We Should Have Come With Zips

We should have come with zips …fair dinkum the amount of times we or someone we know has to have an operation , and you know what that means  , the docs get their trusty little scalpels out  have a giggle and say right, now  I gotcha! lol  no not really but it can feel like that sometimes when you have to have more than 1 op . First  they knock you out , then they  draw nice little lines all over you then they  cut into  your unresisting  body  and do whatever it is they have you there for , and you just lay there out to it  trusting them . Almost every time that trust is rewarded as these docs do brilliant jobs and save many , many lives by knowing what to do when , as  I myself know from  experience .This is in no way saying that we should  not trust the docs as they are for the  most part excellent .

Now what if , lol , and this is a big if  ,we had zips ? Doc could  just come in , knock you out , unzip  you, do what needs to done , job done !   Doc would be able to relax sooner , and not have to take so much time over the cutting and stitching , lol, what a breeze ! He could have more time to himself  to spend with family or girlfriends, or play sport or something . He would not be tied down so much as all the cutting and stitching  takes a lot of time  and even the patient  would be up and about  a lot quicker  . All you would have to do maybe is keep the zip well lubricated  so it zips and unzips really smoothly . What you would use I have no idea but  I am sure someone would come up with a good lube ….lol  shut it you people  who have minds in gutters now , not that sort of lube thank you ….sheesh …

Look at how many things we do have already that have zips in them , bags of all sizes , no not women either you mean ones …sheesh … I mean the bags you carry with you to put things in , you know like wallets  and purses and suit cases  etc. Then there are all the clothes we wear , or almost wear …sheesh some people … but even just trousers  1 of the things we wear almost constantly  they have zips , and of course there are dresses and skirts and shorts  and …and…you geddit ….zips and  more zips …all being used every day in so many ways  all very useful , making things a lot easier for us. I am pretty sure if we suddenly had no zips we would not be happy , as a lot of zips keep a lot of things hidden from public eye  ( phew thank goodness for that )  lol …

We all know I am sure some people  who should have zips for lips   lol , but no not those kind of zips either no matter how tempting it would be . some people would never be allowed to unzip them  , lol , pollies for a start with all their lies . Anyway those are not the kind of zips  I mean , the ones I mean would actually be helpful  to a lot of people , and make things a lot easier . Unfortunately  we do not come with zips , though I still think it would help a lot , we don’t  but imagine if you will just how many of the ops done that have to be done on the main part of the body  would be made that much easier if we could just be unzipped  for them . Have no idea what you do about the rest of the body  lol  but a zip in main part would sure cut down surgery time and recovery time  , and that  I am sure would be great for all . Doctors  I am afraid  you will just have to keep doing  all the work the hard way …sorry  no zips …no ..lube…no nothing new …dammit … lol..


ME:: what do you want for your birthday? HUSBAND: Not much just a radio with a sports car around it.

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