What A Day

What a day  ….We did something we have never been able to do  up until  now , we decided to shout ourselves  to a full Melbourne Cup experience  at our local club . The decision  was made easier by the  fact that we also had a friend  who we had known online for many years over in Sydney too , we had  never met in what’s  called  ” real life  ” in all the years  we had been chatting  18 years for me and a bit less for hubby . As we now had the opportunity  to meet and have a few outings over the few days he was here we decided that the cup special day was a go . It was the best day we had all had in a long time  , and over the other couple of days before this  we got to know our friend for real . We were not disappointed  either he is as lovely in real life  as he had always been online , he has also made me want to go to The Netherlands  to look see , lol, not his fault but  now  I really would love to go , got as close as  Germany  but now would love to go further  .

Anyway getting back to our day out , we met up in the town first, had a drink , lol, to sustain us in the walk to the club , I mean we needed energy didn’t we  ? So we get there  book in , and after a small problem was sorted  went to our table  , we were given free champagne  on arrival  and were seated very nicely . We had the menus  to look at , and to be honest if it was possible to eat it all we would have  lol every thing on that menu  was just delicious  , 3 courses  , 3 different items in each and we were to choose 1 from each section . Section 1 starters , section 2 mains, section 3 desserts . looking at those menus  the only problem was there was too many things we all liked making it very hard to just pick 1 thing from each * lol decisions ..decisions * you know real hard real life problems here lol .

After having finally made our choices  we sit back and relax and study the form guide , oh after getting in a jug of the most delicious Sangria  we have ever had  , lovely to keep us pondering , well that’s our excuse and we will stick to it  ..lol.. Well now to look up forms and jockeys , and performances of all the horses , not easy when you never bet any other time we didn’t even know how to put the bets on lol that’s how much we know about it  . Having finally got that sorted it was time to enjoy  the rest of the day . First  course comes and just being able to sit there , be waited on , knowing you do not have to do the dishes  just makes it all so much more pleasurable  . There was also a chance to buy raffle tickets  but we didn’t we were just there for the fun of the day  and it was a great day .

Second course and again the nice relaxing , not having to rush  not having anyone say ” hurry up ” was just as good as the food and the service . The service was really good too and always with lots of smiles making it all so much nicer . While slowly  eating we finally decide which horse or horses we will back , I decided on only 2 as usually any horse  I back gets lost , lol, and yes true to form the 2 I backed are still in hiding somewhere  probably turn up again next week , hubby and friend got 3rd  so got a little of their  money back  lucky sods …oh well least I won’t do that again anytime soon  good thing is I didn’t put much on my 2  lol. Maybe 1 day I will back a winner but cannot see that happening anytime soon not unless I have lots of money and it doesn’t matter if I loose. * sigh I wish lol *

After the big  race is over you know  ” The  Race That Stops A Nation ”  the 3rd course  is served and again we sit and just enjoy  it and watch a re-run of the race have a giggle and say oh well  another day . The winning and losing of the race didn’t even matter it was the fun, the time able to be spent with our friend  , the relaxing  atmosphere  and everyone around having just as much fun ,  that was what made it special  and thoroughly  enjoyable and worth all the little extras we had to do to get there  and dressing  up a bit  and all that . The main point was this was all just something we had never done before and wanted to be able to experience it  and we did and we loved it a great day was had  by all .

I asked my husband how to spell a word he said look in the dictionary, I’m like HOW CAN I FIND THE WORD IN THE FREAKING DICTIONARY IF I CANT EVEN SPELL IT??

At what point does a muffin top become a busted can of biscuits?

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