Birds  … they are everywhere you look , they flutter about  , they preen  and fluff themselves up , get ticked off if you mess up their  nests , they protect themselves like  anything  and you better look out you do not get in the way . There is nothing more noisy and fluttery than a messed up bird  so watch out  you are not the 1 who messes them up , make sure to give them plenty of distance . Birds can be  very , very pretty  or very , very ugly , they  can be  noisy or they can be quiet , some you don’t even notice  unless you accidently come across them when in your travels , usually these nice quiet ones are the ones that don’t look so flighty and have way more personality .Whatever you do, do not under any circumstance mess with their mates or you will open up a whole new world of pain , more than you can imagine .

Some of these birds have the most wonderful looking nests while others have a very plain and very functional  nest , each type of bird has what it needs to get on and it protects it and itself  very fiercely  so again keep out of the way if you want to stay in 1 piece . The way these birds dress up their nests says a lot about them , if the nest is all pretty and full of flouncy bits and bobs usually they are themselves like that will all the colour  they can put on themselves and the places they live and also the places they go to are the same .Go into a plain birds nest and all you will see just what is absolutely needed and nothing more  , no extra cover nothing extra pretty just what is needed   to do whatever it is they need to do .Also with these ones do not mess with their mates or it will be the same , a lot of pain .

These  birds also differ in how they treat family  and friends , the bright , flouncy , loud ones are always  found in places  that are like that too and they all flock to the same places to have meetings and share food and drink etc. Whereas the plain birds tend to be much quieter and will not gather as much and surely not in the loud , noisy, colourful places of the others . They do seem however to be able to accomplish the same things just not with so much noise and brightness    they just settle down , communicate and get on with things no mess , no fuss, no nothing  and  Bobs your uncle all sorted . They also have a really good family connection too , so again do not mess with it if you value your own life .

Looking at birds makes you wonder who ever looked at a woman 1 day and decided she looked like a bird  ? What ? You thought  I was talking about the feathered variety  ? lol  now where did  I say that ? Thinking on it  though lol there are so many similarities  between the 2 species I can almost see how someone  decided they were the same , lol the  human kind of bird can be equally  as noisy , colorful , full of flight as our lovely feathered ones , they too can be just as protective of  themselves and all around  them  so yes easy to make the comparison  and  I bet a few people would like to be able to put some of them in a cage to keep them out of the way …lol…Polly want a cracker  ?? I am sure at times  the feathered variety are way more nice than the others  .

Getting back now to the main question , who gave women that name , and how did it take on so well ? So well that women are called birds in a lot of countries now , sometimes in  fun sometimes not , but where did it all start ? I mean really you looked  at a few women and then you say , hmmmm looks like a bird , sounds like a bird , so it must be a bird ?  Looked at the way they behave , dress, feed , drink and said yep must be a bird  , lol got me wondering , yes  i know there are a lot of similarities but really  ? Yes birds come in all shapes and sizes , all colours and personalities , both feathered  and the other variety  but still  really ? Birds  ? I give up lol  sometimes I do prefer the feathered variety  they are so much nicer and seem to care more about their own than the so called human kind ….give me them anytime  they are much easier to get on with …I will always wonder where it all started  but oh well  …lol  you get that  ..

Men are like medicine, they come with side effects….

I’ll never find anyone else like you,thank goodness for that!!!

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