Marriage …

Marriage  or to most of the world it seems  ..a life sentence  or worse , a common saying is you get less than that for murder . Seems these days there are so very few people who view marriage  as anything but bad , please note here  I mean real marriage not  the obscene  thing that so  many are doing  now with same sex  couplings , those to me are  now and always will be  nothing short of the work of the devil. Having said that let’s get back to real marriage and how the perceptions of it have changed over the years.

Once upon a time it used to be that mostly we taught our young people to aim to meet someone they would like to marry and have a family with . To move out , get a job , and have children , children they can bring home to mum and dad  to show what real love between a man and a woman can achieve  . They work hard together at it and in most instances it is all a joy to behold as family’s  grow  from 2 people in love  to  4 or 5 or more depending on  how many children they have , and as the family grows so does the love .Times  were the more the family grew , the more children , grandchildren , great grandchildren in a family the more they become close knit and ther more love there was to share around .The desire then was to be with each other “Till death do us part ”

So I ask now what has happened  ? What has made it  seemingly so bad to be married that people now see it as a burden ? Where has the love gone ? Where  and how have we let the declining society  dictate that now marriage is something to be  avoided , or laughed at , or in the  evil  case distorted out of all  control? There seems to me now  there is no control we seem to be so self centered  that all we care about is a match up that will work for us , never mind love  , as that song goes  ” What’s Love  Got To Do With  It  ? ” and in another spot ” Love Is Nothing More Than A Second Hand  Emotion  ” so tell me how have we let it get to this  ? How and why have we let true love be so demeaned  that almost no-one  believes in it anymore  ? All we want to do these days is make huge jokes of it , so sad that is  so wrong .

What happened to happy marriage  ? I know  that with us we love each other  so very much and would do anything for each other , we are always laughing and joking , if not that we are teasing each other constantly. Some people look at us and think we are nuts …lol this too is true  we are nuts and we happily admit it , as it is what makes us who we are  .This  is what keeps us together  if we do not tease or annoy each other  every day then there is a problem somewhere . Yes we do fight ..once in a blue moon  whether  we need to or not  …lol ..but this is what keeps us close because once  we  realise  there is a problem and we are doing what we never do , then we stop and talk about it , solve it and kiss and make up , yes we really do , do that . We do that because we love each other so much solving any problems is a lot easier than if it  was just an alliance  between 2 people who  do not know the real meaning of love between a woman and a man .P.S.Twitter is a great way to tease  each other …lol ..we do it all the time  ..Yikes!! Hold It!! ……

Right  now where were we  ? lol damm thunderstorm snuck in  had to go get the washing in  before it got wet …. as you were  now as  I said where has the real joy of a correct marriage gone  ? Where has gone the real pleasure of doing things for each other gone  ? Let’s face it chores are a natural part of  being married  , and if you love each other  then you have no objections to doing what needs to be done , you know all the fun stuff  like washing and dishes and shopping and cleaning   etc . etc. Yes it has to be done but if you are happy in your marriage you just do it and help each other out  it gets done easier that way and with no stress. Sharing the chores just makes everything so much better and you get them done so much quicker …love it ..

As for us, when he gets too annoying ….lol  too often sometimes  I always turn to him and ask  innocently ….lol shuddap I am innocent  …trust me , just not saying what of…anyway I ask him ..And just how many years have you been pestering me now  ?? lol always makes him laugh and me too then we  go right on pestering each other its how we are and how we work  and what makes it work so well . We have fun and we  do silly things and at the base of all this is love for 1 another. So tell me again  why marriage is worse than a murder conviction ? Why is it not the fun and games and the loving and caring for each other  that makes it work ? Where did that part of a pure marriage go  and how did we let it happen ? I never want ours to change  ever love him so much , as  he does me ( I hope lol )


One day I will solve all problems with grace & maturity. Today is not that day…

ME: “You only want sex when you’re drunk!”.HUSBAND: “That’s a lie, sometimes I want a kebab!”



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