A Penny

A penny  …Remember when a penny  was a useful thing  ? When it was actual currency  ? When  you could take your penny and go and buy things like sweets with it  ,and often if  you did some chores you could be paid with a penny , that’s where the term , the correct term for to ” spend a penny  ”  came from  you went to spend your penny after you had been paid with it  . How or where the other meaning of  spend a penny even started  I have no idea  but it seems the new term is here to stay and gives us a giggle now and then .

Now  if you say to someone  ” A penny for your thoughts  ” let me tell you right here and right now that does not work , as we no longer have pennies  anymore we cannot use them even this way , so instead we need to come into the 20th century  and make it at least $2  for your thoughts  now and even at that  I think it’s too cheap . Why ? …because  some people’s thoughts are so good  they are worth  way more than a measly $2  , but others  ? …lol now that’s a whole new can of worms right there  , but we don’t want any worms right now as we are not going fishing  . Guessing now that most know what  I mean by that , some people have such  stupid and erratic thoughts  you wonder at them all the time  so they are surely only worth a penny  …even that is too expensive  with some  ..

Also  when we think of the term ” that is worth a pretty penny ”  sorry that too is now out of date , you need to upgrade that to maybe $5  , who knows these days  ? With things having changed so much and values of money  and many other things going down  the toilet  these days  , things that were once worth a penny are now more than likely worth at a rough guess $5 …So think of all the things and sayings  we used the penny for , now by rights we should sit down  and re-think  all those things , get out the calculator  and work out the new prices just to be fair. I mean we have to be fair  now don’t we  ? We would be the first to go crook if we got diddled even for just a penny  wouldn’t we  ? No-one likes to be cheated , not  even for a penny pretty or otherwise ..

Now here is a question for you  … Remember  ” Penny wise pound foolish ”  errrm how do we  re calculate that  ? What sums do we use to even begin to work it out ? How do we get the right  number ? lol I am no mathematician   but I guess someone has the way to find the right number so we don’t go ripping ourselves off . To me as far as  I am concerned  1 + 1 =11  now do not tell me that is wrong coz as far as  I’m concerned it is right  ..lol..so there  🙂  Also who made up this  saying as well  ? I know it wasn’t me but someone did , someone had too much time on their hands  in the first place to work it out. We need to keep these people  busy so they don’t have time to inflict all these sayings on us that we eventually have to bring up to date  then we save ourselves a lot of messing about .this is not the messing about  I want to be caught up in …lol…

So anyway no more saying  ” a penny for your thoughts  ” anymore it is out of date and out of time so up your game and get it right , lol and let me know what you call it now  so I know what the updated version of this is . Just know there is someone out there who knows what it should be , but no one has let me in on it yet  and they need to  so I can be updated too  ..lol..  Nothing worse than being out of date with things , it does make things quite  awkward  if you are out of date  , so go on get on with it  … it is like trying to run win98  in this day and age …it does not compute  ….it does not compute …

Really it is a pity you can no longer spend a penny coz  I have some in a piggy bank that can no longer even be cashed in , most places  will not accept coins at all now in currency exchange …piggy bank ?? lol now there is a subject for another day  how , where when and why did they come into exsistance  ?? Might be interesting to work out that little conundrum  1 day  when not so busy  …lol  might be fun ..


Why settle for being difficult when with a little extra effort, you can be downright impossible?

Enchantingly beautiful, with a dash of mentally unstable, a spoon full of humour, a slice of crazy,contagious smile and a cup of awesome. Yep that describes me.!!  ok ok  stop laughing  !!!


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