Less is More

Less is more   and it is amazing  how many times this proves to be the case , we don’t realise it at the time we are getting all this stuff together  that we feel we really  ” must ”  have . We  must have the best of the best , we must have the latest  edition of whatever it is we are chasing at the moment , it must have all the bells and whistles  it must  be the exact thing  or we don’t  want it . The more we allow ourselves to be like  this the more the big companies love  it as it puts more and more money in their  pockets  and that is what they  want more than anything else.

What they do not want us to learn is that we do not need everything to be updated continually , they do not need to be renewed  what seems to be every  5 mins. Listen  to them and they will have you spending  more and more money  to keep a level of upgrade  going  that they want you to do. They do not want you to realise that the new phone  you got , the new computer you had , the  new kitchen appliance or the new  TV  , will actually last more than 5 mins.  you really do not have to keep getting the new model or else . They hate it when you do find out that …hey wait a min. here   these things are still working fine so why do I need to get rid of a perfectly working product ?

When you look at it too a lot of the things they tell us we  ” must ” have we really do not even need , I mean  ok you have a TV it works good but you can’t do all these extra bits they  say it now needs to do , they now have so many additives  that they are hardly like a normal TV anymore , but if we do not  want it to be any more than a  TV  why do we need to get rid of it just to have the newest thing  ? There is also computers, they are forever making them bigger and better  , just like the  TV’s , then talk you into needing  the upgrades , they make it sound like it’s life or death if you don’t upgrade the very min. they say you should . The worst of all these devices is  the mobile phone , it seems there is something bigger and better for them every 2 mins  rather than 5 , it is just amazing  and what is more amazing  is that people cannot seem to wait t get the so called improved gadget and they line up for days sometimes to get them .

Me personally I couldn’t  care less about all these so called upgrades as long as it does what I bought it for in the 1st place then I don’t want to be  spending money for the sake of it  just because some big wig  millionaire  who owns a big store  says  I need to . These days it is just about everything  we use they have now made upgradeable , to phones , to TV’s, to  fridges , to washing machines , doesn’t matter what ,now it seems everything  must be upgraded  or else. Then there is the motor car , man have they changed over the years  now they can even drive themselves  ….good grief …no thanks that is 1 thing I  do not like   but yes now they can . Give me  the cars  we had  before they started playing about and putting computers in them  , that to me was the time they got worse not better , if they broke down then it was usually a simple and cheap thing to fix it , but now it’s next to impossible  to fix them yourself or cheaply even if  you can find the parts  you need .

The old IT concept of ” turning it off then  on again ” these days has meaning for so many things that are not computers at all but have computers  in them  making them more and more expensive to fix and to run. Seems they can computerise anything these days  , hate to  say it but that also includes  people * shudder * The troubling  thing is we sit back and let it happen and say nothing  , we let them do what they want to  and they love it . As for me all I want is a phone that makes  calls,  a fridge that keeps my food cold, a freezer that freezes , a TV that  is  just a  Tv  and a car that is just a car that you can run without needing  to be a computer tech  to be able to run it , a stove that cooks the food , used to love the old wood burning stoves they were great to cook on  but now  we must protect  the trees  you can’t go and cut them down …..sheeesh … I give up  …it does not compute….it does not compute ….it does not compute ..


HUSBAND:Why don’t we ever see eye to eye?, ME:because you are taller than me…


One thought on “Less is More

  1. This is so very true, I cannot count how often I have heard “Why don’t you turn it off and on”. What you said about people is also true they put them into induced comas (turn them off) then reduce the anaesthetic (turn them back on), would be good if it really worked without side effects.

    But as you said so many things have computers even toilets in Japan, you can warm the seat, the water in the bidet, the type of music, the scents released so your #2 doesn’t smell. everything some even have a height control.

    Scary world in some ways and how much we rely on it.

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