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One Of These Days

One of these days  …. lol how many times do we say or think this in our lives ? We find a job that needs doing and we look at it and think , yep will do that 1 day , everyone of us has done it sometime somewhere  and if you say you didn’t then  I seriously think you are fibbing . We could really go through the place we live in right now and find at least 1 job that we have said and keep saying  will fix that 1 day , but for reasons only known to ourselves we still have not done it  . I  find it  really funny that most of the times we put off doing these things if  we are honest  is for the silliest things  and we could have had the job done ages before  but it still isn’t , people are weird  right  ? Why we do this , why we keep putting things off is a mystery to me  and yet we are not , well mostly are not procrastinators  but we still put some things off.

One of these days ..we will travel to new places to re-visit,  places we have already been to and loved so much we want to go back. Even I have places  I would love to go to for the 1st time and ones  I have been to but want to go back to  as the time  I had in them was far too short . My guess is that there are lots of people who feel like that , also how many of us say  one of these days  I will get that thing  I have been wanting for such a long time . Why we have not already got it could be as simple as we keep forgetting to get it  or we just keep thinking yep one of these days , lol, ok sometimes it is because we don’t have the money but mostly that isn’t the reason . There just seems to be in us this  thing ? I don’t know what you call it , apart from silly ..that makes us  as a people just put certain things off  it is just nuts

Then there is the  one of these days  that you say to , mostly your kids ..yes you do  one of these days you will cop it if you do that  , one of these days you will pay for not doing what you are told  or  being cheeky . We say  one of these days  so  many times and for so many reasons  it is really just plain funny , because  when  we do finally  do them it seems so silly that we put it off for so long , lol, what is wrong with us  ?? One of these days  someone  will figure out why we do this and hopefully find a way to stop us doing it . Once we have done what we have put off for so long it usually makes us feel so silly and wonder why we took so long to get on with it …people …sheesh there any hope ? No not while we procrastinate  so much we need to as they say …extract  the digit  and just get the  things done , that would save us a lot of  embarrassment  and keep things tidy.

My favourite and yes if  I am honest  the only time  I keep saying it is  when the menace , lol, aka hubby , keeps annoying me  and yes he does it on purpose  lol , even tried to sell him on faceache but  got no decent …errr any real bids  on him ..dammit  so a still stuck with him , all because  I forgot to check the  T,s and  C’s  when we got married  lmao  sorry babe need to watch that don’t I ? Anyway  I am sure you get the drift  there would be very few people who  would not  have at some time or other put off things that  should never been put  off  and so would have saved us much  trouble. Sometimes we put off fixing things so long that we forget about them till we move house , then we find them and oopps  should have fixed that , now it has to be done  right away , but would have been easier if we had done it when it first needed doing  ….It is like putting things away to be fixed later then you forget where they are and why you didn’t fix them, had you fixed them at the time instead of putting them away  you now would have no trouble. ..We seem though not to be able to get this through our thick heads …one of these days ….maybe .lol


Not doing anything is very time consuming…

I’m not the kind of person to distance myself from anything… Far from it…



Marriage …

Marriage  or to most of the world it seems  ..a life sentence  or worse , a common saying is you get less than that for murder . Seems these days there are so very few people who view marriage  as anything but bad , please note here  I mean real marriage not  the obscene  thing that so  many are doing  now with same sex  couplings , those to me are  now and always will be  nothing short of the work of the devil. Having said that let’s get back to real marriage and how the perceptions of it have changed over the years.

Once upon a time it used to be that mostly we taught our young people to aim to meet someone they would like to marry and have a family with . To move out , get a job , and have children , children they can bring home to mum and dad  to show what real love between a man and a woman can achieve  . They work hard together at it and in most instances it is all a joy to behold as family’s  grow  from 2 people in love  to  4 or 5 or more depending on  how many children they have , and as the family grows so does the love .Times  were the more the family grew , the more children , grandchildren , great grandchildren in a family the more they become close knit and ther more love there was to share around .The desire then was to be with each other “Till death do us part ”

So I ask now what has happened  ? What has made it  seemingly so bad to be married that people now see it as a burden ? Where has the love gone ? Where  and how have we let the declining society  dictate that now marriage is something to be  avoided , or laughed at , or in the  evil  case distorted out of all  control? There seems to me now  there is no control we seem to be so self centered  that all we care about is a match up that will work for us , never mind love  , as that song goes  ” What’s Love  Got To Do With  It  ? ” and in another spot ” Love Is Nothing More Than A Second Hand  Emotion  ” so tell me how have we let it get to this  ? How and why have we let true love be so demeaned  that almost no-one  believes in it anymore  ? All we want to do these days is make huge jokes of it , so sad that is  so wrong .

What happened to happy marriage  ? I know  that with us we love each other  so very much and would do anything for each other , we are always laughing and joking , if not that we are teasing each other constantly. Some people look at us and think we are nuts …lol this too is true  we are nuts and we happily admit it , as it is what makes us who we are  .This  is what keeps us together  if we do not tease or annoy each other  every day then there is a problem somewhere . Yes we do fight ..once in a blue moon  whether  we need to or not  …lol ..but this is what keeps us close because once  we  realise  there is a problem and we are doing what we never do , then we stop and talk about it , solve it and kiss and make up , yes we really do , do that . We do that because we love each other so much solving any problems is a lot easier than if it  was just an alliance  between 2 people who  do not know the real meaning of love between a woman and a man .P.S.Twitter is a great way to tease  each other …lol ..we do it all the time  ..Yikes!! Hold It!! ……

Right  now where were we  ? lol damm thunderstorm snuck in  had to go get the washing in  before it got wet …. as you were  now as  I said where has the real joy of a correct marriage gone  ? Where has gone the real pleasure of doing things for each other gone  ? Let’s face it chores are a natural part of  being married  , and if you love each other  then you have no objections to doing what needs to be done , you know all the fun stuff  like washing and dishes and shopping and cleaning   etc . etc. Yes it has to be done but if you are happy in your marriage you just do it and help each other out  it gets done easier that way and with no stress. Sharing the chores just makes everything so much better and you get them done so much quicker …love it ..

As for us, when he gets too annoying ….lol  too often sometimes  I always turn to him and ask  innocently ….lol shuddap I am innocent  …trust me , just not saying what of…anyway I ask him ..And just how many years have you been pestering me now  ?? lol always makes him laugh and me too then we  go right on pestering each other its how we are and how we work  and what makes it work so well . We have fun and we  do silly things and at the base of all this is love for 1 another. So tell me again  why marriage is worse than a murder conviction ? Why is it not the fun and games and the loving and caring for each other  that makes it work ? Where did that part of a pure marriage go  and how did we let it happen ? I never want ours to change  ever love him so much , as  he does me ( I hope lol )


One day I will solve all problems with grace & maturity. Today is not that day…

ME: “You only want sex when you’re drunk!”.HUSBAND: “That’s a lie, sometimes I want a kebab!”



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Where Did I Put That ?

Where did  I put that  ? Now I do  not care how old you are  , what sex you are what nationality  you are   there is always a time in any life when we have put something down , or put it away , and Bingo! right there is where it stays for who knows how long . Sometimes it may only be for a few minutes then we remember where we put it  , but sometimes it can be weeks or months and sometimes  we never remember  till we move  house . There are so many reasons why we suddenly forget where we put things  , sometimes we  are just plain distracted  by things going on around us  and trust me there is always something  going on if we want it to or not . Sometimes it can just be  that for some reason the mind blanks it out , why is anyone’s guess  but it happens  the evidence  is clear that this happens  by the fact it is so long after we lost it , that we finally get it back ,it finally springs into the mind where it is and why it was put there ..

Most of the time it is nothing more  than the ” it’s on your head ”  type of forgetting like where are my glasses ?  Once in a while though  it is a real pest and for some reason  you cannot remember where you  put it , or why you  put it in that particular place .  The usual reason you put something in a certain spot is supposed to help you remember   that , that was  the spot you put it , mostly that works  but just sometimes  the very reason you put it there  to help you remember  works the opposite way  much to our disgust . Must  just be a part of being human I suppose , lol ,  not a lot we can do about that  is there  ? Even if  we could do something about it would we want to  ? lol Not me thank you I am happy to be a human  even if it  does drive me bonkers half , or most of the time …

So what to do about this  ? Good question  lol I have no idea whatever  it’s all up to you to try and work this 1 out , as it stands  I always say  ” I would forget my head if it wasn’t screwed  on ” but  having said that the 1 thing  I have never done and people tell me they do all the time  , is put my glasses on my head then wonder where  I put them. Have lost many other things over the years but am really , really happy that ,that is 1 thing I have not done . Time will tell  I guess  and who knows  maybe  I will do it but so far so good  , lol, a tiny victory  for me … I know a lot of people do this all the time but  as  said before  not me . Anyway why do we do this? Why do we put something  away  only to lose it completely ?

Time and time again we do it , time and time again we get so mad at ourselves  for doing it  , but for all that we keep doing it  …lol  makes no sense at all does it  ? Something  we hate doing and something  we swear  we will not do again just keeps getting done over and over again , we never seem to learn  sheeesh  how dammed annoying ….I know how many times it has happened to me and  it makes me so mad right up till the time  I find it again and say to myself  ” you idiot ”  you knew it was there all the time  !! For some inexplicable  reason  we just keep doing it over and over  again much to our own  disgust .

Remember  the saying  “Hidden in plain sight ?”  lol I do hate that saying because it is so dammed true , how many times , when we do find what we lost it was almost right under our  noses  all the time ? That is the time we want to  kick our own butts  for being stupid  , but to be honest as it happens to all of us we cannot really say it is this reason or that reason that does it to us . I just know how pissed off  I get when something that went missing eventually turns up again  and almost right away I then Remember why  it was put there in the first place. It was put in that spot because we thought  ( wrongly )  that by putting it right there we would not forget  where we put it ….lol …yeah  right  …

Right  now it is time for someone to come up with a way ( that works )  for us to stop doing this to ourselves  , a foolproof way ….lol yeah right  …to help us remember where we put things and why  so we can  find these things  as we need them not 6 months later . there must be someway we can remember , and no not writing it down either coz then we just lose the bit of paper we wrote it on , and trust me that’s a given , Murphy’s Law and all  and we know he was an optimist …sod him …

I would like to make an announcement… but i don’t have one…

I’m tired of inconveniencing myself for the convenience of others!!!

Little Things Mean A Lot

Little things mean a lot  …How many times have we heard this saying  ? Have you  ever really sat down and thought about this  ? I know a lot of people these days do not bother to think  but just react to whatever life throws at them , and in doing that I think  they miss out on a lot of happiness as they don’t see the big picture . Realising that life these days is so hectic, so pressurised , so insistent , and so in your face I do understand how  people  can become like this .  I am thinking though that we need more than ever to learn to appreciate the little things , the little blessings that we have all around us  but with life like it is we miss them.

Where do these little things come from  ? From within us sometimes or from someone else , for example you  do something simple like just maybe helping with the dishes  or cleaning up a bit ,  you may think  that it is just a little thing you did there  , but to the person  you do it for it can mean the world , it means they can maybe sit down  a bit sooner or get to do something else they need to do sooner , it’s not much but it can mean an awful lot to someone else . Even if you  just have  someone help you when shopping , maybe something is too high for you to reach , you do 1 or 2 things  either leave it or go in search of someone who works there to help …lol good luck with that as they always  seem to be missing when you want them . So just a little thing like someone passing the item down to  you can make a huge difference in that person’s life , can make their day for them and  who doesn’t want to do that for someone if they can. ?

Sometimes you just have a period in your life  when nothing seems to go right  so you feel that what’s the use  ?  Why bother  ? Then someone comes along and does something  as easy as that  and it changes the way you feel right away , the sense of  giving up eases just a bit and makes the whole day better . Wouldn’t it be nice if more people  looked around them  to see if there is someone they can help ? Someone  they can help to feel better about themselves and the day they are  having  , put a smile on their faces  even if it is just for a little while  it is worth it to make  another person feel good for just a while.

When out and about on public transport  there is the place where a little help goes a very long way , someone steps aside for you , offers you a seat , gives you directions  if you  need them , all of these are just little things but boy  can  they make a big difference in someone elses life .We don’t know what they are going through , what troubles they have so a little kindness goes a very long way , and to me there is nothing better than to see a smile when  I have been able to help even if it is just a little bit. Travelling on public transport these days is 1 of the most stressful things to do as everyone now is in such a hurry , or too absorbed in their own selves or got their heads in phones  , so help is a very rare thing  but can mean so much.

There are so many other little things I could mention  but  there is not the space ( unless I go on for hours lol )  but  you get the picture , it would be so nice if we all at some point could just take a deep breath  and relax  , look around and see others for a chance , see if maybe we can help in some way , make things just a little nice for someone today. They are not the only ones who feel better but  it also makes you feel better too and that to me is the best part especially  if  I too am feeling a bit down  so it then works both ways .

So for all the people out there who do, do the little things for others  let me say here and now a big thank you ….when you do these things you make the world a better place for a little while for someone else  and there should be more of it . I know  most people who do these things think nothing of it at all they just do it because they are basically just good people and the world sure thanks them  for it  , we need more like it  . THANK  YOU !!

Always remember: U are beautiful, U are worthy, U are important, U are special, U are unique, U are wonderful, U are talented, and U are irreplaceable!

A lot of people tell me when they drink coffee they can’t sleep. I have the same problem but the other way around, when I’m asleep I can’t drink coffee.


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What A Day

What a day  ….We did something we have never been able to do  up until  now , we decided to shout ourselves  to a full Melbourne Cup experience  at our local club . The decision  was made easier by the  fact that we also had a friend  who we had known online for many years over in Sydney too , we had  never met in what’s  called  ” real life  ” in all the years  we had been chatting  18 years for me and a bit less for hubby . As we now had the opportunity  to meet and have a few outings over the few days he was here we decided that the cup special day was a go . It was the best day we had all had in a long time  , and over the other couple of days before this  we got to know our friend for real . We were not disappointed  either he is as lovely in real life  as he had always been online , he has also made me want to go to The Netherlands  to look see , lol, not his fault but  now  I really would love to go , got as close as  Germany  but now would love to go further  .

Anyway getting back to our day out , we met up in the town first, had a drink , lol, to sustain us in the walk to the club , I mean we needed energy didn’t we  ? So we get there  book in , and after a small problem was sorted  went to our table  , we were given free champagne  on arrival  and were seated very nicely . We had the menus  to look at , and to be honest if it was possible to eat it all we would have  lol every thing on that menu  was just delicious  , 3 courses  , 3 different items in each and we were to choose 1 from each section . Section 1 starters , section 2 mains, section 3 desserts . looking at those menus  the only problem was there was too many things we all liked making it very hard to just pick 1 thing from each * lol decisions ..decisions * you know real hard real life problems here lol .

After having finally made our choices  we sit back and relax and study the form guide , oh after getting in a jug of the most delicious Sangria  we have ever had  , lovely to keep us pondering , well that’s our excuse and we will stick to it Well now to look up forms and jockeys , and performances of all the horses , not easy when you never bet any other time we didn’t even know how to put the bets on lol that’s how much we know about it  . Having finally got that sorted it was time to enjoy  the rest of the day . First  course comes and just being able to sit there , be waited on , knowing you do not have to do the dishes  just makes it all so much more pleasurable  . There was also a chance to buy raffle tickets  but we didn’t we were just there for the fun of the day  and it was a great day .

Second course and again the nice relaxing , not having to rush  not having anyone say ” hurry up ” was just as good as the food and the service . The service was really good too and always with lots of smiles making it all so much nicer . While slowly  eating we finally decide which horse or horses we will back , I decided on only 2 as usually any horse  I back gets lost , lol, and yes true to form the 2 I backed are still in hiding somewhere  probably turn up again next week , hubby and friend got 3rd  so got a little of their  money back  lucky sods …oh well least I won’t do that again anytime soon  good thing is I didn’t put much on my 2  lol. Maybe 1 day I will back a winner but cannot see that happening anytime soon not unless I have lots of money and it doesn’t matter if I loose. * sigh I wish lol *

After the big  race is over you know  ” The  Race That Stops A Nation ”  the 3rd course  is served and again we sit and just enjoy  it and watch a re-run of the race have a giggle and say oh well  another day . The winning and losing of the race didn’t even matter it was the fun, the time able to be spent with our friend  , the relaxing  atmosphere  and everyone around having just as much fun ,  that was what made it special  and thoroughly  enjoyable and worth all the little extras we had to do to get there  and dressing  up a bit  and all that . The main point was this was all just something we had never done before and wanted to be able to experience it  and we did and we loved it a great day was had  by all .

I asked my husband how to spell a word he said look in the dictionary, I’m like HOW CAN I FIND THE WORD IN THE FREAKING DICTIONARY IF I CANT EVEN SPELL IT??

At what point does a muffin top become a busted can of biscuits?