be me …oh and hubby too if he knows what’s good for him ….lol . ..after all half of all this junk is his too not just mine.

So it’s all in the new place it’s all piled in 1 room while you try to work out where to put it all again  ..and no you cannot put it in the bin coz it’s all too hard , you have to do it right  .Do it right or someone might get a tad upset with you coz you did it wrong and it’s not where you wanted it so it has to be moved ..again ..and again..and again ..till it is in it’s new right place …now repeat and repeat and repeat   ad infinitum  till finally everything is now in it’s right place . In it’s right place  till a week later you decide nope wrong place let’s move that to there ……>  or maybe to  there  <……  you know it’s true , lol it happens all the time when  we are silly enough to move so much stuff at 1 time …we are  so silly we do it all the time  don’t we when we decide it’s time to move house ? Better if we just stayed put be a lot easier on us , and a lot less stress.

So unless  it is absolutely  necessary to move I have 1 word for you  DONT! lol it is way too much of a pain to do , so do not do it !! Will have to be a huge reason to make me ever want to do this again  trust me , have done this too many times before  to want to do it again …unless of course someone will do it all for me and  I can just watch …lol  asif that would happen …oh yes and if someone else is paying for it all …lo,  yeah right ..asif…

So there you have it all done and dusted …mostly 1 more delivery to come tomorrow then it will finally all be done …and about bloody time too  …lol ..


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