Little Things Mean A Lot

Little things mean a lot  …How many times have we heard this saying  ? Have you  ever really sat down and thought about this  ? I know a lot of people these days do not bother to think  but just react to whatever life throws at them , and in doing that I think  they miss out on a lot of happiness as they don’t see the big picture . Realising that life these days is so hectic, so pressurised , so insistent , and so in your face I do understand how  people  can become like this .  I am thinking though that we need more than ever to learn to appreciate the little things , the little blessings that we have all around us  but with life like it is we miss them.

Where do these little things come from  ? From within us sometimes or from someone else , for example you  do something simple like just maybe helping with the dishes  or cleaning up a bit ,  you may think  that it is just a little thing you did there  , but to the person  you do it for it can mean the world , it means they can maybe sit down  a bit sooner or get to do something else they need to do sooner , it’s not much but it can mean an awful lot to someone else . Even if you  just have  someone help you when shopping , maybe something is too high for you to reach , you do 1 or 2 things  either leave it or go in search of someone who works there to help …lol good luck with that as they always  seem to be missing when you want them . So just a little thing like someone passing the item down to  you can make a huge difference in that person’s life , can make their day for them and  who doesn’t want to do that for someone if they can. ?

Sometimes you just have a period in your life  when nothing seems to go right  so you feel that what’s the use  ?  Why bother  ? Then someone comes along and does something  as easy as that  and it changes the way you feel right away , the sense of  giving up eases just a bit and makes the whole day better . Wouldn’t it be nice if more people  looked around them  to see if there is someone they can help ? Someone  they can help to feel better about themselves and the day they are  having  , put a smile on their faces  even if it is just for a little while  it is worth it to make  another person feel good for just a while.

When out and about on public transport  there is the place where a little help goes a very long way , someone steps aside for you , offers you a seat , gives you directions  if you  need them , all of these are just little things but boy  can  they make a big difference in someone elses life .We don’t know what they are going through , what troubles they have so a little kindness goes a very long way , and to me there is nothing better than to see a smile when  I have been able to help even if it is just a little bit. Travelling on public transport these days is 1 of the most stressful things to do as everyone now is in such a hurry , or too absorbed in their own selves or got their heads in phones  , so help is a very rare thing  but can mean so much.

There are so many other little things I could mention  but  there is not the space ( unless I go on for hours lol )  but  you get the picture , it would be so nice if we all at some point could just take a deep breath  and relax  , look around and see others for a chance , see if maybe we can help in some way , make things just a little nice for someone today. They are not the only ones who feel better but  it also makes you feel better too and that to me is the best part especially  if  I too am feeling a bit down  so it then works both ways .

So for all the people out there who do, do the little things for others  let me say here and now a big thank you ….when you do these things you make the world a better place for a little while for someone else  and there should be more of it . I know  most people who do these things think nothing of it at all they just do it because they are basically just good people and the world sure thanks them  for it  , we need more like it  . THANK  YOU !!

Always remember: U are beautiful, U are worthy, U are important, U are special, U are unique, U are wonderful, U are talented, and U are irreplaceable!

A lot of people tell me when they drink coffee they can’t sleep. I have the same problem but the other way around, when I’m asleep I can’t drink coffee.


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