Where Did I Put That ?

Where did  I put that  ? Now I do  not care how old you are  , what sex you are what nationality  you are   there is always a time in any life when we have put something down , or put it away , and Bingo! right there is where it stays for who knows how long . Sometimes it may only be for a few minutes then we remember where we put it  , but sometimes it can be weeks or months and sometimes  we never remember  till we move  house . There are so many reasons why we suddenly forget where we put things  , sometimes we  are just plain distracted  by things going on around us  and trust me there is always something  going on if we want it to or not . Sometimes it can just be  that for some reason the mind blanks it out , why is anyone’s guess  but it happens  the evidence  is clear that this happens  by the fact it is so long after we lost it , that we finally get it back ,it finally springs into the mind where it is and why it was put there ..

Most of the time it is nothing more  than the ” it’s on your head ”  type of forgetting like where are my glasses ?  Once in a while though  it is a real pest and for some reason  you cannot remember where you  put it , or why you  put it in that particular place .  The usual reason you put something in a certain spot is supposed to help you remember   that , that was  the spot you put it , mostly that works  but just sometimes  the very reason you put it there  to help you remember  works the opposite way  much to our disgust . Must  just be a part of being human I suppose , lol ,  not a lot we can do about that  is there  ? Even if  we could do something about it would we want to  ? lol Not me thank you I am happy to be a human  even if it  does drive me bonkers half , or most of the time …

So what to do about this  ? Good question  lol I have no idea whatever  it’s all up to you to try and work this 1 out , as it stands  I always say  ” I would forget my head if it wasn’t screwed  on ” but  having said that the 1 thing  I have never done and people tell me they do all the time  , is put my glasses on my head then wonder where  I put them. Have lost many other things over the years but am really , really happy that ,that is 1 thing I have not done . Time will tell  I guess  and who knows  maybe  I will do it but so far so good  , lol, a tiny victory  for me … I know a lot of people do this all the time but  as  said before  not me . Anyway why do we do this? Why do we put something  away  only to lose it completely ?

Time and time again we do it , time and time again we get so mad at ourselves  for doing it  , but for all that we keep doing it  …lol  makes no sense at all does it  ? Something  we hate doing and something  we swear  we will not do again just keeps getting done over and over again , we never seem to learn  sheeesh  how dammed annoying ….I know how many times it has happened to me and  it makes me so mad right up till the time  I find it again and say to myself  ” you idiot ”  you knew it was there all the time  !! For some inexplicable  reason  we just keep doing it over and over  again much to our own  disgust .

Remember  the saying  “Hidden in plain sight ?”  lol I do hate that saying because it is so dammed true , how many times , when we do find what we lost it was almost right under our  noses  all the time ? That is the time we want to  kick our own butts  for being stupid  , but to be honest as it happens to all of us we cannot really say it is this reason or that reason that does it to us . I just know how pissed off  I get when something that went missing eventually turns up again  and almost right away I then Remember why  it was put there in the first place. It was put in that spot because we thought  ( wrongly )  that by putting it right there we would not forget  where we put it ….lol …yeah  right  …

Right  now it is time for someone to come up with a way ( that works )  for us to stop doing this to ourselves  , a foolproof way ….lol yeah right  …to help us remember where we put things and why  so we can  find these things  as we need them not 6 months later . there must be someway we can remember , and no not writing it down either coz then we just lose the bit of paper we wrote it on , and trust me that’s a given , Murphy’s Law and all  and we know he was an optimist …sod him ..lol …

I would like to make an announcement… but i don’t have one…

I’m tired of inconveniencing myself for the convenience of others!!!

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